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Swedish research on animal free trial – Västerbotten Courier

New testing methods may mean that experiments on animals can be drastically reduced in the future. In a laboratory in Borås ongoing research to find new animal-free methods of analysis.

– The aim is to replace animal testing, while we hope to find methods that make it easier to predict chemicals impact on people, says Emma Pedersen, a researcher at the Swedish Technical Research Institute (SP).

SP is one of three European laboratories involved in an EU project with the aim to evaluate new animal-free methods of analysis. In so-called in vitro assays tested chemicals in a laboratory environment on a human cell rather than on animals.

– One of the errors using animal testing is that it is often poor correlation to how it works in humans. Now we test this new approach both forwards and backwards in different endocrine-disrupting chemicals to see how human cells react, says Emma Pedersen.

SP as well as two research laboratories in France and England been commissioned by the EU-controlled ECVAM, which is working to develop alternative testing methods. Boras Laboratory has just launched the validation work of the new method and expects to complete its part of the project in mid-2016.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Stop for foreign gaming companies in iphone – Swedish Radio

The Gaming Board has put an end to the game on foreign gaming companies in a new way. This applies to games via apps on mobile phones from Apple, among other things, poker and casino.

The Gaming Board has been printed on that authority, but have also discovered that Apple’s own rules prevents this kind of apps.

– It is Apple itself that has that kind of terms and conditions with regard to restrict access to games that are not licensed in Sweden, says the Gaming Board Communications Joakim Rönngren.

Gaming Board, which has the task of monitoring the Swedish gaming market, have managed to get Apple to voluntarily withdraw a total of 45 apps from the App store. These are thus no longer to download for Swedish consumers.

It’s game on foreign companies such as poker and casino. In Sweden, with few exceptions, only Swedish game and ATG trot and canter, which may engage in games. But through the internet, it is permissible for Swedes to play on foreign companies because EU rules make it possible.

Gaming Board has therefore very limited opportunities to access foreign companies activities through the example apps. But in this case when it comes to Apple shared Lotteriinspektionen up activity in two steps.

First, a letter was written on January 16 where the inspection said that an investigation has been launched on the occasion of a possible violation of the Swedish Lottery Act. Since quote inspection Apple’s own rules that also says no to apps from gaming companies that do not have a license in Sweden. This then get Apple to remove the 45 apps.

MEP and Conservative Christoffer Fjellner think that the Gaming Board abused its position especially as more and more demands now that the Swedish gaming market will deregulated and opened to foreign gaming companies.

– I think Lottery-Inspectorate should recognize their mistakes and try to repair the damage you have done. But then should the Government take the Gaming Board in the ear and explain that in the current situation so we plan to reform and abolish monopoly in Sweden and then you should not keep on chasing private operators, for it is not actually the ones that are the problem right now, says Christoffer Fjellner.


Swedish Ericsson line Apple – 99mac

Apple and Swedish Ericsson disagree, so that Ericsson is now introducing several lawsuits and asks for ban on sale including iPhone in the US.

Stockholm-based Ericsson has gone from selling mobile phones to become the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment for building networks for mobile communications. The company also holds several patents that Apple have previously paid royalties to use. When the contract expired in January, the parties could not agree on a new contract and sued each other.

Now put Ericsson new pressure on Apple and submit seven lawsuits in an American court and ask the US International Trade Commission to stop the sale of Apple products in the country, reports Bloomberg.

“We have offered them a license; they have declined. We are not a company that is planning to take out more than the value we can supplying said Kasim Alfalahi, director of intellectual property at Ericsson. “

Whole says Ericsson that Apple is infringing on 41 Pantent in basic ways that mobile devices are communicating and related technologies as the user interface, power management features and operating systems.

Apple has previously said that the price of today’s electronics are driven by things like design, operating system and touchscreen functions that are unique to each product and believes that Ericsson tries to exploit their patents that apply basic techniques to remove the value from Apple’s innovations.


SP research to replace animal tests – Swedish Radio

To avoid using animal testing works Emma Eriksson at SP in Borås to find better testing methods. Good for the animals, but perhaps also better for the man.

– It is very exciting that we can join in and contribute to it are developed animal-free test methods eliminates the need to do animal testing, says Emma Eriksson, who works at Sweden’s only lab approved by the EU to evaluate new animal-free methods of analysis.

Every year countless animals in experiments around the country in the name of research. At the Swedish SP Technical Research Institute, is one part of a project that, along with three other labs in Europe are working to validate cell-based approaches.

