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Liquid water on Mars important discovery – Swedish Radio

There are most likely liquid water on Mars. The conclusion presented Nasa at a press conference today. The new evidence is important in several ways according to researchers.

– One is to better map the history of Mars. The second is that if we think of manned missions to Mars in the future so it is important to know if there is easy access to liquid water in place, because it is very difficult and expensive to drag along the water all the way there, says Maria Sundin, associate professor of theoretical physics at the University of Gothenburg.

but not least arouses the new evidence issue of possible life on Mars.

– It turns on that there is such an environment where life could perhaps have arisen or even remaining in, says Maria Sundin.

It has previously been known that there was water on Mars long ago. But now, researchers have been able to see the flow of the salt deposits that contain water that comes and goes at certain places on Mars depends on the seasons.

It’s not about some streams or lakes on the surface but it is a sure proof that there is liquid water on Mars, says Maria Sundin.

– Yes, it is. It sees clearly that these salts that are found they have been in contact with liquid water, and because they just come and go, you know that there are phenomena that formed right now. There is not any tracks we see of anything that happened millions of years ago.

Ulrika Björksten manage science radio.

– Water is essential for life, so why it is very interesting if you find liquid water beyond Earth. Then, one must remember that this may involve some water with extremely high salinity, and if so, then it is not certain that it is a prerequisite for life anyway.


Price and availability of the new Google-units – Mobile

Nexus 5X

The sequel to the two year old Nexus 5 goes back to LG and the concept “a little cheaper almost top model”. In the USA and UK, you can pre-order the phone now with delivery in late October, but the Swedish date of delivery, we are told until 9 October, when LG shows off the mobile for Swedish journalists at a press event.
Price : 4490 SEK for the 16GB variant, unknown to the 32 GB variant.

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6 was perceived by many as a little too big and a little too expensive. Nexus 6P gets a little smaller and a little cheaper. Nexus 6P released tentatively in Sweden on 18 November. In the US, the UK, Ireland and Japan goes to pre-order now with delivery in late October. Price: 5999 SEK (32 GB), unknown for 128 GB.

Chromecast 2015

New Chromecast same name as the old but has got attractive design, better connectivity and new features in the app. The field is still via WLAN to send the video to your TV from your mobile phone. It is available to order now, with deliveries not earlier than two days after ordering.
Price: 399 SEK

Chromecast Audio

Music variant of Chromecast plugs in with 3.5 mm jack to your stereo or speakers to stream audio content from the mobile. It is available to order now, with deliveries earlier than 12 October.
Price: 399 SEK

Google Pixel C

The Google tablet with detachable keyboard so not ready for production yet, Google said that it would be released before Christmas, but it also applies to us in Sweden remains to be seen. Swedish prize, we have not, but if we expect the same relationship between Google’s stated dollar prize and the Swedish final price as for other products, we can still reasonably estimated.
Price: 5500 crowns for the plate 1800 crowns for the keyboard.


Love Hormone linked to aggression –

In recent decades, oxytocin, which is secreted to the touch and the body among other uses to start births, noted for its effects on prosocial behavior, such as trust and empathy.

A study from the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University, shows that oxytocin may also be involved in anti-social and aggressive behavior.

– We found a relationship between genetic variation and anti-social behavior in a first trial and then found a similar association in a follow-up study which makes finding much stronger, says Lars Westberg, a researcher at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

The researchers studied the gene for oxytocin receptor (acceptor) in two groups of young people gathered in the Swedish Twin Registry. The first group included 2,372 people and the second one 232.

The young people were asked to answer questionnaires about antisocial and aggressive behavior. The questions covered everything from how often truant from school to how often they are stolen, been in a fight, brought the knife out among the people and sold or used for different drugs.

– Although the effect of the genetic variation is relatively small, the results suggest that oxytocin is involved in the regulation of antisocial and aggressive behavior in humans, says Lars Westberg.

Previous studies in rodents have suggested that oxytocin inhibits aggression and based on the new results can therefore imagine that oxytocin acts worse in individuals who have this genetic risk factor.

– The results suggest that oxytocin could possibly be used to treat aggression, says Lars Westberg.

Anti-Social Behavior and polymorphisms in the oxytocin receptor gene: findings in two independent samples external link, opens in the new window published in Molecular Psychiatry 22 September.


