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Soon, Windows 10 is downloaded automatically to your PC –


Microsoft’s aggressive calls to upgrade to Windows 10 will increase further.

Soon, Microsoft to add the new operating system, Windows Update for those who are still running Windows 7 or 8.1, writes on his blog.


 The calls will increase in two steps. Shortly, Windows 10 will be added as an optional update. It is what it sounds like, an opportunity to change the operating system using the program.

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 The next step may be more controversial.


 In early 2016, Windows 10 to get the label recommended update. The default settings on Windows Update to all such updates to be downloaded and run automatically.


 But you will not wake up to an entirely new operating system one morning. Before the installation is completed, the computer will ask for your permission to upgrade to Windows 10. If you do not feel comfortable with the operating system, or accidentally install it by mistake, you have 31 days in which to restore your computer to your previous version of Windows.


 Nose exactly the same thing happened earlier in the autumn. For some users ended up Windows 10, Windows Update, and made itself felt with constant reminders. It got angry Windows 7 enthusiasts to raise their voices in protest against the aggressive upgrade campaign.

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 The recommended update applies so far only private users and small businesses, not larger enterprise customers.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Reports: Fingerprint Mobile – Mobile

From the turn of the century onwards, it has regularly launched mobiles, PDAs, tablets and other gadgets with built-in fingerprint reader. In most cases, it was all about niche products for specific markets or customers with special security requirements, but when Apple bought biometrics company Authentec and presented the iPhone 5S with Touch ID exploding interest. Today it would be almost unthinkable to launch a premium handset without the fingerprint sensor or any other type of biometric login.

Fingerprint sensors in mobile phones is about making it easy to get good security. You can quickly unlock your phone and you do not use your PIN code in environments where there are many people who can see what you enter, says Jörgen Lantto, CEO of Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards, headquartered Gothenburg, together with Synaptics and Idex one of the largest companies in the global market when it comes to sensors for fingerprint. The company was founded in 1997 and showed in 1999 a prototype of a fingerprint reader for mobiles in collaboration with Ericsson. The first major customers were Chinese banks that needed a technical solution to prevent the employees from borrowing each other’s terminals and making erroneous transfers.

Jörgen Lantto says that there are two main types of fingerprint readers – “swipe” and “touch” . Around 2010 began Fingerprint Cards developing its first sensors were crisp products in mobiles. It was the swipe sensors that builds up a picture of the fingerprint when you slide your finger over the reader. Today is the touch sensors that are demanded by the market and it will go just as easy to scan your fingerprint as pressing a button. It is the type of sensor that Apple uses and it works on lknande way with the sensors Fingerprint Cards supplies, for example, Huawei Honor 7 and the two new Nexus mobiles from Google.

Apple is currently leading the development and have both managed to get the technology into models that sell well and standardized interface with APIs that allow app developers can take advantage of the reader. Although several Android mobiles – for example, the Motorola Atrix 4G – began to be sold before the iPhone 5S as it is the first Android 6.0 Marshmallow that technology becomes a part of the system and an app with support for fingerprint can function in phones from different brands.


Fingerprint Sensor in Microsoft’s new tablet – Swedish Dagbladet

He fades, however, reduce the release and points out that it is a product in the Windows ecosystem, which is considerably less than the Android ecosystem.

– Yes, it is our fingerprint sensor that sits on your keyboard, says Jörgen Lantto.

The launch is part of Fingerprint Cards forecasts for the year 2015.

Fingerprint Cards has previously collaborated with Microsoft but this is the first time that an FPC sensor is available with a launched commercial product with Microsoft.

– This is the first product of Microsoft and the first product in the Windows ecosystem, says Jörgen Lantto.

Fingerprints share was just before 11 o’clock on Friday rushed by 20 percent.


35-year-old’s story can be cracked – of the computer game – Aftonbladet

The man suspected of the murder of Lisa Holm claims he he played computer games when the 17-year-old disappeared.