The lab meets the requirements set by the EU for it to be part one of the labs that may be involved and make so-called in-vitro tests, ie to test chemicals in a lab on a cell instead of an animal.

For a methodology being tested will be able to replace a method using animal testing is required to be tested inside and out and it is here that is happening right now in the lab.

– There is a method to identify endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Now we will begin producing data in the lab and in the best case proves the method as well so that you can start using it, she says,

– It’s surely a three to four years before the method we validates can be absorbed and incorporated into a framework. But one has to start somewhere.

According to Emma Eriksson, not only for ethical reasons as research wins on whether you can get rid of animal testing.

– Just because you measured one thing in an animal so do not need mean that the effect is the same in humans. So not only is there room to avoid animal testing, but also to develop better testing methods that can predict the effect on humans better.


The open and free Internet just won a great victory in the US –

At the beginning on February was given a hint about how it would end, when Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commisson wrote an article in Wired in which he gave his views on why net neutrality is important and that it is a matter of concern.

The debate on whether or how operators would be allowed to prioritize traffic on their networks, according to him going on for over ten years. And the FCC has received nearly four million comments on the subject. And late last night Swedish time came the long-awaited and much-debated decision.

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 Tom Wheeler FCC
Tom Wheeler, FCC, take a position on net neutrality, photo: the US Federal Government.

– the action we is taking today is an undeniable reflection of the principle that no one, neither the government or companies, to check the free and open internet access, said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

The decision was voted by with three votes against two, and means that the network will remain neutral, that operators can not ban certain sites or apps, they can not adjust speeds for different services and that it will not be introduced some “overtaking files” where you can pay more to get faster connection at the expense of others.

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– We are here because we want to give those with deep pockets and those with empty pockets the same opportunities to succeed, said Commissioner Mignon Clyburn who participated in the decision.

The rules apply to wireless networks as well as networks of cable. It means for example that telecom operators will not be able to prevent access to Skype. The rules apply to the consumer part of the network, and several companies that depend on that people have good connectivity, such as Netflix, has pushed tough campaigns against the proposal. But the decision will almost certainly be appealed by Internet companies. The fight for the free and open Internet is not over in the US.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Therefore, it could bat out of hell for Samsung’s Smart TV –

The information has been rather vague from Samsung’s side. Faults that affected some of their smart TV models and that the case had the highest priority. On various forums and in social media was submitted questions when everything worked again and why it överhuvudataget did not work out, unanswered.

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Samsung TV

Until now: The reason was an error in matching between the country code and the relevant server.

“On February 24 , we conducted a regular update of SmartHub server. During this process, we received reports that some of our customers, in some countries , ran into problems with hooking up the smart television to the server, “writes Samsung in an email to

Bug Reports have come from well Sweden, the Netherlands and the comments in various forums is from Russians, Americans and Englishmen. Now, however, the error being corrected.

– If you users experiencing problems, they are of course welcome to contact our support. One should 1) Turn on the TV 2) Click the Smart Hub 3) the TV automatically updated. The TV must of course be connected to the Internet, says Eric Juhlin, press contact at Samsung Sweden.


YouTube billion viewers is no winning business – not for Google anyway –

In recent years, Youtube has grown explosively, changed our television viewing and opened the door for new paths to success. Every month, over one billion users site.

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 Despite this, the site generates no profit. Last year had sales Youtube about 4 billion dollars, which is an increase from the previous year by about a billion. Major advertisers spent more money. But while YouTube accounted for about six percent of Google’s total sales, they contributed not to the result, writes the Wall Street Journal that talked to people familiar with the company’s finances. After expenses of content and equipment it all goes barely even.

Screenshot youtube
Very content, but little jingle
 Why does it look like this? One of the reasons is that people see YouTube as a kind of storage for videos, as they look through links or embedded on other sites. At the same time, it is a phenomenon belonging to the younger generations get over 20 Something aware of the big stars who PewDiePie.
 Managers at Google seems to think that Youtube will be used as a television. In the same way that one out of habit turn on apparten in the living room should you go into the video site and choosing between different “channels”. It has not really become so in reality.
 Another problem that prevents money from falling into the owners’ pockets are Facebook and Twitter. Previously, they sent traffic to Youtube. But now they build their own video services.

