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Rovio Stockholm: “We not only want to make Angry Birds” –

Oskar Burman, Rovio
Bird Lord. Oskar Burman, Studio Director of Rovio Stockholm, control over an expectant Angry Birds 2 teams: “People here are incredibly excited, but also nervous that something will go wrong”. Photo: Anders Wollner

The first impression of Angry Birds 2 is awaited: the same thing but more lavish. It’s still about to launch angry birds with a slingshot, to thus obtain rubble tumbling over unsuspecting pigs. The difference is in the details. In Angry Birds 2, you can select which bird you should start with, the physics is more complicated, and at the end of each world awaits a boss.

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At the same time friend in order to be somewhat surprised that it is precisely the Rovio Stockholm section behind Angry Birds 2. one hand, the title of the studio’s first global launch, and hit the studio manager Oskar Burman stated that he did not want to develop some hose bell-like titles when IDG met him in connection with the company opened its doors. Nearly three years later, the same person in front of a conference table with deployed Angry Birds merchandise and explains how Rovio Stockholm first built a prototype and then sold it as the next part of the Angry Birds series.

– Well, I said enough that we would not make Angry Birds. Or I said in any case that we would not only make Angry Birds. But when we built this prototype, we felt that this was what we wanted to do. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate their decision, says Oskar Burman.

Some fear that to come be a relief for the Finnish part of Rovio and only make Angry Birds titles has not Oskar Burman. Besides Angry Birds 2 working studio in the other games that are not tied to any previous brand. And it wants to continue.

– We have talked a lot about how we as a studio to do in the long term. This we are doing now is a living product that will be in several years. We will definitely like to entertain Angry Birds 2 until Christmas or for a year, but in the long run … I do not know. We might find an external team here in Stockholm who want to do the job instead. There, Rovio also been open before. For example, were the whole Angry Birds Season by an external team.


Angry Birds
sequel. Angry Birds 2 is the first Rovio title so far to get a second after the name.

This is the at any time not a small launch which is now waiting. Angry Birds was released for the first time in 2009 and has since grown into a giant brand that not only includes games but also amusement parks, stuffed animals and candy bags. At the same time resting Rovio’s success almost entirely in the clutches of the angry birds. For despite a lot of effort, the company has not produced any other title which even been near a similar success.

– It is a challenge we share with many mobile game developers. You get a megahit and it is difficult to reach that level again. Since it is possible of course to get the smaller games that hit, but all will always measure one against the best disc.

– The intention of our site is to continue to explore new things but we should not hide the fact that Angry Birds is going well. It would be foolish to put of it completely. But in the long run, it would of course nice to get a few more legs to stand on.

Will it be like Oskar Burman think will AngryBirds growth can not be halted – on the contrary. As the western world is slowly beginning to fade Rovio sees new markets opening up in developing countries. Just because the company has among other sat a Chinese special teams to ensure that Angry Birds 2 fits the Chinese market.

– We are that there is a strong growth in smartphones and tablets worldwide. In developing countries, it happens very much, for example, India is growing strongly right now. It also means that many start playing today. You and I will of course may remember Super Mario Bros. as our first game, but many today are growing up with Angry Birds and Minecraft and it is those titles they will remember when they’re 30, 40 years.

– For me Angry Birds is a fantastic family brand. I am fascinated when I go underground and see that a man in his 60s playing Angry Birds. It is so nice to see that prejudices never true.


Windows 10 will be able to stream PC games to the Xbox One – FZ

When we reported it to go to stream the xbox one game for Windows 10 there were many who did not really understand the point. “By looking at the VHS on a 4K TV” and “as to bring their sports car on the bus” was some of the comments that point to the fact that it flows from the smaller machine to the more powerful.

All the cheerful shouts it might be when we can now reveal that the reverse streaming is in development. Thus, the ability to stream Windows 10 games on the Xbox One. Xbox boss Phil Spencer told The Verge:

“We understand if you ‘re going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely So You Could Play Those games. In terms of where we want to go with our platform, Those are absolutely the scope of Things That we want to do. “

Spencer further explains that the challenge streaming from PC to Xbox located in the encoding and use the correct bandwidth. To stream from the Xbox One to Windows 10 is more predictable because the hardware is always the same in the console, while the reverse is more challenging with different PC configurations. Spencer points out, however, that “the challenge is great.”

We may not know a release date for the feature.


Google Translate receive support for Swedish – 99mac

The Google Translate are upgraded and now supports 27 different languages, including Swedish.

Last year, Google bought Word Lens, a popular app by mobile phone camera could translate the text on the billboards and other things. Not surprisingly, the goal was to integrate the functionality of Google’s own app Google Translate (the Swedish Google Translate).

