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Winter vomiting disease is here – how to protect yourself – Expressen

When it was time again.

As much as we hope will come the winter vomiting bug in year after year.

According Vårdguiden has Google increases the winter vomiting just started to increase, which is a clear sign that the infamous viral disease is here.

Winter vomiting disease is most common between November and April, reaching its peak between January and March – thus the name. But it is possible to suffer during the rest of the year.

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Common symptoms

Winter vomiting disease is caused by the calicivirus and spread very easily from person to person.

The disease is similar to other stomach diseases but is often defined by a very fast onset. The incubation period is between 12 and 48 hours.

Other common symptoms are:




 Stomach ache




Children are affected more often by vomiting while for adults is more common with diarrhea.

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How contagious winter vomiting

The disease is extremely contagious and one person can reduce a lot of work. It is for example very common in hospitals or among pre-school groups. Usually it goes away by itself after a few days.

So spread the infection:

 Direct contact between people

 Indirect contact when someone vomits and the infection spread in the air

 Food and beverages handled by someone carrying the virus

Drinking water or food that has come in contact with contaminated water.

How do you protect

Be careful not to handle food for others to eat if you suspect you may be infected. Good hygiene is also the alpha and omega, always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after visiting the toilet.

Hand Spirits does not affect the virus in question, it is not enough to just use it.

You also do well to avoid buffets where many people handling the food.

Have you been affected by the winter vomiting bug should stay away from other people for at least one day after you are symptom-free.

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Then you should seek care

 If you vomit a lot and are not taking sufficiently with liquid.

You urinating unusually little

You have bloody diarrhea

High fever and freezes

You are stomach and eat medicine for heart failure, diabetes, or other serious disease

You have had diarrhea for over a week



Now, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other IT profiles invest in green electricity –

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates

Just in time for the climate conference in Paris Introduces Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg a collaboration to promote renewable energy sources.

Together with other top names in the technology industry, they invest in “ideas that can change how we produce and consume energy,” wrote Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post.

In the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, which bet units, also includes Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Alibaba founder Jack Ma and representatives from HP, SAP and Salesforce.

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 How much money the coalition has to move with the unknown, but the goal is that at an early stage investments in companies working with sustainable development. They will not only stick to renewable energy but will also spend money on transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and energy.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition in primarily to invest in the 20 countries included in the Mission Innovation also launched in Paris today. Member States, including Sweden, promises, among other things, to double its investment in green energy over the next five years.


Done: When starting new “Top Gear” – Aftonbladet

New host, but the same name.

Now the BBC has revealed when the new Top Gear season starts

– We will do things differently, because we need – and for that we want, says newly appointed program director Chris Evans.

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It was during the great uproar that former program leader trio made exit from the BBC’s Top Gear.

But despite the fact that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May was the show’s heart and contents stopped – it was Never any speech for the BBC to put down the program.

After months of speculation it was revealed that radio personality Chris Evans would be bilprogrammets new figurehead and now we find out when the new season kicks off.

The Stig is left

In addition to the name you’ll also dressed in white Stig to be part of the new generation of Top Gear when the series starts on May 8 But the rest will be new.

– One thing is certain. It will not be me and hubby to and another man, it will never happen. Why should we do what they did ?, says Chris Evans to the Daily Mail.

Exactly what the new show will feature was nothing like the 49-year-old Evans went on. However, he revealed that the recording is already running and that “we will go to America to make our first ‘inter-continental’ in January.

Former crew of the new schooner

When it applies Jeremy Clarkson and associates it is not too much is known. We know they will do 36 episodes of a car show for the Amazon, the program has an insane budget and that one of the sections will include a run-through with laferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Do you have any news tips to Aftonbladet Bil? Email your tips here.

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Rumor: Next iPhone lacks headphone connector – 99mac

The headphone jack of 3.5 millimeter can be the next thing that disappears from the iPhone to allow for thinner devices.

