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The right level of technology use is important – Göteborgs-Posten

The technology has more advantages than disadvantages. The mean student teachers Luke Gustafsson and Ingrid Anjar. They believe that self-discipline is the key to avoiding mobile and data dependent.

Ingrid Anjar and Luke Gustafsson plugs in front of a computer teacher in Gothenburg. Next door is the mobiles close at hand.

Asked if they feel dependent on the new technology they answer that in that case in a positive way.

– You do of course be online. This is where the information is and that’s where we largely communicates, both in terms of studies and socially, Luke says Gustafsson.

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Neither Luke and Ingrid says themselves have experienced any major problems connected to the internet. Although they mention that it is a disturbing elements sometimes during presentations that many stares down into the mobile phone.

– But there’s something about the cell phone, sitting student with a computer in front of him, no one reacts, despite the can just as easily hang on Facebook or surf around with it, says Ingrid Anjar.

Ingrid Anjar smiles when she asked if she usually turn on the clock and watch TV shows on your PC.

– That is recognizable. At the same time, it is nice that a student can actually do so if you wish. The lectures begin the sometimes not until after lunch, she says.

Luke Gustafsson admits that there are drawbacks to the constant connection, it requires some self-discipline to not be tempted to do otherwise when studies concerning the .

– But I can handle it and the benefits of the network’s more, he says.

Ingrid Anjar do not think it is technology itself that creates any problems with concentration.

– When I was little, it was well-TV that insisted on attention and when my parents were young, it was perhaps shouts and laughter in the yard. It has probably always been opportunities to escape from it which is sad for the moment, she believes.

The Internet, mobiles and computers become an increasingly significant part of their reality says that they both be constantly aware of.

– We are studying the teachers. In all courses, we argue about data usage. For example, the one child in day to question why they are even to learn the name of the capitals when you can just as easily googling information when you need it. It’s a legitimate question, says Ingrid Anjar.

Both agree with the psychologists and researchers that it is all about finding the right approach to technology. One challenge they think they will face as teachers is that they will always be one step after the young people when it comes to technological developments.


Carr warns of impoverished expertise – Computer Sweden

The companies have been dependent on automated decision support and predictive analytics. The result is that important skills are disappearing. It believes Nicholas Carr. Occupational categories in which expertise is likely to be drained, according to him pilots, economists and health professionals.

– Automation has always existed, from the first developed stone tools and throughout the Industrial Revolution . But there has been a balance of skills losses and gains with new tools, he says to IDG News.

Now there IT tools that can take over the tasks . This is particularly true psychomotor tasks, such as driving cars. Machine learning and predictive algorithms allows continuous collection and analysis, and automated forecasting and decision.

In the foreseeable future Whilst maintaining human involvement in the processes. Computers can not take over a professional drivers all duties and passenger aircraft can not be flown without pilots.

– But we has left over too much responsibility on the computers. Those who were experts end up in a passive role, where they follow instructions.

The danger is that skills eventually disappear and that it leads to unnecessary mistakes committed.

The technology prevents the skills from developing. It is no longer possible to practice on practical tasks and thereby achieve higher levels of knowledge.

– We see sign that a too narrow focus on automation to achieve efficiency gains. Toyota Motor has started replacing robots in Japanese factories with people, with craft skills. Although the company is at the forefront, as a pioneer in automation and robotics and manufacturing, they have had some quality problems, with many recalled vehicles.

For Toyota quality problems have become a problem not only for business but for the whole company’s culture.

– Merely focus on efficiency and automation can hinder the quality work in the long term because you do not have the same genuine focus on the human handicraft work, says Nicholas Carr.


Internet addiction students are ill – Göteborgs-Posten

More and more students in Gothenburg, concentration difficulties and problems to cope studierna.- They turn on the clock and get stuck in front of the TV series and social media, says psychologist Anna Broman Norrby.

The Academy of Health accepts students from Chalmers and Göteborg University. A majority of the approximately 1500 students who annually visit the clinic do it for different types of mental disorders, such as sleep problems, stress and anxiety.

– Nowadays we always ask what the person has in relation to mobile and the computer. Very often, we conclude that the relationship is problematic, says Anna Broman Norrby, a psychologist at the Academy of Health.

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A few years ago published a thesis at the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Gothenburg, by psychologist and researcher Sara Thomée.

In a survey conducted among 7000 young adults were examined mobile and data usage among the people, who also had to answer questions about various mental disorders.