Elon Musk showcasing Tesla X – New Technology


September 29 unveiled Elon Musk Tesla’s latest product: Tesla Model X. The new model is available with six or seven seats in three rows. The car has gull wing doors, rear, with sensors for not hitting the nearby object.

According to Tesla will model 90 kWh’s battery giving it has a range of 250 miles /402.3 kilometers.

Model X is equipped with air filter according Musk will do to your car’s air is ” as clean as a hospital. “

” When the car is working at maximum capacity, we can not detect any viruses, bacteria or spores. So if an apocalyptic event of any kind occurs – hypothetically – it’s just pressing defense against biological warfare button, “said Musk according to Mashable. When the audience began to laugh, he added that the key really is.

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Get “biovapenskydd”: “world’s safest SUV” View pictures – Aftonbladet

Sports Car Quick, innovative and with a unique novelty.

Tesla Model X is the first car that has a button for “biovapenskydd”.

– It’s a real switch, assured Elon Musk at the presentation of the car.

Now, Tesla elsuv, Model X, launched and it was an almost sacred atmosphere in the courtroom when the founder and CEO Elon Musk unveiled the car.

But it was not a presentation similar to others.

For a start, jumped Musk to talk design at all . Not a word was mentioned. Instead we got an insight into what makes the car unique.

For example, the Model X is car dis if want to survive an attack with biological weapons. This time the car is equipped with a very special button for “biovapenskydd”.

– There is a really key, said Musk when they first began to laugh at the “finesse”.

Filters germs

The button came up during the time when Tesla boss explained how much cleaner it is in a Model X compared to other cars. This then suven an air filter which is ten times greater than that which sits in an ordinary car. Size enables it to be able to filter bacteria 300 times better, allergens 500 times better, smog 700 times better and viruses 800 times better than a standard filter.

– We try to be a leader in apocalyptic protection, said Musk jokingly.

Furthermore pressed Elon Musk on the Model X is the safest SUV and it was the first to have “five stars in all categories.”

– If there was six stars’d Model X basically have it.

Tesla boss even made a comparison with Volvo XC60 – and said that their car was more than twice as safe side impact.

The wait can be long

Another section that received a lot of space was the category of “windows and doors”. And this is really the Model X in a class by itself.

Not only does the car have the very sensational “falcon wing doors” that open upward – so is the front doors automated.

These feel when the driver is in the car and then opens the door – and then close when the hen jumped in.

When it came to back doors that open upward so put much weight that they are superior konventionella- and sliding doors. Especially when it is narrower spaces.

Only a short part of the presentation was dedicated to specifications. These have already been communicated and Elon Musk was just doing a strike – acceleration.

– It goes so fast that it feels wrong, was his comment that the Model X accelerates 0-60 mph (96 km / h) 3.2 seconds if you have chosen to “Ludicrous Speed”.

The launch ended with Elon Musk gave the keys to the first bespoke cars – to thunderous applause from the audience. But for those who now feel the urge for a car is waiting long. If you place an order today – the car comes first “during the second half of 2016″.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tesla is the undisputed king of electric cars – why is Elon Musk succeeded where … –

In just over three years, Tesla Model S has fundamentally changed our view of electric cars. They are no longer boring bilsubstitut. They are fast, stylish – and the expensive. Now released SUV Model X that will allow Tesla to sit safely left on the throne.

But the company has no straightforward journey to the top. Tesla Motors was founded in the early 2000s and was long an outsider, a startup that attempted to launch an attractive electric vehicle in a country where the automobile industry’s heyday is over long ago – when Tesla was listed had no American car companies made it since the Ford, which was the year 1956 .

But Tesla Motors had a plan. In a blog post from 2006 describes the super entrepreneur Elon Musk, then chairman and now president, how their electric cars would take over the world.

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 Step one: develop a sports car.


 Resul Tate: lyxåket Roadster which was released in 2008. It had all the basic conditions for success – a top speed of 200 km / h, a range of close to 40 mil and could reach the 100-mark in less than four seconds. It was a sports car, which did not release any exhaust emissions.

Roadster was Tesla’s first car.

 Step two: take the money that sports car generated and build a cheaper car.


 Roadster in itself was not a sales success. When the model was retired in 2012 rolled just over 2,400 cars on the road. But investors had realized this, and Tesla got the money needed to work on.