But during the trial today unveiled the prosecutor Lars-Göran Wennerholm a analysis can make to the history of falls.

– There are no traces of data traffic, he said.

Lisa Holm concluded his work and was getting ready to go home from the coffee shop in Blomberg at 18 o’clock on 7 June.

The 35-year-old man suspected of murdering her, has stated that at that time he was at home. He should have rested, played games and talked with her mother via Skype.

– We had a computer game that we played with his wife, said the suspect earlier in the day.

– Computer game is an online game which is on all day.

“No other track”

But during the trial featured prosecution Lars-Göran Wennerholm an analysis showing that it was not registered any data traffic during the current period.

That finding is also in the preliminary investigation.

“From 18:00 until the time of the call on Skype commence at. 19:35 There are no other traces of data traffic, “it says there.

Stood on evenly

The courtroom was pushed 35-year-old on data traffic.

– There are no other traces of the data traffic in addition to the Skype call on the evening of that day. It should well have done had you been out on online games?

As the explanation to the said 35-year-old that the game was to continue:

– This game was on with us basically all the time. It was on almost the entire day.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

IPhone goes well, Ipad goes bad – Mobile

Mobile is the leading magazine and website in mobile communications.

The magazine and the Web site is intended for those who must buy new mobile gadgets or services and those who want to keep track of what is happening in the mobile world or working in the mobile industry.

More Mobil here.


The police first responders receive greetings from the Chief of Police – Aftonbladet

Trollhattan . The two policemen who were first on the scene of the krona school prevented likely that more people were killed.

In the afternoon matches investigator Thord Haraldsson patrol.

– They’ve got a personal greeting from the Chief of Police, he said.

Meanwhile, several new details about the attack emerged.

The alarm from the krona’s school was added to the police at 10:09 on the morning of Thursday last week.

At 10:15 arrived the first radio car to the place. In the car were two police officers, a man and a woman.

– Two minutes later, at 10:17, informed the patrol that they shot the perpetrator, says study leader Thord Haraldsson.

Went to attack Steps

The two policemen were met by a terrible sight in the entrance where two of Anton Lundin Pettersson’s sacrifice low. Shortly thereafter observed the offender at the top of a staircase.

– What I’ve been told, he stood on the top step and his colleagues stood further down the stairs when he went on the attack.

According Haraldsson fired when both cops his service weapon. One shot missed and hit. It is not yet entirely clear which shot hit Anton Lundin Pettersson.

– All shootings are investigated thoroughly and prosecutors will now come and visit the place, says Thord Haraldsson.

He underlines that the two police officers are also plaintiffs when subjected to an assassination attempt.

“Shouted everyone would go there”

Self became Haraldsson alerted a few minutes later on Thursday.

– I heard that fellow who called was jumpy. I ran out here in the hallway and screamed that everyone would get there, he says, pointing out to the corridor outside his office kriminalavdelningen at police headquarters in Trollhättan.

Several parallel investigations going on right now, and an investigation after police shot and secondly the murder investigation. But apparently prevented the two policemen in the first radio car in place further killings inside the school.

– Both of them were very taken after the incident, says Thord Haraldsson.

When Aftonbladet hits investigator in his office on Thursday morning, a total of 81 people heard about the attack. Another 60 people have been contacted but have not made any observations that are of interest to the investigation. More interviews with potential witnesses are scheduled.

Another victim

New data from the attack at the school have also emerged. Another person, who was previously unknown to police, was attacked by Anton Lundin Pettersson.

– It is about a student who is in grade eight. He was beaten with the back of the sword. Not with the sharp side, but more flat. It happened when the Avalanche were attacked, says Thord Haraldsson.

The boy showed a swelling of the arm when he was interrogated for a week.

Details on the attack against the teacher, who is still hospitalized for his injuries, has also emerged in interrogations. The man should have attempted to Anton Lundin Pettersson the mask he was wearing, according to police.