The survey was conducted before smartphones had an impact – and before social media like Facebook and Instagram had become an accepted part of many people’s lives.

– But even then, we saw a clear connection. We asked questions about computer games and chatting online.

– Among people with high usage, there was a clear increase in symptoms such as insomnia, depression and stress, says Sara Thomée.

In particular, the researchers that a high Internet use affected his sleep, which could later lead to other symptoms.

On Akademihälsan you see the same trends.

– A very common problem is that the students face the day. Looking at the entire seasons of television series, playing computer games and surfing around, says Anna Broman Norrby.

Another phenomenon that can cause problems is that mobile and social media constantly demands attention by tinkling when the message or messages come in.

– Many can not resist the impulse to immediately check and respond to what comes in. You lose focus on their studies and each time it takes a while to regain concentration, said Broman Norrby.

Others have problems with it is known as the Procrastination, therefore, to have a uppskjutarbeteende.

– That in itself does not need internet to do. But when sitting at a computer screen and distraction from the pains just a click away so can handle many not resist.

The temptation to postpone writing an exam and the short-term satisfaction it gives to instead check Facebook could ultimately lead to the whole work is postponed.

– In the end, creates stress over that time disappears anxiety and perhaps sleep difficulties, and finally exhaustion, says Broman Norrby.

Both Anna Broman Norrby and Sara Thomée mentions that society, behaviors and norms are changing rapidly because of the “new” technology – which certainly is not just negative.

– It is about the relationship with mobile and computer we should have. One must be able to handle the devices and not let them control us, says Broman Norrby.

Many of the students have a eureka moment when they become aware of their behavior. One of the methods Broman Norrby usually suggest is the so-called 25-minute rule.

– Briefly goes out that you turn off the cell phone and the internet, if possible, to just focus entirely on studies in 25 minutes. Then allow oneself to check mail and Facebook or whatever it is for 5 minutes. Then start again. It is very successful for many, says Anna Broman Norrby.

Facts: Are you mobile addiction?

If you answer yes to several of these questions, it may be position to think about your relationship with your mobile phone.

If you look at the screen when it says ping or light up, you have to see who updates the what, once?

Are you using cell phone instead of socializing and interacting with family, children or friends?

Do you neglect children, family or friends for mobile time?

Fall asleep or wake you with the latest news on Social Media?

Following your phone into the toilet?

Sneaking you to get time to check my phone?



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How did Facebook to Lulea – Computer Sweden

Finally! Both money and endorsement

The clock 16:03 Friday, October 7, 2011 plingade it in my computer. Yet an email I thought at first, and in the subject line by Anders Dalstål of City Planning said “Aurorum”, which was the former name of Lulea Science Park. The cryptic message read: “Hello. Now it is clear, both money and endorsement has come. “It really was not any e-mails anytime!

That message went out to those interested in the municipality and to Matz Engman on Lnab. Everyone knew immediately what it meant: at the City of Lulea low that the signed purchase agreement for the land in Porsön and a bank statement showing that the money for this was the municipality’s account. Facebook had paid 6.6 million for 34 acres at Lulea Science Park.


Self, I wrote that, I certainly would squeeze a ginger ale in the evening and I thanked everyone for the incredible work they had put in.


Now it was really in port. Server rooms would be built and thus stood Lulea facing the biggest investment in a very, very long time. Only at that moment I could be absolutely secure. They will. Facebook comes to Luleå! Roller coaster was over and we had managed to secure this deal.

I was indescribably happy, and it was also the others that were on mejlets mailing list. The responses were pouring in: “Now I will fetch my children and celebrate!” Self, I wrote that, I certainly would squeeze a ginger ale in the evening and I thanked everyone for the incredible work they had put down. It was truly a victory for the entire organization. Without cooperation, good will and pragmatic solutions had never been possible.


The whole world eyes directed at Lulea

press conference on the morning of 27 October 2011 in Culture house was large and well attended. First there and in the following press releases, we announced that the large US company really was Facebook. The whole world’s attention was directed towards Luleå. In the press release from Invest Sweden said Tom Furlong, global manager of Facebook’s data center investments, that they had investigated options throughout Europe and in an extensive process concluded that Dubai was the best solution. “Dubai Municipality, the Ministry of Industry and Invest Sweden has been convincing throughout the process and helped us to make this decision. We look forward to becoming part of the local community and work together with Luleå to provide faster, more reliable and robust service to people around the world who rely on Facebook to stay connected with friends and share information. “

The day after the press conference we went to Stockholm and he ld a press conference there as well. There were reporters from major international media as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Internet World, and others. There was enormous pressure and a lot of interest. It was really fun to be a part of it.