Apple plans to remove the headphone jack of 3.5 mm from the next year’s iPhone, commonly known as # Iphone 7. This reports the Japanese site Macotakara [Google-translated] and refers to ” reliable sources “. If the headphone is removed, the device would be “more than a millimeter thinner” than the current iPhone 6S.

If confirmed, would headphones only be connected to the iPhone 7 wirelessly via Bluetooth or via Lightning connector. Apple published last year, specifications for manufacture of headphones that use Lightning protocol during the program MFI (Made for iPhone). 99mac has also reported on a patent that suggests that Apple is developing wireless noise canceling headphones, which in future could replace today Earpods that come with the iPhone.

According to Macotakara, however, a special variant of Earpods to accompany Iphone 7, which connects directly via Lightning connector. The headphones will contain a small converter from digital to analog signals. Other manufacturers of headphones will need to include a Lightning connector, or an adapter from 3.5 millimeters for them to work with the phone.


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Embark on a driverless ride in Tokyo – Swedish Dagbladet

The prototype car is a Nissan Leaf, which the entire cargo area is full of appliances that controls and regulates the self-driving technology. In five years, everything should be contained in a box the size of a video-game consoles. Photo: Eric Lund

We roll out into the Tokyo traffic. Everything is completely undramatic, except that the driver has released the steering wheel. The car rushes away almost soundlessly, because it is the Nissan Leaf electric car we travel in.

Soon approaching an intersection where the navigation screen shows we will turn left. The driver still has no hand on the wheel, and his feet rest from the brake and accelerator pedals. The car changes lanes, slow down in time for köslutet, biding his time at the red light, accelerates when the queue starts moving and then turn left onto New Street. Fully automatically.

All major automakers is working intensively with the technology that will make the cars self-propelled. At the motor show in Los Angeles recently, Volvo further steps in their research, and it’s race to first get a car that can run completely self – not only withstand relatively simple traffic queues.

American Tesla released recently new software for its electric cars, making them partially self-driving on highways. You call it a beta product, meaning that customers can join in and test a not yet fully developed technology.

Japanese Nissan’s plan is that in 2016 launch technology that will make the car yourself driving in queues, in 2018 technology manages highway driving, including on slip roads and 2020 technology that allows it to fend for itself, even in complex urban traffic.

Another must Nissan test driver have his hands documents prepared beside the wheel, but in the long run, the car should be able to take care of oneself as well as the motorway in city traffic. Photo: Eric Lund

It is a prototype to 2020 årstekniken we now test rides in Tokyo. The boot is packed full of devices that today are required to maneuver the car automatically, but in five years it should have been boiled down to a box the size of a video-game console.

– Our goal is that the price of the finished the product must be in the same district as today’s system for auto-braking and collision warning systems, says Richard Candler who is responsible for product strategy at Nissan. Not even the buyers of our cheapest models should have to hesitate to make the choice.

The overall purpose with self-driving cars is to reduce road accidents. The first steps have already been taken with the automatic braking system, which is standard in more and more vehicles. The more the car can manage on their own, the greater the safety profit as all calculations.

But there is also another aspect: many people like to drive, but few like getting tangled up in queues or heavy city traffic . In a self-driving car, the driver can engage in to see the film (which the automaker, of course, is financial gain in cooperation with the app and movie distributors) or use the time to work.

Nissan prototype has radar and laser sensors and twelve cameras that read the environment. The instruments in front of the driver – including a display projected on the windshield – always shows the vehicle’s intentions. Yet, however the driver to be ready for action in the Japanese traffic, legal requirements say that the hands must be kept near the steering wheel.

How can you trust that pedestrians do not suddenly absentmindedly starts to cross the street ?

The hardware is already well developed. What remains is programming. To follow filindelningar, read the traffic lights and turn right amount on the steering wheel may be complicated – but it is probably very simple in comparison with the millions of decisions a driver makes while driving.