So far, the direct translation has been limited to seven languages, but now the # Google updated the app and added 20 new languages, including Swedish. In addition to the new languages ​​will the app be faster than in the past on translating – especially crowing this voice mode, where Google Translate can hear the spoken phrases and translating.

Google Translate
Google, Inc.
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Swedish, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian , Japanese, Catalan, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese

Microsoft is about to sell the phone manufacturing? –

© crumble Messina Francesca

Microsoft is way to sell Microsoft Mobile, former Nokia phone manufacturing – which weigh on earnings for the software giant. The state sources.

It is KRWG News 22 that releases information about phone production can be sold after it failed to live up to Microsoft’s expectations. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is either Indian or Chinese Micromax Xiaomi who will become the buyer. Both these brands are strong in their home market. Xiaomi has started exporting and Micromax are thinking the same.

KRWG News 22 indicates that the bidding has started.



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Therefore, the Windows 10 launch break the internet. –

Windows 10
Daily Press on the distress signal? Windows 10 is expected to beat the traffic records.

Dan Rayburn writes on the blog Streaming Media that we can expect substantial performance problems on the Internet during the week, when Microsoft today launches Windows 10. In the blog post, he talks about information that Microsoft has reserved a capacity of 40 Tb / s from third-party vendors to get the new Windows version. Add the expected modest capacity that Microsoft will contribute itself. The total capacity is comparable to Apple launches taking eight Tb / s in use most.

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The great need of course, depends on a combination of the software to be downloaded three GB and that a large number of users is expected to upgrade.

Given information that abound about the upgrade already been started maybe there will be trouble soon .

Concretely, the expected onslaught of upgrading eager led to extremely slow downloads. Dan Rayburn speculates that it may take several days to download Windows 10. It may also be the problem for users of other services on the web.

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It remains to be to see if this is the case. But given that Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 in several waves, there is a risk of performance problems for a long time.

– To upgrade to happen in several phases might help, but the overall purpose is so great. You can not just duplicate the network, says Dan Rayburn of IDG News.

Akamai, which is believed to be the largest supplier of network capabilities to Microsoft does not comment on individual customers . But James Dement is service manager at Akamai acknowledges that there may be problems:

– If any are not delivered or configured correctly, it can crash there continental Internet.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 also at the firm? Here are the advantages and disadvantages. –

Windows 10
Should also corporate fix Windows 10? You have to keep an eye on the pros and cons.

After the disaster with the Windows 8, not least among business customers, is truly decisive moment commented Microsoft. The launch of Windows 10 can not go wrong if Microsoft will succeed in realizing his vision of a unified user experience across different types of devices, writes IDG News.

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And Microsoft effort really to succeed. One example is that you have swallowed pride and restored the Start menu, which will surely be well received by many end users. With new security and management tools buttering it for IT departments.

The big question is of course if Microsoft will achieve the goal to get Windows 10 to a billion units within two to three years. To succeed, it is a must that the launch of the Business Edition Windows 10 Enterprise will happen on August 1 will be successful.

Here are three reasons to upgrade Windows 10 for business clients and for three reasons against.


To: Windows 10 not Windows 8

Apart from the end-user perspective, try Microsoft to correct several of the problems with Windows 8. Most obvious is the user interface, Microsoft has taken inspiration from the popular Windows 7. The Most users feel most at home in the traditional desktop.

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Fullskärmsapparna from Windows 8 forced upon users regardless of whether they use computers or tablets are gone. Now there are apps on the Windows Store resizable. And so is the Start Button back for real. Add a new web browser, Edge, which seems to promise good.

This is the may not be reason enough to upgrade itself. But it is positive for the IT department of the users’ satisfaction.


For: Enhanced security and management

Here are the biggest news for business. One example is identity management a la Active Directory using Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. That means less need for multiple passwords for users who move between desks accounts and cloud services.

There will be may be easier to manage mobile devices, for example in terms of virtual private networks, and to remote wipe mobile devices on the data. Count additionally with more news to come in terms of safety.


To: New managing updates

Perhaps the biggest change for business customers, in addition to new functionality, the way Windows 10 will be upgraded. It is assumed that Windows 10 will be the last big new version and that Microsoft will in future release news continuously. It is something that Microsoft, rather misleading, refers to as Windows-as-a-service.

This change is simply an adaptation to the modern market, as users expects that an operating system is a part of the device they are using. Microsoft is the only vendor today who try to make money directly on an operating system for client devices. It intends to continue with the business market, by the Enterprise and Software Assurance agreement for support. It remains to be seen how this strategy succeed.

Microsoft says Companies will be able to choose between hanging on the rapid upgrading rate that will apply to consumers or lock their installations so that only security fixes installed. The first option allows businesses to happen on the latest technology trends. The second option will reduce the chance that there will be compatibility problems for the applications used.