 The little cheaper car was the Model S, and although it had some setbacks (burning batteries and a few negative reviews) became a success. Apart hugged online, out of stock in stores.


 Still, Tesla is far from being the first to embark upon the electric vehicle market, and far from the only one available to buy. One of the reasons that it is still the Model S as the most successful is the way it is designed on the mean Bertil Molden, CEO of industry organization Bil Sweden.

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 - Tesla has been so successful that they started with the battery and built the car around, unlike those who have tried to adapt batteries for existing cars. It has not worked well, and the scope have been then, he says.


This is 6P Nexus and Nexus 5X – Mobile

Have you seen any rumor or alleged leak about Google, LG and Huawei Nexus Phones recent weeks, so you know more or less all the details available to download from Google’s presentation earlier tonight. Nexus series usually surrounded by miserable right safety latches to keep secrets, but this year there have been almost ridiculous. In any case, here are the two new headphones Google unveiled.

Nexus 6P

Huawei stands for luxury sedan of the year’s Nexus kidding (for they are two of the years and not a previously). This is about the metal shell and a thickness of reasonably slim 7.3 millimeters with a 5.7 inch screen with 2560×1440 pixels of resolution.

On the back we find the Nexus imprint, which is googleianska for a fingerprint reader. The reader sits in the same place as it usually does for Huaweilurar, which is a clear marker of who actually made the phone. The front also boasts forward-facing stereo speakers and above the fingerprint reader, we find a camera 12.3 megapixel according to the presentation will be equipped with larger pixels than many other smartphones have today, including the iPhone (which almost seems to have been the motto for the telephone display, to breach Apple). The camera is also capable of filming in slow motion, 4k and taking photos in burst mode.

On the inside we find three gigabytes of RAM along with a Snapdragon 810 chip and three choices of the size of the storage space 32, 64 or 128 gigabytes (memory card slot is not found). Furthermore, we have a battery of 3450 milliamp hours and of course USB c for charging when the Android 6.0 supports it.

Of course, it is also Android 6.0 marshmallow that is preinstalled on delivery, and like other Nexus devices allows owners by phone reckon with the fastest updates.

When released in Sweden remains to be seen, but Americans have access to it in early October of 499, 549 and $ 649 for the various memory configurations.

Both the Nexus 6p Nexus 5X also have the option to add Google’s own insurance in two years, which, among other things, is to cover the usual hardware, but also the change of the display if you sumps phone on the slopes. The bit is on the loose at $ 89 and we’ll see how it goes with anything like this in Sweden.

Nexus 5X
After last year’s appearances by Motorola, LG back Nexus-stall again with Nexus 5X. Here it previously reported a little cheaper model with lower specifications. In practical terms, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chip and two gigabytes of RAM combined with a 5.2 inch screen with full HD resolution. While storage space is a bit more sparse, with choices of 16 or 32 gigabytes.

While this is about the new connector USB c charge and on the back we find a 12 megapixel camera with laser autofocus, during found Of course a fingerprint reader.

5X Nexus will go off at $ 379 for the cheapest version when it is released towards the end of October.


Android in the center when Google launches new mobile phones – Dagens Industri

When Google announces new hardware is mobile Android operating system in the spotlight. Two new handsets, two new Chromecasts products and a new tablet was unveiled at a press event in San Francisco.


(Di Digital / San Francisco) Google is not good at selling hardware. Yet it launched two new Nexus models during a press event on Tuesday evening – Nexus 5X in collaboration with LG and Nexus 6P with Huawei.

The two phones have similar functionality, but differ in size. 5X is the smaller 5.2 inch screen and 6P the larger 5.7 inch screen. It is larger than Apple’s latest mobile iPhone 6S, that is 4.7 inch, but on each side of Apple 6S Plus and 6P is as large as the market mobile manufacturer Samsung latest Note 5 and new S6 Edge +.

New Nexus

Mobile phones also get a fingerprint reader, Nexus imprint, at the back that can also be used for payment of Android Pay and Google Play Store.

Google has bet on a better and more light-sensitive camera with 12.3 megapixels, that is 0.3 more than in both the iPhone 6S, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +.

Nexus 6P comes with so called “USB Type-C” to the charge, a new reversible cable that charges gadgets faster.