Example: pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. How can we trust that he will not suddenly absentmindedly starts to cross the street? A van driver occupies almost unconsciously preparedness and relieves gas.

A car parked along the street: how can we know that not suddenly open the door? The experienced driver will probably take the turn a bit to round the parked car with a margin.

A street where there are hidden exits: which reduces a human driver at best speed to not be surprised if someone suddenly running or running out. It applies to the self-driving car also can identify these situations.

The car always shows the driver what is happening and how the planning run. Here we see that the car’s radar and cameras discovered the cars further ahead in the queue. Photo: Eric Lund

Another aspect is that the car must understand traffic culture. In some countries and cities tempo is low and forgiving, in other places it may require a little bit sharper elbows to keep up.

The car must understand traffic culture.

Anthropologists are hired to do research on these topics, and knowledge is converted into programming in the Autonomous körsystemen. Together with technologies are considering it, even if there should be a text display in which the environment can get messages from the car, for example, “I’m waiting,” or “Now I drive!”.

The test drive around the Tokyo Bay progresses as undramatic as it began. Prototype car can still only handle left turns (on the left), but all crossings and unexpected maneuvers from next to passing cars handled calmly.


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Stream Playstation 4 to Mac with the upcoming app – 99mac

Sony is developing an app for Mac and PC that will allow the user to stream games from the Playstation 4 through the console’s feature Remote Play.

Playstation 4 is currently one of the best selling game consoles on the market, and now promises the manufacturer # Sony to an associated app is under development that will allow the user to utilize console feature Remote Play (Remote Play) with a Mac or PC. This reports The Verge after Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the information on Twitter:

Remote Play is a feature that streams the game from the Playstation 4 wirelessly to the portable game console Playstation Vita or a compatible Xperia- phone. This makes it possible to play games anywhere in the home, and continue playing even if the TV needs to be used for other things. A Remote Play app for Mac and PC would provide the same functionality to these platforms.

Competitor xbox one from Microsoft already offers a similar feature to Windows 10, and Nintendo’s console Wii U is not dependent on a television when the game controller also has a built-in screen. None of these consoles, however, has no support to stream the games to your Mac.


Entrepreneurs all have some form of diagnosis “- Swedish Dagbladet

Douglas Roos. Photo: Oskar Kullander

When Douglas Roos was 23 years old , he set up a life goal – to become financially independent.

– It gives freedom and security. I come from a rather messy background and realized early on that I had to fix the steak itself, he says in an interview with Breakits podcast.

But when Douglas Roos, 38 year old, along with his co-founder, sold the Nordic part of the gaming company Ladbrokes for over half a billion crowns so, he still did not slow the pace down.

Instead sketched Douglas Roos directly submit a new business plan and started a new entrepreneurial projects.

– It was actually a pretty strange behavior from my side. When I’m on the way to achieving this goal I wanted to achieve so long and worked so hard, I have my head full of starting a new company. Entrepreneurs can not take it easy. We have all some kind of diagnosis, says Douglas Roos.

The company he started, News 24 group which today has annual sales of almost SEK 200 million and will make a profit of SEK 7 million this year. But the trip until a positive result has been both long and bumpy, says Douglas Roos in the podcast interview.

– We have become total kasaflödesneurotiker. It has been super tough years. We have guaranteed the slimmest cost side of the media industry, said Douglas Roos.

He describes the News 24 Group, where in addition to the news site also among other things, includes e-sports section Fragbite and ad sales company Netric, as a kind of incubator for new media products.

– We are an entrepreneurial workshop in the media. We test, test, test. It does not work so we spend and test something new, says Douglas Roos.

The speed he believes is missing in the big media houses and take the Bonnier Group as an example.

– If Bonnier to do something, it’s like “20 Point of Contacts” before something happens. Then they have already lost the chance, says Douglas Roos in the podcast interview.

Emanuel Charles Stone: That is why the pirate verdict a victory for all of us

His crazy goat attracts over 100 million – using PewDiePie


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Cisco makes billions acquisitions – This Week IT business –

Niklas Andersson, Cisco.
Niklas Andersson, Cisco .