Against: Always difficult and expensive to upgrade

Microsoft efforts to simplify the upgrade to Windows 10, for example by ensuring that the new version works on older hardware. But the fact remains, it is always painful and costly to upgrade an operating system, especially in an enterprise. Even if a new version of itself is free, it becomes expensive.

According to Forrester Research , the average cost of upgrading from Windows XP, 1000 dollars, about 8600 SEK . One can assume that it is cheaper to upgrade to Windows 10, but it is still a considerable investment. Not least to ensure compatibility for applications and to implement the update costs. Add to that any training costs. Even if the ambition is that users will recognize there are differences from earlier versions.

The hope of a relatively simple upgrade is partly due to Microsoft invested heavily to ensure compatibility for applications running on Windows 7, but compatibility must be examined and guaranteed. It may for example be a problem for applications that rely on older versions of Internet Explorer browser.


Against New decisions have to be taken

One question is whether to upgrade to Windows 10 over all. Since Windows 7 was launched, it is clear that Microsoft is not alone rules the roost anymore. Apple eating into among discerning users and Chromebook computers are becoming an increasingly stronger inexpensive option, for example in the education market. But even for companies that rely on cloud services largely looks the cheap Chromebook computers attractive.

Although Microsoft has a strong position, thanks not least to the Office, so learn many look for alternatives. And it is when a major upgrade is imminent as the risk increases for Microsoft to customers drop out of train windows.


Against Windows 7 is after all not so bad

It may be the worst threat to Windows 10, Windows 7 has worked well. Another point is that Windows 10 does not seriously address the problems that exist with Windows 7, even if the security situation to improve.

It is time to consider a upgrade to Windows 10, but not how much anywhere. Support for Windows 7 is repealed January 14 2020. It may seem far, but an upgrade on a business may very well take over a year.


New memory 1000 times faster than flash –

New Memory
A thousand times faster than flash? At least if we are to believe Intel and Micron.

Intel and Micron argue that together they created the first new type of memory then flash-type NAND introduced 1989. The new type called 3D Xpoint is a nonvolatile memory that according to both companies are up to a thousand times faster than flash memory type NAND. 3D Xpoint presented yesterday in San Francisco.

The new memory type is meant to be a complement to both the DRAM (RAM) and flash memory. It should be between the two types in terms of both performance and price. Compared with the dram has a ten times higher density, it thus requires significantly less space to handle a certain amount of data. In addition, 3D Xpoint have a thousand times longer than the flash memory.

Among the applications where processors in computers can take advantage of very rapid access to stored data include big data and all types of data analysis, but also high end games.

Intel and Micron has worked intensively to create 3D Xpoint since 2012, but scientists at the two companies have been running the project for at least ten years. Technically, it is a construction without transistors. Instead, the voltage of the material itself that the memory circuits are constructed, so that different data can be represented. The actual design resembles a three-dimensional chessboard of memory cells that are connected by metal wires.

No information about when products based on the 3D Xpoint is expected to hit the market . If the technique turns out, this might mean rethinking the basic architectures of operating systems and applications. If 3D Xpoint can replace the frame in performance may, in some cases there is no reason to divide up the architecture of working memory (RAM) and permanent storage (flash and traditional hard drives).

This should mean performance advantages of not having to shovel the data between the two types, which is one of the basic ideas behind the memory databases that SAP’s Hana, except that it is a fast memory in itself.


6 things that make Windows 10 better than Windows 8 –

Windows versus

So far, see this week’s launch of Windows 10 up to be successful. This is partly due to the new version looks good in comparison with the rather unsuccessful predecessor Windows 8. Here we present IDG News six reasons that Windows 10 is a better operating system than Windows 8th

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1st The Start menu is back

Start Menu in Windows 10 is not exactly the same as in older versions, but more a mix of the Start Menu in Windows 7 The Windows 8. However, it is the Start Menu back.

second Windows Store apps are similar to traditional software

One of the plagues with Windows is that the apps available on the Windows Store is a pain for users of regular computers, because they are fully adapted for tablet devices. To start with covering the entire screen, but use most often not all the space they appropriated in a good way. On Windows 10 running apps in regular, adjustable windows and there is regular menu commands.

3rd Better integration with the new user interface

The new användargränssnitet, often called Metro and Modern, from Windows 8 is better integrated in Windows 10. In Windows 8, often feels the new user interface and the classic desktop as two competing environments. An example of this is when the user brutally thrown from the desktop to a fullskärmsapp of the new school. In Windows 10, they live both models together better.

4th Right user interface for each device

With Windows 8, Microsoft tried to introduce an appearance for all the different units. With Windows 10 adapts the look better for the type of device used. On a mobile or a tablet user finds such a screen that looks much like The Windows 8. With Windows 10, a computer, a computer and a tablet may be a tablet. And thanks to the new universalapparna a Windows Mobile work decently as a computer with an external monitor.

