Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CSGO-player to be banned in the (nearly) 1,000 years after the sexual harassment – NordicHardware

CSGO-player "bloominator" has been in the limelight after leaked chat logs with sexual harassment. Now shut down, he from the league ESEA – in 1 000 years.

It is CSGO player Reece "bloominator" Bloom (former member of team Exertus), which during the week was called into question on the CSGO community and of the e-sportsligan ESEA. The reason is that the chat logs containing conversation with sexual advances between the 25-year-old Bloom and a 15-year-old girl, with both images and text.

"there’s just something about being able to influence young minds"

After the conversation leaked online and caught the attention of the CSGO community has bloominator been suspended from the ESEA until June 6, 3016, that is to say 365 000 days or more (including leap year) just under 1 000 years.

Bloominator going to attack on the ESEA forums

Then the pictures on the conversation, found out on the internet so have Bloominator discussed on Reddit, Imgur, and the official forums for ESEA. In a thread on the ESEA forums so have Bloominator himself responded to a number of of the posts made. However, it is not a nice tone in what he says about the incident or what he says to the other forumanvändarna.

"calm down boys, hoes r hoes"

Bloom wrote to end an apology via his twitter account where he regretted what had happened and how he acted. However, his twitter account since been deleted, but his post is available to read via Twitlonger.

If Bloominators behavior will give few sanctions other than suspension from the ESEA is unclear.

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