Nexus phones will be sold in Google Play Store and on operators outside the United States. Nexus 5X start at $ 379, about SEK 3 200 for the 16GB and Nexus 6P for $ 499, about 4200 crowns. Which is significantly less expensive than iPhones 6S which costs from $ 649, about 5400 crowns.

But Google does not seem to be mainly looking to sell mobile phones, but show off the latest version of the mobile operating system Android in its pure form, which occupied most of the time on the evening’s events. Other phones with Android has been adapted by manufacturers.

Both handsets also work with Google Fi, Google’s new wifi projects that combine signals from multiple operators to get a better connection. A service that previously was available only on Google’s big phone Nexus 6.

The latest version of Android, Marshmallow, were displayed already on Google develop event I / O in June. It will be released next week, and includes updates that Doze, a battery-saving feature where the phone automatically goes into sleep mode, and better control over what data you share apps.

Marshmallow also has the “NOW on Tap “which allows users to view Google searches when the hen is in different apps.

Google also talked about his music service, Google Music, and launched a family plan for $ 14.99 (about 125 SEK) in month. But despite their own service, Google also announced a partnership with Spotify for the new version of Chromecast, which is used to stream the image from your phone to your TV.

Two new Chromecastprodukter goes on sale next week, a new version of the existing product for streaming and a new product for audio. Instead of a stand is the new Chromecast a small round device that has received an updated innehållsapp and support for photos. It is controlled by your phone, tablet or computer and moved in televisions or now also in the speakers.

 pixel C

Finally, Google gave a sneak preview of the new tablet Pixel C coming for Christmas. It can be seen as a response to Microsoft Surface and Apple’s new iPad Pro, and has a keyboard, you can purchase that attaches with a magnet.

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Are you interested in knowing what Google has changed in Nexus- phones over previous models? VentureBeat has summarized this.


Google run targeted ads to Gmail – Resume

The new service called Google’s Customer Match and presented at Ad Week in New York today. Google’s plan is to launch it in the coming weeks.

Customer Match will allow advertisers to upload a list of e-mail and match them to the logged-in users on Gmail, Search, and Youtube.

Sridhar Ramaswamy , head of advertising at Google, gave examples of how this can be done, writes TechCrunch.

“A travel company can load up the names of people in their Reward programs, which can then get receive ads from the tour company next time they are looking for a relevant term. These ads, or others alike, can then follow users when they visit YouTube, or check their email in Gmail ‘, said Ramaswamy to Ad Week.

Google will also allow advertisers have the opportunity to find a similar audience – authenticated users – who are not on the lists, but that match the profiles that are there and then are more likely interested in your products.


Clear: This will release new iPhone 6s in Sweden – Expressen

Iphone 6S has already broken sales.

Now Reveals Apple when the new iPhone goes on sale in Sweden, rap rotates MacWorld.

When the iPhone 6s went on sale last Friday a new sales . Only during the first three days sold 13 million copies, writes Apple in a press release.

The company also reveal when it plans to start selling iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Pulse in Sweden. On October 9 begins phones sold in Sweden and another 39 other countries.

At the turn of the models will be sold in 130 countries.


Monday, September 28, 2015

First delivery of the super modern Archer – New Technology


Today left the company BAE Systems Bofors of a copy of the truck-based Archer artillery system to FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, at a ceremony in Karlskoga.

It was the first piece in a series of 24 pieces.

– Then the two pieces that are delivered every month to the state, says Linda Bengtsson, deputy press officer at FMV. This means that all 24 ordered Swedish pieces will be delivered in about a year.

According to unconfirmed information to new technologies costing system Sweden a total of about 1.3 billion.

The system is basically a development of the Howitzer 77 – and is described as one of the world’s most advanced artillery pieces.

However, it has struggled with more years of delays. In the autumn two years ago left the BAE over the first four sample pieces to FMV. They later sent to the artillery regiment A9 in Boden tested and practiced with them during different seasons.

The Norwegian government jumped while autumn 2013 surprisingly by his order of 24 copies – and has not yet made any statements to Sweden on a joint negotiated solution.

After the FMV checked the new play, which is expected to take several months, they must be transported to the A9 in Boden where it eventually becomes possible to use operationally.

Linda Bengtsson points out that the system represents a major investment in the soldiers’ work.