“Greetings from the Chief of Police”

Meanwhile, work on the offender’s computer. It has been verified history, and Google searches. Different chat logs remains.

The perpetrator’s car is seized and account of the technical division in Gothenburg.

The offender group in Stockholm also assisting their colleagues in Trollhattan with the mapping of Anton Lundin Pettersson.

Investigation Leader Thord Haraldsson shall afternoon today to meet all the policemen who were inside the school, it is all about some 30 people.

– The two who were first on the scene got a personal greeting from the National Police Commissioner.

The two policemen have been through their executives declined to speak to the press.

Ahmed buried tomorrow

Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered at the slain student assistant Avalanche Eskandar was buried in Trollhättan. During the ceremony, hailed 20-year-old for his courage.

Anton Lundin Pettersson’s second fatality, Ahmed Hassan, will be buried tomorrow, Friday. He will get his final resting next to Lavin Eskandars grave.


The attack in Trollhättan: One-to-student was carved by Lundin Pettersson – Nyheter24

Now, it appears that Anton Lundin Pettersson should have cut even a student with his sword.

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Now, there have been claims that another student was injured during the school attack in Trollhättan last week.

– We did not know from the beginning that he was hit and damaged, said the preliminary investigation Thord Haraldsson to Expressen.

The information the police have been after several hearings a week. The student must have been damaged at the beginning of the attack.

– It happened right at the beginning. Avalanche Eskandar is the culprit when he goes in and in connection with it also happens this says Thord Haraldsson.


Eleven survived miraculously when the killer Anton Lundin Pettersson stabbed him with the sword.

– He was lucky and hit on the arm, not the sharp side but the more flat, says the preliminary investigation, Detective Inspector Thord Haraldsson to GP.

Before you have only known it was four persons injured. Two of them died, Ahmed and Avalanche. And two treated for their injuries. The perpetrator died when police opened fire on him.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Environment crucial for autistic children’s schooling in India –

In her dissertation Shruti Taneja Johansson that the concept of inclusion has spread all over the world. Taking the example of India, she shows the complexity that surrounds the schooling of children with autism.

Through several trips to the country, observations and a number of interviews with parents, teachers, principals and other experts in the field, she brings the conditions of the autistic children’s education, a knowledge that so far the closest been non-existent. She believes that the child’s environment, particularly parents and teachers, are vital if school to work.

– Parental involvement was a key factor in child would have access to the education that they are entitled to. In many cases, parents are forced to withhold the diagnosis for the school to increase the child’s chance of being adopted, says Shruti Taneja Johansson.

If the child can fit in any school, it will likely have around forty classmates and a teacher who never heard of the disability of autism.

The study shows, however, that the teachers, despite no or very limited knowledge about autism, in many cases, could identify the child’s strengths and difficulties and based on these provide good support so that the school succeeded.

The school, which now came to turn out for children with autism in India, is often not so much with the individual child’s difficulties making. Greater importance had assumptions and perceptions about, for example, school assignments, the teacher’s role and approach to disability that are deeply embedded in the Indian education system and in society at large.

– There is a need to get away from the Western approach that most focus on what is not being done and instead create an understanding of the tensions, dilemmas and above all the complexity related to schooling for children with disabilities in countries like India. Only then can we identify strengths and obstacles and actually help children seriously, says Shruti Taneja Johansson.

Shruti Taneja Johansson presented her thesis Autism-in-context. An Investigation of schooling of children with a diagnosis of autism in urban India external link, opens in new window at the Department of Education and Special Education Friday, October 30, at 13.00. Location: Kjell Härnqvistsalen, Pedagogen Building A, Västra Hamngatan 25, Gothenburg


Lundin Pettersson charted the Crown before the attack – Swedish Radio

Anton Lundin Pettersson’s computer shows how he prepared the deed in Trollhättan. Among other things, he bought materials online and sought information about the school crown.

