Saturday, February 4, 2017

Miljardsmällen for Facebook in the right – Expressen

Facebook has been on a tough economic blow.

the Company Zenimax believes that Facebook stole trade secrets when they bought vr company Oculus.

Now has the judgment come: the Total may now subsidiary and two of its founder fined several billion.

two years ago bought Facebook up Oculus, an american technology company with a focus on viruell reality. The bill? 19 billion. Which is the same amount as the datorspelsutvecklaren Zenimax demanded in damages from Facebook.

In the trial held in Dallas suspect Facebook have taken the information from the gaming company Zenimax when they developed their vr glasses Oculus Rift.

Mark Zuckerberg testified

When Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg testified in the trial, he denied that the technology would be stolen.

– the Idea of the Oculus technology would be based on some other technology is just wrong. There is no common code in all that we do, said Mark Zuckerberg during the interview, according to Reuters.

Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg testified during the trial in Dallas.Photo: Eric Risberg / AP, TT NEWS agency

the Man behind the vr-glasses named Palmer Luckey, but he also had the help of the game developer John Carmack, who started on the Oculus year 2013.

But before John Cormack came to the Oculus he worked at Id Software, owned just by Zenimax. In the trial, has Zenimax claimed that John Carmack shared trade secrets, which damaged the company.

Verdict: 4.3 billion

late on Thursday, Swedish time, came the judgment. There was no 19 billion for Zenimax, but still a proper economic bang for the Facebook: The federal court in Dallas to impose $ 500 million in damages – approximately 4.3 billion. Half of the damages to the Oculus stand for, while the two Oculus founders Palmer Luckey and Brandon Iribe shall stand for the rest.

Facebook’s subsidiary announces that they will appeal the ruling, according to AP.


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