– It is a very safe and secure system for soldiers. It both protects and saves lives.

The wheel system described could hit a target on the 4-mile distance within a radius of 10 meters, depending ammunition. If used together with the GPS controlled Excaliburgranaten be stated range of 5 mil. The truck can drive 70 km / h.

– There are also quick to regroup, says Linda Bengtsson.

BAE Systems CEO Lena Gillström said in his speech today that:

– Based on experience from FH77 system both in Sweden and internationally, Archer abilities developed to meet all the challenges of a modern artillery systems may face. Researchers automated systems means that it takes less than thirty seconds away from a eldgivningsorder received until the first shot can be fired, and less than thirty seconds and then re-start the movement.

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NASA held a press conference about Mars – Swedish Radio

There are most likely liquid water on Mars. The conclusion presented Nasa afternoon at a press conference. There are researchers in the US who say they have found the first clear evidence for traces of salt solutions on the surface of the planet recently been in contact with the water.

Several heavy names, each with at the press conference in the evening, including NASA’s director of planetary science, Jim Green, and the head of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, Michael Meyer.

But even doctoral student Lujendra Ojha and Alfred McEwen, Head of the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera onboard the super space probe March Reconnaisance Orbiter .

The latter two have long done research on water on Mars. Earlier, they determined that there were once large oceans on Mars, and it almost certainly is water on the planet today – in any form.

If it is confirmed that liquid water on the Martian surface would it is a historic step for space research, and would in turn bring a range of issues:

Where will the water come from? And what does it mean for the prospects for extraterrestrial life on Mars?

Ulrika Björkstén manage Vetenskapsradion and believe that this evening’s press conference can be exciting.

– There’s no one who has been up there and downloaded water, but it is still spectral analyzes. But it’s very exciting because water is considered a prerequisite for finding life, she says.

What does it mean if it is confirmed that there is liquid water on Mars? How much closer are we to detect extraterrestrial life on Mars?

When you still have to say that we are much closer simply because water is considered a condition. Then could it be that there is water, but there is life, but it’s hard to imagine life without water. But that’s what makes it so interesting. Anything that does not make the earth unique is interesting, because then increases the chances that must be life somewhere else, even if it is not on that March.


Ios 9 before the nightly system updates – Mobile

Mobile is the leading magazine and website in mobile communications.

The magazine and the Web site is intended for those who must buy new mobile gadgets or services and those who want to keep track of what is happening in the mobile world or working in the mobile industry.

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NASA has “big news” at the time – Sydsvenskan



NASA has “big news” at the time – Helsingborgs Dagblad



Robot queued for a new iPhone 6s – Swedish Dagbladet

In Sydney decided Lucy Kelly to set a robot (in the foreground) to queue up for her. Photo: Glenn Nicholls / AP

Cheers could be heard outside Apple stores in London, Paris and Vancouver when the doors opened for the sale of the first iPhone 6s and 6s plus this morning. In London, was the first man to get their hands on a new mobile model line since Monday afternoon. In Australia decided Lucy Kelly for a different move. She put a robot to queue up in her place.

The robot, a computer screen on a Segway-like machine, did the job, and simultaneously gave publicity worldwide for Lucy Kelly’s work, which also behind the robots.

– I can not spend two days with queuing so my boss suggested I take one of the robots and use it to queue up in my place, said Lucy Kelly to the media.

New features in the new models includes a touch screen with 3D-sensing technology that senses how hard the user presses on the screen, improved camera and video recording with higher resolution.

Apple predicts that the new phone will beat all previous sales records. Pre-orders have according to the company have been in line with those of its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which was launched in September last year and sold more than 10 million copies in three days.

But from the other holes l the tasks that the queues were much shorter this year than last year and Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest, told the Financial Times that the data including Google gives a different angle than the one from Apple.

– It looks like the demand for Iphone 6s is lower than it was for the iPhone 6, possibly considerably less.

Investors also have been concerned that sales will slow down in China after the country has shown signs of slowing down economically.

Selling iPhone 6s and 6s plus began on Friday in twelve countries worldwide, including Australia, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, China, New Zealand Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sweden, Germany and the United States.

It is uncertain when the phone will go on sale in Sweden, but according to the news agency Direkt, it may be the earliest of 2 October this year. Apple’s goal is that the new mobile models will be available in approximately 130 countries by year-end.