Media from around the world reported, it all really gave a great impact. Something like I have never experienced, and hardly anyone else in Sweden either. US, UK, China, France, New Zealand, all wrote about Lulea. It was fantastic.


Locally, it was then a part of media criticism of establishment support for Facebook because it is an international company that makes big profits, but those are the rules.


Economic Development and Regional Affairs Annie Loof was at the press conference in Luleå and presented the State of establishment support for the initiative. That Facebook would get establishment support seemed to come as a total surprise to the media, that we understood the questions from journalists both in Luleå and Stockholm. I and the others in the group that worked with the establishment of several years was naturally delighted that they had begun to write about and question the earlier in the process. It might have been Facebook to pull in their horns, what do I know? But the fact is that although there really was not any secret, it had gone letter from me on the municipality is the Growth Board and the Ministry of Industry where we wanted to get more information about how they handle the setting-up in this big business, so it was no journalist who asked that question all the time. If they had asked, I would have obviously not lied, but I w as happy to avoid talking about the establishment support because I knew that there would be voices against such support to such a large, international company. We did not want the debate while negotiations were ongoing. Locally, it was then a part of media criticism of establishment support for Facebook because it is an international company that makes big profits, but those are the rules. Facebook received no support that other companies would have also been given. Criticism clouded, however, not ours and Luleå residents’ pride and joy and we greeted jointly Facebook warm welcome to our city.

The first excerpt of four out of the book Hallo Mr. Mayor, this is a Facebook-calling, written by Gunnel E Vidén, published on 29 December. The book is available to order from or Adlibris.


My blog has been extremely frugal in recent months – and … – Sydsvenskan


My blog has been extremely frugal in recent months – and this will be the totalizing last.
So how has it really been? And what has actually happened?
Until the mid Hun (I hope, when I actually put a considerable strain on the life detention measures) on my living hiking stubbed me.
(Here it should read that I decided putting out – but there would be no truthful description. I had said that I would quit smoking, cocky proposed a blog and got me Lisa and Anette on the train – but when it was time, I stood there secretly with his pants down, shamefully unprepared and not as definite as I should have been.)
Then it happened all the obvious. The infernal. Abstinence. Cold sweat. Concentration difficulties. Wrath outbreaks. The urge that threatened to drag us down into the underworld. We fought and was horrified. I did everything that I had been classified as okay and everything that I had been classified as not okay on my list. After a few painful eternity long weeks catapulted we step up into the funnel. Into purgatory and into a reality for me has been in many ways more difficult to relate to than the pure hell. For everything became gray. I ended up in the crippling gray area, whose name is Without.
Something like this: Imagine that you have forced yourself to a necessary and finally, yet in many ways ill and reluctantly, abrupt dismissal. The acute grief, the raging loss is now over, the void is a fact. You want to go (read: escape) on – but where? No adventure shimmers enticing further down the road, no new mountains to climb towers with self-evident on the horizon. That’s when you fully realize that you left really has no substitute in the material world. You should live your life is not “without A but B”, but simply “not A”. That is, in our case, but one little puff (and without anything that can replace it).
Ask me know how I have been able to make i t, indecisive as I was (and sometimes still is). But I regret to fit on it. The truth is I do not know.
What I do know is that during the Christmas and New Year, I have at times been violent craving. Before the New Year’s party at a colleague, I tried desperately to change to me one evening röktillstånd the bubble peak and driving (E ordered a taxi). (Maybe it was the defeat that made me a bit into the evening loudly proclaiming that I, now richer (after countless attempts to replace cig with sweet), but also the nature of the (smoke) free, indeed thought to deliver my first New Year’s resolution: to lose eight kilograms (and thus leave 2015 as narrow as I was completing nursing 35 years old). Thankfully I had time to take back well before midnight.)
I also know that fighting the urge to smoke is a war that must continue to be fought. Three months is over, but for me it is not over. Maybe it’s never over. Remains to get through purgatory and u ntil those green meadows (and maybe jump of a few pounds in the process?).
I know that despite all my whining, despite all our tribulations – genomlidna, present and future – we have been through, we have did , anything, indeed, amazing.
Three of three travelers have actually put out, without a relapse – a one hundred percent success as well, none of us deep down thought of when we set out on our perilous journey.
We have extended our lives and reduced the risk of dying a horrible premature death. And I know that we are moving towards even better times. Believe me. Soon, soon it will be spring.


