Saturday, February 11, 2017

Windows 10 stands and stomps the operating system has stopped to grow – Computer Sweden

When Microsoft announces the new versions of Windows is always a lot of focus on how fast users and businesses upgrade. So also for Windows 10 and now it seems to be a little spanner in the works for Microsoft.

By all accounts, the number of users has been relatively unchanged in over four months. The conclusion one can draw after Terry Meyerson, Microsoft’s chief of Windows, talked before the developer on Wednesday:

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– We now have over 400 million users worldwide. It is consumers, people in schools and businesses, said Terry Meyerson, according to IDG News.

To uppgraderingstakten stopped of course depends on the to free updates expired in the summer. You seem to have had developments in the know at Microsoft, because already in July declined from the previous objective to have gotten out Windows 10 on a billion devices to the middle of 2018. It explained that it is slow with Windowsmobiler.

From september, the average increase of the market share for Windows 10 remained at two per cent per month, according to Net Applications, which can be compared with ten per cent in the five months before (april – August). The first six months, the increase was an average of twelve per cent.

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with respect to the number of users of the Windows 10 calculates the IDG News that it increased from 373 million to 415 million, from the end of september 2016 to the end of January of this year. This is an increase on the 42 million, or approximately eleven per cent.

With the same rate of increase until July 2018, the ports, the number of users at roughly 670 million. It may not be seen as a failure in itself, but is, after all, much worse than Microsoft’s original goal of one billion.


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