Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Razer buy the phone manufacturer Nextbit – 99mac

Razer buy the phone manufacturer Nextbit, which ends up selling his molnanslutna cell phone Robin, but promising future products.

a year ago brought the phone manufacturer #Nextbit some attention with their phone Robin, which offered automatic uploading to the cloud. The system automatically move files from the local storage of 32 gigabytes to the cloud and back again if necessary.

Now announces Nextbit that they have been acquired by tillbehörstillverkaren #Razer for an undisclosed sum. The purchase means that the Robin-the phone stops to be sold, but the company promises support for existing phones in six months. What then will happen to the cloud storage is unclear.

It is not the first time Razer open the wallet. Last year was bought THX, who developed the signature sound and image with the same name. 2015 bought Razer also up Ouya, which made a game console with Android operating system. The hardware was shut down, but the Razer acquired the software.

the gaming Console Ouya was bought by Razer, and was shut down.

Nextbit say they will continue their activities as a stand-alone division within the Razer, with a focus on “unique mobile phone design and experiences”.


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