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 It’s not so developers and sellers on Youtube sit on the sidelines and watching. Some things, like the ability to skip ads were popular among both advertisers and viewers. The increased revenue. Another well-tested, albeit not always appreciated, trick is play clips automatically. Something like Youtube are expected to join in soon.

But the attempts to make to the side that people regularly return to’ve not succeeded equally well. They have tested more TV-like channels, they have adapted algorithms to encourage more frequent visits. But without much success.
 Clearly they have little to work with. It is not enough to be greatest for making money.


Lotteriinspektionen get Apple to remove apps – Business World

Today’s industry reports that the Gaming Board has received Apple to remove gaming apps from at least 12 bookmakers from its Swedish business.

Visitors at the Apple store in New York.

     Visitors at the Apple store in New York. Photo: AP Photo / Julie Jacobson, file / TT

The reason is said to be that they violated Apple’s terms of use because they are not licensed in Sweden.

According to a nätartikel on Wednesday night.

Gaming Board shall, in mid-January have sent an email to Apple headquarters, where the Authority believes that the current gaming companies may violate Apple’s own rules.

Attached in the email to be a list of 40 apps from 12 bookmakers are, among others bet365 and Unibet.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Apple stops bookmakers – Västerbotten Courier

Apple has blocked a number of apps from bookmakers in the company’s Swedish App store. All, there are about 40 apps from twelve foreign gaming companies, such as Bet365 and Unibet.

The Gaming Board who insisted on and got Apple to withdraw the apps, reports Dagens Industri and Swedish Radio.

The Agency sent a letter to Apple in January which, among other things, was that the companies may violate the IT giant’s own rules because they do not have permits in Sweden.


New emojis come from all over the world – Samtiden

Apple launches new emojis in connection with the updating of OS X. In the New Deal are some figures in five different skin tones and emojis illustrating same-sex couples.

In the past the operating system has figures have been limited. The majority of the figures may be said to have represented the Western world, except a man dressed in Papakha, a brunhyad man in a turban and a man with narrow, slanting eyes and a Chinese hat on his head.

But now it will change all that. In OS X, 10.10.3 beta 2 and iOS 8.3 beta 2 is available figures with five different skin tones, writes The Guardian. Total launched 300 new Emoji characters.

An example of the new Emoji set is such that beckoning the girl and thumbs up are available in various hudkulörer. Apple also launching Emoji figures illustrating same-sex couples.


Apple emojis get skin colors and same-sex couples – Göteborgs-Posten

Apple is launching a long-awaited update of its emojis. They seem to have become aware that there is a whole world out there.

Hold down your finger on a character to bring up five different skin tones. All figures are human should have the option to change the color, and even the plot.

Overall, it shall be 300 new emojis in the new updates iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 states the Guardian.

More changes that same-sex couples and families with two moms or two dads will also be felt in the new update.

It has long complained of the lack of diversity among the figures. In addition to several skin tones will be a few other small changes, so that more flags or a new watch.

Despite his attempts to accommodate the voices that have been calling for multi-colored emojis Apple has now new problems to consider. It is the yellow color of the figures as some assert that it is reminiscent of jaundice and creates a caricature.

After the updates to come is not yet known.


New pebble-clock smashed the old Kickstarter-records – it can be a … –


It took 49 minutes to pull in one million US dollars – two hours less than the previous record holder, Reaper Miniature Bones. And it took three hours to reach four million – two and a half days faster than Ouya Board games console, which previously made it the fastest.

– The obviously the fastest-funded project in Kick Starters history, says David Gallagher, Head of Communications at Kickstarter, Entrepreneur.

Pebbles new smart clock with color display called Time and delivered in May The company put $ 500 000 as the target of his Kickstarter campaign. At this writing, on Tuesday morning, they collected $ 7.8 million.

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When the pebble dropped his first watch was the genuine startups which almost certainly was totally dependent on the money the first Kickstarter campaign sent. But now they are a major player in the smart watch market and could attract investors simply by waving a klockbeklädd arm.

So why persist with Kickstarter?

The answer is maybe interview with Kick Starters CEO Yancey Strickler.

– Pebble Time Project shows that the real power and utility of our platform is not money. It is in the Community and distribution, he says to Back Channel.

For although money is available elsewhere for a company with a tailwind will give Kickstarter a chance to market the product even before it exists, to create a talking point and a sense of community with the company. A feeling of creating something new together – if the campaign is successful.