The sudden and strange rumors about the purchase of Ericsson seems to have died out as quickly as they arose, but Cisco spender pants have nevertheless gone on during the week.

networking giant is namely going to buy British Acano, a company that supplies hardware and software for Web conferencing.

Cisco’s bid is the equivalent of 6 billion and the deal is expected to close in the third quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year.

– Acano have a solution very appealing to many clients and has quickly made a big impression on the market. Their portfolio includes, among other things, bridges and gateways for audio and video conferencing with the high level of interoperability, says Cisco’s Sweden-CEO Niklas Andersson about their upcoming buddies.

Google’s Sweden-president drop out

 After about two years leaves Anders Berglund job as CEO of Google Sweden. He will, however, be retained for a transitional period, and replaced initially by David Sneddon, who is the business manager for Google in Germany. But the plan is that a new Country Manager Sweden will be recruited.

 Anders Berglund says to Dagens Media that it is his own decision, explaining why he chose to leave after only two years as follows:

– You can , of course, like that two years is a short or long time, but at Google we have such a speed that two years is quite a long time.


Industry acquaintance takes over on Fortinet

 Lars Berggren will be the new Country Manager Sweden at security company Fortinet. His mission is primarily to build a strong channel business in Sweden.

– Fortinet want to invest in Sweden and build a strong team of skilled employees and a market leader partners. It feels fantastic to join the team and build on past successes, he says of the mission.

Lars Berggren has once worked in IT brancshen in 30 years. He comes from Check Point, but he has also served as Country Manager Sweden at Extreme Networks and has worked on Måldata.


Evry replace the chairman after the arrest

 Evrys Chairman Jo Lunder, who was recently arrested at Gardermoen in connection with the investigation into Telenor’s business in Eurasia, now leaving his assignment at the Nordic consultancy giant. He justifies the decision to get off Evryuppdraget that he “need to focus on their personal situation”. Salim Nathoo from the major shareholder Apax will now take over as the new chairman.


Blekinge Cloud buying games running

 Swedish cloud provider City Network buys his Karlskrona Colleague Fragnet, which specializes in management services for the gaming market. These include games like Battlefield, Day Z and Minecraft among the company’s operating customers. Fragnet, with six employees, will be integrated in the City Network and all the staff and customers accompany the acquisition.

– The gaming market has has long been one of the driving verticals for cloud-based solutions, and companies in other industries often use them as a reference in their work to make their infrastructure more flexible and cost effective, says City Networks CEO Johan Christenson of the acquisition.

Middle East next to Nexus

 Swedish Nexus is now moving into the Middle East, and it is done with the help of the Dubai-based distributor Shifra. The new initiative primarily concerns the company’s platforms within the Public Key Infrastructure, PKI.

– the Middle East an economically sound region and we feel that there is a strong demand these types of security solutions, says Nexus CEO Lars Pettersson.


Aller communicate with TDC

 TDC has been commissioned to deliver a communication solution to Aller in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Newspaper publishing company hired former Global Connect, but has now chosen to switch to a WAN solution from TDC. An exact number is not specified, but it is according to TDC for millions, and the contract period is three years.


Småland party for Konica Minolta

 Koneo and Konica Minolta has won a local business in Småland. The procurement of MFP printers have been carried out jointly by the Scottish local authorities and its companies. The agreement is valid for two years with a possible extension of one year plus one year. Konica Minolta will account for the products and Koneo in Jönköping stands for the installation, operation and service.

– Konica Minolta met all pledged to be requirements in the tender and submitted the lowest tender price Therefore, we have chosen Konica Minolta as a supplier, Helen says Engdahl, Eksjö municipality, which is responsible for procuring.


HTC wants to reach businesses with Overpriced

 Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC takes the help of the distributor Overpriced. The new Scandinavian agreement is HTC’s smartphones, and the focus is primarily corporate market.