– In mid-October we are starting to see an activity directed against the school, the computer searches shows that he seems to have mapped the school, says the preliminary investigation Thord Haraldsson.

Thursday morning was 21-year-old Anton Lundin Petterson wearing a black mask and long coat in the krona school in Trollhattan .

Surveillance cameras show how he marches through the corridors and allow themselves to be photographed together with students.

– Then you see how he’s chasing students with his sword in the corridor. You can also see a student who stumbles in the corridor and bleeding profusely, says Thord Haraldsson.

The police combing Now Anton Lundin Pettersson’s computer was seized shortly after the attack.

Among other finds now the police that the equipment and clothing used in the attack were bought online and that he was in mid-October start taking an interest particularly for school crown.

Still want the police not disclose any details of the farewell letter that 21-year-old left behind.

The letter should clearly demonstrated that he was planning some kind of attack, but not where, when or how.

– It says that he is not satisfied with the Swedish immigration policy, the old and ill do not get help because of immigration, and that he therefore feels compelled to act. It is also clear that he is willing to lose his own life. More than that I do not want to say with regard to his family, says Thord Haraldsson.

What have they said about this event?

– It came probably as a total surprise to them what I understand.

After the attack in Trollhattan support has been great for the affected school.

However, the network spreads even opposite, espousal comments and pure incitement to carry out similar attacks at other schools.

– There have been a number of threats, including on social media, that we try to directly act on and prevent. Part of the investigation involves identifying what has been written online about the environment and the people in our area, says Thord Haraldsson’s investigators.


Visited the far-right sites and bought knives on the Internet – Aftonbladet

Trollhättan. 21-year-old Anton Lundin Pettersson planned the killings at the school in Trollhättan before he carried them out.

He should also have visited extremist sites and bought knives on the internet.

The police said now after they seized the killer’s computer.

– He has searched for “Waffen SS,” said Detective Inspector Sten Rune Timmersjö.

Inquiry about the school shootings in Trollhattan going forward. Police picture of Anton Lundin Pettersson planned the killings and proceeded has become increasingly clear, especially after you started to go through his computer.

The searches Lundin Pettersson made suggesting, according to police, in a certain measure of planning.

– We have just started the work but it is clear that he searched for the krona school and when they would have autumn holidays, says police inspector Sten Rune Timmersjö which is one of the investigators working on the case .

“Waffen SS”

In the late perpetrator’s computer, police have also been able to find several other things that can be linked to the murders.

– He has been inside several extreme right sites. He has also sought on several things that can be linked to Nazism and right-wing extremism, such as “Waffen SS”, says Sten Åke Timmersjö and adds:

– In addition, he has done several searches on the sides of World War II and old generals in Nazi Germany.

The searches and the activity of the extreme right sites should have been in close connection with the murders.

Bought knives on the Internet

On the seized computer the police have also found other historical information that can be linked to the attack.

Anton Lundin Pettersson should have bought knives on the Internet a week before he murdered two people.

– That’s right, he has bought weapons on the internet, says Sten Åke Timmersjö.

Since the perpetrator is dead and can not be brought to justice, the police are unusually open to the media about how efforts to investigate the murders continue.

The report in its whole, differs in other respects not an ordinary murder investigation, according to police.

Monitoring Movies

Some of the events on the krona school caught on surveillance videos. A material that is also included in the investigation. Anton Lundin Pettersson’s attacks against the Avalanche Eskandar, Ahmed Hassan and the other people are, however, according to the police, not with the now seized the movies.

– The work of analyzing the computer continues now, we are just at the beginning of that work. Meanwhile, we have more witnesses to be heard, says Sten Åke Timmersjö.

He states that it is impossible to predict when the investigation is completed and when you can have the whole picture of the events entirely clear.

Police rule out that there could be another one perpetrator.


Anton Lundin Pettersson did not want to have life-saving interventions – Swedish Radio

According to new data on the knife attack in Trollhättan TV8 did not want the 21-year-old offender Anton Lundin Pettersson have life-saving interventions.