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Junior-FM on skis moving to February – Swedish YLE

Junior-FM on skis move to the middle of feberuari. The competition is organized by Köukar ski center.

FIS race committee ruled the new date at its meeting on Friday. The competition is organized February 14 to 15.

– Good that we got to know the date, but it grieves little to district championships and FSSM determined simultaneously, says race director Heikki Haapala.

The competition should have been held over the weekend, 3-4 January but because the snow melted during the New Year, prepared in this contest.

For the organizers, a move of the races both extra trouble and expense.

Artificial snow

If it gets thoroughly with cold days before the races are also able to produce artificial snow. That possibility did not exist before this weekend, because there were too few of days with temperatures below freezing.

The high humidity of the coast requires ten degrees below zero for manufacturing.

The application period for the Junior-FM is extended to 05.02.2015 at 16.00. The old notifications in force, unless they are canceled.

Kokkolan Veikot and Gamlakarleby IF organizes Junior-FM on skis.


Junior-FM in Kokkola postponed – Swedish YLE

Stock Photography Ski Boots of skis. Image: YLE / Patric Westerlund

Incoming weekend it was thought that the junior-FM on skis would be decided in Kokkola, but because of the night’s heavy rain, it is impossible to implement the races.

During the New Year’s Eve, it has been raining a lot in Kokkola and it has forced the organizers of the junior-FM on skis to advance the races. At 10.30 am on Thursday, the decision was taken.

– It is a major setback but it can not compete. It has rained so much during the night and there is a lot of water under the tracks, says press officer Jana Holm to Yle’s Gate.

After the races can be implemented is still unclear, but on Friday should Ski Federation announce new date for the races.

Published . Updated


Apple sued for misleading customers – Västerbotten Courier

Apple accused of promising more storage in mobile phones and tablets than in reality becomes available to users.

Two men in Florida argues in a lawsuit that there should also be taken into consideration how much space the new versions of the operating system “eats up”. They accuse the electronics giant to give misleading information in advertising and the lack of space can force users to pay for cloud services. Offers to purchase such storage, according to the lawsuit come at critical moments, such as when the mobile space is full and the user is busy filming a wedding.

“Every gigabyte Apple fooling their customers, corresponding to about 400-500 high resolution photographs, “says the lawsuit filed by the men’s representative to a court in California.

Apple declined to comment on the case. Similar lawsuits have been previously rejected by the courts in Canada.


Rams notify the police report – Swedish YLE

Voras Municipal Manager Christina rams met on Friday criticism of her. From now on, it is law that applies, says rams that prepares a report to the police with his lawyer.

Christina rams, Mayor of Vora, held a press conference on Friday morning to address the committee investigating her confidence. She has been accused of, among other shortcomings in the management and internal control, to handing out unwarranted warnings, for not having kept their promises and pay to have told about the crisis in the municipality of social media.

rams at Friday’s press conference City Manager Christina rams Image: YLE / Patrick Stenbacka

– I do not know how many times I pinched my arm and asked me about it is I who is sick or what is going on, says rams.

– have now passed a half years since the first report. Half a year without anyone wanted to hear something from me. As of today, it is law that applies.

The first report rams referring to is the one that the Court of Appeal filed earlier this year. The treated shortcomings in municipal management and internal controls relating to the year 2013.

A motion challenging of confidence in the municipal manager was filed in June by the council chairman Catherine Heikius and 21 other members.

June was a temporary committee to clarify any confidence in rams. The report was published in November and it is thus the one Bassar now respond.

Police report against the report’s author

The rams are preparing along with his lawyer file a police report against those who made the committee’s report. Rams writes in its response to the question of gross defamation. The two members of the committee who expressed its disagreement reports she is not.

Chairman Rainer Bystedt began Friday’s press conference in Vörå.

– It has happened the past six months in Vörå is a shame. This is a vile concoction that need long rehabilitation. I am ashamed that we could not solve this internally, says Bystedt.

City Manager Christina rams are on sick leave on 11 January.

Voras economy

The response is several pages long, and during the press conference elected municipal manager to seize on some points. Christina rams showed a powerpoint that began with the municipality’s economy in 2013.