– Overpriced is a strong player in the B2B segment where we are not yet have fulfilled our potential. Now we look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership, reads the comment from HTC’s Nordic leader Jan Costa Thiele.


Lenovo takes the HP-treat

 HP-profile Pascal Bourguet picked up by Lenovo for leading product and channel business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He comes from HP, where he worked on consumer PCs. He previously held other heavy tasks at HP and has also worked at Philips.

– His experience speaks for itself, but his passion and way of doing business to will be a great addition to our management team, says Lenovo’s EMEA chief Eric Cador.




PS4: ans RemotePlay coming to PC and Mac – FZ

When Windows 10 was released last summer, it became possible to stream games from the Xbox One to Windows 10 computers, a popular feature with players who are forced to fight on television family time.

Sony now announces that it is about to do the same. PS4: an, already can stream games on PS Vita, will in future be able to do the same for Windows and Mac computers. Work on an app for running, says Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide Studios.

We can do without time frame for when it might be finished, and until further notice, you may continue to use PlayStation Remote Play on your Vita.


Comment: The film and television industry should be ashamed – Dagens Industri

Bredbandsbolaget freed from the film and television industry’s demands to block pirate site The Pirate Bay. It is good. A conviction could have unreasonable consequences.

“A severe grades of Swedish justice,” wrote film and television industry, commenting on Friday’s tingsrättsdom where Bredbandsbolaget freed from the requirement to block file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. In fact, the opposite is true.

Ultimately revolved namely the now completed the trial on a much larger issue: Should a network be held jointly responsible for the crimes committed in its own network?

Yes, said the loose coalition of film, music and television companies that stood behind the lawsuit, including Warner Music, Nordisk Film and the Swedish Film Industry . By not actively block pirate sites like The Pirate Bay enables telecom operators breach of copyright for huge sums of money.

No, said Bredbandsbolaget, which was the subject of the action.

The district court went completely on the defense line. It should not really have to be obvious right from the start. The principle of net neutrality – that operators have neither responsibility for, nor anything to do with the traffic that moves in their network – are quite central to the idea of ​​a free and open Internet.

Logically it would otherwise keep Trafikverket complicit speeding. Or electricity companies for crimes where electronics is involved.

Broadband Company representatives also warned purpose sliding. A conviction would open the doors for all sorts of lobby groups require blocking of sites that are considered to cause injury.

Friday’s statement is good news for all those who cherish a free and open internet. This applies to both file-sharers by the companies in the fast growing digital economy.

Certainly it is important to protect upphovsrättshavarnas right to get paid for their work. But the battle will be fought – as it already does – with claims and lawsuits against individuals and companies. Or even better: simpler, better and more modern services that make piracy obsolete. Half of Swedes pay today for any kind of music streaming service such as Spotify. 2.5 million of us even pay for streamed movie, for example via Netflix or Viaplay.

It should be said that the battle is far from won. Right holders will appeal the district court’s ruling. But Friday’s statement is still good news for those who cherish the free and open web. This applies tonårsfjuniga file sharers as well as companies in the fast growing digital economy. Many of them have business models that largely rests on operators’ indifference to what goes on in their network.

The film and television industry representatives on the other hand every reason to be ashamed . To even think of putting nätfriheten on the line to protect their own, outdated revenue models suggest a direct unworldly attitude.


Einstein’s theory of relativity and your GPS are connected – SR

This week has been celebrated Einstein’s general theory of relativity, and we sort out what it is about. And so it becomes a real climate update.

Soon the climate meeting in Paris, we have a guide to what will happen and hear Swedish chief negotiator Anna Lindstedt. We are also following up a listening chat about the climate.

We also mentions that the plants have become electronic, and what the significance. And so we sort out how medical age determination works – and why physicians are critical to the method.

And then Lena has been Postgraduate Grand Prix and sought out the winner Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy, who does research on renewable plastic at the UCB.