He resisted when he would receive care, and Police had to put hand-cuffs on him, says investigators Thord Haraldsson to “New Wanted” on TV8.

– He was not disarmed when we arrived. He lived. It lasted lifesaving measures on him, he did little resistance as long as he could, said Haraldsson.


EU abolishes roaming charges and introduce criticized rules on net neutrality –

EU Parliament approves the proposal on new rules for net neutrality and roaming charges. It is clear after today’s vote.

Roaming charges for voice calls, text messages and surf the EU banned completely June 15, 2017, but already the end of April next year lowered the ceiling on fees dramatically. Then the maxavgifterna following:

  • Outgoing voice calls: 0.05 euros per minute (currently 0.19).

  • text 0.02 euros per message (currently 0.06).

  • Mobile Data: 0.05 euros per megabyte (currently 0.2).

How the prohibition of roaming charges, step by step. Photo: EU Parliament.

charge caps for incoming calls have not been decided, but should be lower than the outgoing.

Net neutrality means in short that all traffic the Internet will have the same priority. Operators should not be allowed to some services before, or strangle others speed. If neutrality is disrupted it can have major consequences.

– Thanks to the agreement, Europe will be the only region in the world to legally guarantee an open Internet and net neutrality. The principle of net neutrality will apply directly in all EU countries. The law also ensures that we will not get the internet in two speeds, said Pilar del Castillo, who presented the matter to Parliament.

But the new rules that the EU face today has been criticized by many. It states namely that operators may give priority to certain services, as long as it is not done at the expense of others. Many believe that this creates a sour cream for those companies that can afford it.

There are those who argue that the kind of priorities in the extension can create a segregated internet. The actors who can afford to pay dearly for their services are faster to load, others end up down in a tough moorland.

Many technology companies have been concerned by the proposal. In an open letter sent to European Parliament President Martin Schulz, before the vote, writes the 40 companies and investors to the risk of “undermining net neutrality and threaten to during my European technology industry.” Among the senders are Netflix, Kickstarter, Reddit and North Zone.

A controversial example of Sweden’s mobile operator Tres campaign, where you can stream music from Spotify without count in your data consumption. This gives Spotify priority of Three. Some other companies at risk are streaming sites that generate huge traffic, which can be made to pay dearly to get a sufficiently high priority.

Another profiled critics of the now clubbed proposal is Sir Tim Berners-Lee , the man who created the World Wide Web.

– If the rules are introduced as they are written now, they will threaten innovation, free speech and privacy, and compromise the ability of Europe to become a leader in the digital economy, he wrote on his blog before the vote.

It has tumbled a polarized debate throughout the negotiation of the agreement. EU Council of Ministers has wanted to leave it to the operators themselves to put restrictions, while Parliament wanted to see a complete net neutrality, where no one gets priority.

The proposal voted through today is a compromise that can have a big impact on the Internet’s European future.


The County Council was aware of the feeble beams of the escalator – New Technology


An escalator at the station Östermalmstorg opened like a trapdoor February 14 this year. The woman who had just stepped on fell and pinned.

The escalator, which was manufactured by Asea in the 1960s, was equipped with two safety systems. Yet it stopped not until a passerby pushed the emergency button.

Emergency services worked for a long time to dislodge the woman, who risked losing his leg. Since then, she has undergone several operations.

New technology has taken note of two consultant reports on the accident that the County Council’s traffic management ordered. The company Dekra has conducted a technical investigation of the accident, while Inter Fleet has studied the organization and procedures. Both investigations show that the accident could have been prevented.

Eight days before the accident, on February 6, Dekra had blown the whistle on that particular type of the escalator. The company had investigated another escalator of the same model at Östermalmstorg who had suffered repeated errors.

“The preliminary findings of serious concern to us then step leg (walking beam) breaks down quickly at a seemingly limited load. (…) We recommend that you as facility operator takes escalators with this design stages leg and / or materials from operation, “wrote Dekra.