– The auditor has managed to escape how good the municipality has curbed the economic cost, said rams.

She emphasized that social and health care costs has been reduced already in 2013. The net costs of youth activities have also fallen.

upper secondary education net costs about the same as many other municipalities, despite specialization in sport high school students. In addition, also the costs in the technology sector went down.

– Too bad that the auditor does not look to the results, said rams.

The committee’s report also alleged that there is an economic interest between the municipal manager and Chairman Rainer Bystedt. In its response denies rams this and want to take note of evidence.

Decisions become final

As for the specially appointed committee’s work like rams that it lacks line. The committee builds up report on a whole host of decisions which are summarized in municipal collective bodies.

They are unanimously approved and becomes final. No appeal against the decisions have not been made, points rams.

The committee does not impartially

In the opening lines of the Municipality of Directors treatment writes rams her in the beginning of August 2014 emailed Committee Chairman Kjell Heir of connections to an old court cases involving rams and Auditor Bjarne Norrgrann, who led the committee’s work.

In its response, type rams that this is not recorded as such to the attention somewhere and this is not in accordance with generally accepted auditing practices.

– I do not think that you stick to the facts at all and I find it hard to see that the committee is impartial, says rams.

Warning of the Municipal Manager

The municipality’s first negative financial statements came in 2012. municipal manager and the mayor was commissioned to analyze the budget from 2012 and investigate why the budget does not hold. This resulted in a report to the auditor.

It was noted that management was in poor condition on welfare page. The municipality had difficulty recruiting new care manager.

Municipality Director was instructed to motivate the municipality of Management Services to assist care department during the closing process. The Administrative Manager refused and got a warning of the municipal manager.

The warning criticized in the committee’s report. Rams believe that she was absolutely right to issue a warning to the administrative director.

She also believes that she is in the committee’s report made a scapegoat in cases that do not belong to her responsibilities.

The report considers also that it is highly unethical and illegal to municipality is the Chairman of any subsidiary or associated companies. This statement has previously been criticized by the lawyer Marcus Henricson, former city manager in Marciac.

In its response back also shows rams claim, saying that it is normal practice in other municipalities.

Blogged about the crisis

The report also criticizes the rams wrote openly about the problems within the municipality on his blog. Rams writes in the plea that in her blog has neither tarnished individuals or their employers, but explained the events that have happened and touches people in an official capacity.

Committee hearing confidence may now take part of Båssars treatment. Thereafter, the municipal government and the council of the request.

Can then rams, after everything that happened, imagine continue as city manager in Vörå?

– If I get the chance. If you look at the end result can be noted for instance that Vörå municipality has one of the best economies in Ostrobothnia. It shows that the work itself is not badly done, says rams.

The article has been updated several times during the Friday, 02/01. Last time 20:06

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“We will, if you meet these challenges” – Computer Sweden

Hello Mr. Mayor. We will, if you meet these challenges

I ate dinner with my wife Ewa when the telephone message came. “Call me at Facebook at 7 pm, Swedish time.”

It was Friday, February 11, 2011 and we had nothing special planned for the evening. I remember I was pretty exhausted after the week’s work, there was great tension at all times during that period. But I thought now it’s Friday now, nothing happens more this week. Now we will have to wait until next week. I think Ewa thought and felt the same way. Tonight’s dinner I had prepared. I had prepared a ground beef pizza for a recipe that I found myself on and that the family loves. When Ewa came through the door, I put the pizza in the oven and after fifteen minutes we sat at the table to eat. I had the phone on silent but still took it up and looked, as a kind of reflex. The display I saw then that I had received text messages from a number that neither the phone nor I knew. I was asked to call Facebook. I almost lost my breath. What was this? I excused myself for Ewa and left the kitchen table and the pizza on the plate to make the call. At the other end re plied a man’s voice that I recognized.

“Hello Mr. Mayor, This is from Facebook. We Have Decide to build in Luleå. You are the Mayor and we want you to Be The First to Know. “

Heart was beating hard and the situation seemed unreal. I went around and talked, could not sit still. After some polite phrases came the call started in earnest and Ham Southworth from Facebook clarified the requirements that they had to begin construction in Dubai on schedule. “If you meet these five challenges, we will,” said Ham Southworth. I wrote on the back of an envelope:

Noise – Permission for hub and noise levels.
All three server halls must fit within the planning area.
We must agree on the price of land
The schedule must be maintained
state investment

I have left it where the envelope.