“There is a reason why Kickstarter is often given credit for having created the hardware revolution . Unlike many traditional technology investors so the public has been more willing to back risky hårdvaruprpjekt as Pebble and the Oculus Rift, “writes Eric Migicovsky in Wired.

The question is what happens when already successful business takes to Kickstarter as a base for viral marketing. Will they fold like a blanket over the future of budding entrepreneurs who just has a really good idea?


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Arms exports go roller coaster – New Technology


In 2013 amounted Swedish military equipment exports to 11, 9 billion. But last year, in 2014 it dropped to 8 billion.

– This is actually several large Swedish final deliveries took place in 2014, says Christer Ahlström, Director General of the ISP, the ISP.

The five countries like Sweden exported most of the year were the United States ( 1.4 billion), Norway (1, 3 billion), Thailand (532 million), United Kingdom (527 million) and India (468 million SEK).

Större part of the Swedish arms exports to the Middle East went to Saudi Arabia (338 million). Also to the United Arab Emirates were sold munitions (41 million). Minor deliveries also occurred to Bahrain, Omar and Qatar.

In the case of North Africa were only deliveries of naval command and masking systems to Algeria for 192 million.

The value of arms exports in recent years has gone roller coaster up and down. In 2015 it may increase again.

On the ISP sit namely in spring and examines Saab’s agreement with Brazil on the export of the Gripen fighter aircraft in 36 copies. The total value of sales is equivalent to 39 billion. The land, however, the export statistics broken down by several years. But already in 2015, part of the deal will affect the value of the Swedish arms exports:

– I would be very surprised if the value of Swedish exports rose again in 2015, says Christer Ahlström with clear reference to Brazil transaction.

He also notes that although the total order value fell last year, so do not reduce the number of export applications ISP accordingly.

In our’ll also parliamentary military equipment Revision Committee, biscuits, hand over its report on exports of Swedish weapons to dictators and undemocratic regimes should be tightened. It will be released on April 15th.

– However it may take some time before we have a new law to work with, perhaps nearly one year, says Christer Ahlström, the ISP.

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SVT chief: Viewers pay when mobile operators taking over television frequencies –

Hanna Stjärne
Hanna Stjärne is critical of the new conversion that may be costly for television viewers. Photo: Karin Lindström

Last year, the then government to the 700 MHz band should be made available for services other than digital terrestrial television. This means that it opens for mobile telephony and the idea is that mobile coverage across the country will get better. Already two years, in 2017, the change to be completed on schedule.

But the new SVT-manager Hanna Stjärne is critical to the rapid transition which, according to estimates costs SVT SEK 300 million over four years for technical changes and other things.

– We must of course continue to deliver the same services but will increase significantly. If no new decisions taken will be the television fee payers footing the bill in the form of a poorer choice and I think they should be compensated for it, she says.

– There are , which takes full responsibility and ties together the threads of the political decisions taken issue just bandied around.

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Just the tight schedule so costs are rushing even more in height.

– It had been easier if we had more time on us, says Hanna Stjärne.
 And it is not just a cost of SVT she points out, there are also those who need to replace their televisions.

– About three million of the eleven million television sets that exist in Sweden are affected by the change, it will be a big change for many of the viewers.

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How will the transition go to is a question that lies at the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, with two behalf of the government. One concerns how the 700 MHz band to be used to increase the coverage and the second involves planning the spectrum for terrestrial television after the band goes over March 31, 2017.


Swedish model dark matter on the tracks – Västerbotten Courier

The elusive Higgs particle could be the key to the universe known as dark matter. A partially Swedish model is now being tested in the CERN particle accelerator.

– It is a dream for us theorist, says Chalmers University researcher Christopher Petersson.

The Higgs particle caused a great stir when it eventually discovered in particle physics laboratory, CERN, outside Geneva in 2012, almost 50 years after it was predicted first time. But the little elementary particle are nonetheless not quite everything. Among other things, so-called dark matter right now not fit in the puzzle.

The hope Christoffer Petersson, researchers at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and the Université Libre in Brussels, and his colleagues could change with its particle model.

– We have produced a more complete model that includes dark matter particles. Since it is also a fun feature of our model is that the Higgs particle in the can decay into dark matter particles, says Petersson.

Two research teams at Cern have already been searching for the Higgs particle new theoretical properties. But since just about every hundredth Higgs particle according to the model decomposes to just dark matter needed more data.

– If the model is correct would be the first direct evidence of particles beyond the standard model. But it can probably take some years before any data is collected, says Petersson.