Five days later, a meeting was held on traffic management. It was the last chance to prevent the accident, noting the Inter Fleet afterwards. Instead it was decided to keep the escalator continues to run, but with extra supervision. In the meeting notes recorded that Dekra was with the decision. In retrospect mean Dekra it never sued.

On 14 February, the accident occurred and the woman was pinned.

Deputy Head of the Traffic Department, Frederick Cavalli-Björkman, was one of the participants in the meeting.

– With hindsight we would of course have turned off. But we understood that it was not so serious. It is a mistake we have made, he said.

Can a consultant be clearer than writing that he is concerned about and recommend a shutdown?

– No, but after that we had the meeting when we discussed the matter. But it is clear that we have made a number of judgments that were not okay, says Fredrik Cavalli-Björkman.

After the accident, Dekra assigned to investigate what caused it. The result shows that the escalator had both in material and workmanship. The steps have various types of beams, and two of the types substandard.

A beam-type in the form of U-profiles were tested and approved in 2007 but according to Dekra quality deficiencies. Among other things, there are pores in the casting that weaken the structure.

Unfortunately it is with lattice beams. They are not tested by any standard and can withstand about half as much cargo as U-profiles.

Both beam types can rupture of the a traveler running or jumping on the ladder. The material is brittle and flaws therefore quickly without deformation, which is very risky in an escalator.

The direct cause of the accident is under Dekra to a beam burst about 15 steps below the accident stage. It is likely that it goes down, when someone jumped or ran down the stairs.

– It is sufficient that any sufficiently large adult stomps to the hard right on this model, says Bernt Åke Johansson, accident investigators at Dekra.

Crime and accidents in older Asea escalators have been common. Peter Andersson, DEKRA mission leader, considers that the problems should have been caught and corrected before.

After the accident, traffic management put in extra beams and wheel sensors in steps of 39 old Asea stairs. Thereby the steps are not able to open like a trapdoor.

The idea for this article came from New Technique anonymous tip service Techleaks.

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Apple’s results beat expectations – Swedish YLE

The electronic company Apple came with the interim results that surpassed föväntningarna on Wall Street.

Apple’s profit rose 30 percent in the quarter ended Sept. 26, compared with the same period last year. Earnings rose to over $ 11 billion.

Revenue rose 22 percent to 51.5 billion dollars.

In addition, Apple looks bright cell phone sales. Apple has sold a record number, 48 million smart phones. Sales of mobile phones account for the bulk of the company’s results. Sales almost doubled in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

According to Apple boss Tim Cook is a question of the company’s most successful year ever.

Apple’s stock price rose on the stock market one after interim results were published.

After that in December last year, having published a performance not previously seen in the US there were many who doubted that Apple would keep the steam up, and some placed counted even with a worse result than before .

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Spotify, Klarna and King behind the lobbying group that will make the EU more technology friendly –

Niklas Zennstr & # xF6; m.
Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom is the group’s chairman. Photo: PICNIC Network (CC) / Montage.

Spotify, Klarna and King. Several Swedish technology company have been involved and formed a lobby group to get the EU to think more about startups and IT.

Goal of the European Tech Alliance is to provide a domestic perspective on the technology sector – that is, unlike the existing lobby groups started by US companies.

ETA wants to share with their experiences of Europe, the technology and the internet, according to Skype founder Niklas Zennström, who is the chairman.

Read more: The EU is eliminating roaming charges and introduce criticized rules on net neutrality

 - There are so many success stories of European technology. We believe we will be able to help European leaders to understand that Europe is good at technology and demonstrate how decision makers can pave the way for the technology industry to grow further, he writes in a statement.


 ETA wants, among other things, have their say when it comes to the European Commission’s investigation of a single digital market. An effort to stimulate the IT industry in the Union.

Among the other companies in the group are AVG, Momondo, Supercell, Rovio, Bla Bla Car and Swiftkey .