When the call ended, I had promised to Lulea would cope with all the challenges. I mentioned sum 6.6 million again to further pave the way for an agreement on the price of land. The only thing that was outside the municipality’s control, the State investment aid but it was obviously aware of this. We had from Luleå’s side during the whole process done what we could to inform and influence the right people at the state level and the government level to level the ground for an investment even if it was Invest in Sweden’s task to monitor and manage the issue.


All communication was constantly forced to be cryptic and short, no names or details were leaking out, then everything could turn around in an instant.


Exactly one year earlier, in early February 2010, sent letters to both Tillväxtverkets General and the Ministry of Industry with a description of this strategically important investment projects and meeting requests for further information and clarification. We were of course aware that negotiations were ongoing between the government and Facebook, with Invest Sweden as a coordinator, but we still wanted to get a chance to describe what the initiative would mean for Sweden and for our part of the country.

Back to middle and Ewa’s kitchen in Luleå that Friday night in February: “It was this” I said to Ewa. “They come here!”. I was happy soul and immediately sent a message to the rest of the project team, and in an email from your mobile phone, I wrote briefly the five points of the envelope note. All communication was constantly forced to be cryptic and short, no names or details were leaking out, then everything could turn around in an instant. Facebook was extremely carefully at that point. It was total secrecy that mattered.


It was a euphoric and hilarious encounter, but also ambitious and concrete.


Anders Granberg emailed from Lnab Ham Southworth same evening and announced that they would launch the necessary processes the following day. The same night I got an email from Thomas Sokolnicki from Invest in Sweden Agency who told me that he too received a call from Facebook and now he obviously was available as a sounding board and adviser if necessary. “Can you call this final sprint ??” he asked in conclusion. Yes, it could be that. Now it was really the final sprint for Lulea.

On Sunday gathered the entire project on Lnab’s office and we went through the list of requirements, and analyzed the current status and schedule for each one. It was a euphoric and hilarious encounter, but also ambitious and concrete. Now it was so close!

After the meeting I walked the short distance from Lnab to my home, along the northern port where the ice was thick and white. I remember the easy feeling inside, joy and excitement, the realization of what is now actually was becoming a reality as well exploded in his stomach now and then and spread the warm lyckovågor. But I also remember the turmoil. How would we cope with all this in the short time remaining? And what could emerge as complicated? So much could happen! How would we get everyone to do whatever was necessary? What if all slipping from our hands after all ?!

The first excerpt from the book Hallo Mr. Mayor, this is a Facebook-calling, written by Gunnel E Vidén, published on 29 December. The last statement we publish on 4 January. The book is available to order from or Adlibris.


Several cases of ill-treatment in Vaasa – Vasabladet

Several people got punches and kicks to the head at different incidents during the New Year’s night.

A 43-year old man assaulted a 28-year old man in Hemstrand on New Years Eve. The victim told the man felled him to the ground and kicked him in the head. On the basis of the victim’s injuries are suspected 43-year-old with aggravated assault. The police took the offender on the spot. 28-year-old was taken to hospital. ABUSE occurred early in the evening.

A 23-year-old woman was beaten by another woman in Vaasa center at 23 o’clock on New Year’s Eve. The women, who did not know each other, ended up in the altercation and the victim dropped to the ground. 23-year-old was beaten several times with his fist in the head. Police are investigating the case.

A 19-year old man assaulted a 27 year old man in Vaasa center after 3 o’clock on New Year’s night. 19-year-old took the victim and hit him in the head. He also hit a man who came to help the wounded. The police took the offender. He behaved very aggressively and tried in every way to free himself. The man was transferred with handcuffs on to jail.

A group of men assaulted two over 30-year-old male in Vaasa center at 4:30 pm on New Year’s morning. The victims say that they walked on Hovioikeudenpuistikko when they met a group of men who surprisingly joined them. The victims felled to the ground and kicked. They were taken by ambulance to the hospital. According to eyewitnesses were the perpetrators of between five and eight in number. They were dressed in evening wear.

In Kristiinankaupunki was a 28 year old man beaten at 4.30 o’clock on New Year’s morning. The man said he had been standing outside a nightclub, when an unknown man suddenly felled him to the ground. He was beaten with fists and kicked in the face. The victim received minor injuries. The perpetrator is unknown until further notice.