5th Virtual Desktop

In Windows 8 handled the desktop as a regular app. In Windows 10, you can have multiple desktops, which has long been appreciated on Linux and Mac OS X. In Windows 10, you can have as many virtual desktops as the hardware allows and it is easy to manage them. For example, you have a desk for social media, one for office applications, one for games, and so on.

6th Smarter login

Windows 8 handles common solutions for logging, such as PIN codes and passwords. Windows 10 takes a step further with support for step authentication and biometric authentication. It is possible for example to use cameras for seamless login.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Microsoft will charge for Harp – Dagens Industri

Updated 2015-07-28 15:09. Published 2015-07-28 14:23

But there are a catch. The game is lousy with advertising that you need to pay a monthly fee to avoid.

Solitaire has followed Windows since version 3.0 which was released in 1990. It was created by a trainee who is not received a single dollar for it. Because he was just an intern, writes IDG News.


Microsoft will charge for Harp – Dagens Industri

Updated 2015-07-28 15:09. Published 2015-07-28 14:23

But there are a catch. The game is lousy with advertising that you need to pay a monthly fee to avoid.

Solitaire has followed Windows since version 3.0 which was released in 1990. It was created by a trainee who is not received a single dollar for it. Because he was just an intern, writes IDG News.


Samsung invites to the event in August – 99mac

Samsung invites to a new Unpacked event in which the Korean giant can show up new Galaxy phones for the fall.

Apple Koreanske rival # Samsung has announced a new Galaxy Unpacked event which will take place on August 13th. The last Unpacked event happened during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​and then unveiled the Samsung new phones to Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the mobile payment system Samsung Pay.

A new major version of the Galaxy S6 Edge can be shown in August.

Samsung does not disclose what they are going to show up this time, but the invitation is decorated with curved bar-like graphics that preceded the Galaxy S6 Edge that has a curved screen. It may therefore involve a larger model called Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, as the previous month rumored. Leaked photos allegedly imagine a store dummy of such a phone has been published by All About Samsung [Google-translated from German]. Another phone which is said to be going on is a sequel to the Galaxy Note fourth

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 takes place in Lincoln Center in New York, and will be live streamed on YouTube. Apple for its part is expected as in previous years to launch new iPhone models in September.


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Google invests in lyxresesajt – Dagens Industri

Updated 2015-07-27 15:33. Published 2015-07-27 15:22

Secret Escapes has since its inception in 2011 received more than 19 million members, of which almost 1, 5 million in the Nordic region. The company, which offers members exclusive of hotel stays and trips, operates in 13 countries.


Sleep can make us remember things we forgot – Swedish Radio

Previously, scientists have known that we remember things better if we sleep well. But now new research shows that sleep can make us remember things we have forgotten.

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John Axelsson is a sleep researcher at the Karolinska Institute.
– Now, research shows that it’s not just so that sleep helps us to stabilize the memories, but they also give us access to the memories we knew that we had from the beginning, he says.

Positive for many
There are researchers in England have found out this. They noticed that several people who had been learning different words, and could not remember them, often came to the words after they got to sleep.

This is positive for many says sleep researcher John Axelsson.
– This is an important issue for basic research into how memory works and how we learn things. But even if one is to help people who have memory problems, says John Axelsson.


China opens the boundaries of gaming consoles – Swedish Radio

The country concludes a 15-year old ban on domestic sales of foreign gaming consoles. But experts are skeptical as to whether this will lead to a revival of the console manufacturers in the Chinese market.

In 2000 the Chinese authorities to ban base units for video games that were produced by foreign companies. The reason? It was felt that the 3D worlds created in the game could have detrimental effect on children.

lifted the ban in stages

But in January 2014 lifted Culture Ministry ban and allowed consoles to be sold from Shanghai under the premise that it applied for permission. In conjunction with a new trade agreement between the EU, China and the US will console sales, and also the production, now further opened. Now then can there be legal to buy a xbox one or Playstation 4 in several major cities around the country.

Although the rules are not as harsh as before, still applies China’s strict rules regarding appropriate content for the games . Something that does not need to prevent producers. It has been repeatedly reported that the US film company agreed to censor in order to show their films in China.

Uncertain how lucrative it will be

The reviews are now divided over whether the Chinese market will be a cash cow for gaming giants Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

The ban, when it was still in force, leading to China’s gaming for mobiles and computers grew huge. While those who wanted to play console games then turned to the black market. The question now is whether Chinese consumers who do not already play on their televisions are willing to change their gambling habits.

– The Chinese gaming market has been marked by piracy, and it makes it difficult to launch game where . One should probably not hope for too much, says Per Strömbäck, spokesperson of the Games Industry, in an interview with Computer Sweden .