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Xbox Live’s founder leaves Microsoft – Gamereactor Sweden

Boyd Multerer, perhaps best known as the man who led the development of Xbox Live, today announced on Twitter that he was leaving Microsoft after 17 years of employment.

“Goodbye Microsoft. It was a good run . The Xbox was Great! Time to do something new, “ writes Multerer in his tweet.

Multerer has worked at Microsoft since 1997 and over the years has been one of the leading figures behind the Xbox and its development. The title he now leaves behind Microsoft’s “Director of Development” just for the Xbox. In addition to this latest title is also an extensive resume of years at Microsoft.

In 2000, Multerer with and worked out the online functionality of the
original Xbox console, then known as the Xbox Online. Later he was the one who put together the development team that created Xbox Live, and also led the entire development of the online service. He himself said that he was the first person with an Xbox Live account.

In recent years he has also worked as a product manager for XNA code language, which is the programming language used for the Xbox, and worked for To make it more accessible to indie developers.

Multerer was also involved in the development of the Xbox One and was co-presented the parts of the console’s functionality at its unveiling last year.

Multerer is the latest in a series of high-profile employees who have left the Xbox in the last 18 months. Among the other names are Mark Whitten, Xbox’s former Vice-President, and Don Matrick former head of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business.

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Apple before the withdrawal of music and books – Daily

If you are unhappy with your latest e-bokssköp from Apple, you can now get your money back. The company has introduced a 14 days right to digital music, e-books and apps, according to Cnet. The digital right of withdrawal applies to customers resident in EU countries, and is a result of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive from last summer.

Apple has not commented or announced the change, the new rules for iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store detected of the German technology site ifun when Apple’s Terms of Use updated on December 16.

While Google has introduced a 14 days right in newly subscriptions to their music service, Google Play Music, according to Cnet.


Apple before the withdrawal of music and books – Västerbotten Folkblad

If you are unhappy with your latest e-bokssköp from Apple, you can now get your money back. The company has introduced a 14 days right to digital music, e-books and apps, according to Cnet. The digital right of withdrawal applies to customers resident in EU countries, and is a result of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive from last summer.

Apple has not commented or announced the change, the new rules for iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store detected of the German technology site ifun when Apple’s Terms of Use updated on December 16.

While Google has introduced a 14 days right in newly subscriptions to their music service, Google Play Music, according to Cnet.


Apple products in top – Dagens Industri


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Young people want to be offline on a mountain trek – Swedish Radio

Young Test hikers and sent for hiking in summer to find out how the Swedish Tourist Association will lure more young. The result was unexpected.

Swedish Tourist Association, STF, wanted to find out what needs changed in the mountains to attract more young people to wander. This is because an investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the trails in the mountains need to be refurbished over 100 million.

Therefore, sent 278 young test pilots out to the mountains this summer in a survey P3 News then reported on. Wanderers came from different parts of Sweden. Some had walked before, while others had never been in the mountains.

“Back to nature”

Today released the report and shows that the Most young hikers want to move away from the amenities connectivity and instead return to the simple nature of life. According to the STF, this is a strong trend called “Back to nature”.

– Very many want simplicity when they come out in the mountains. It becomes more exotic for those who are not accustomed, says Felix Magnusson, who is one of the test hikers.

– Having to fetch their water itself and chop the wood itself, and so on. Many people would feel good also to be a bit disconnected for a while, he continues.

“It’s not flashy hotel in the Alps”

STF wanted to find out how important it is for young people to the mountains rehabilitated. The results from the report clearly showed that most not wants to modernize and ax up the stay.

– It does not do much in the mountains themselves. There is no footbridge that needs fixing here and there. But there is little charm that the cabins are a bit old, says hikers Magnus Wahlberg.

– It is not flashy hotel in the Alps, but the cabins are weathered, he added.

To attract more people to the mountains, many young have cheaper accommodations with youth rates, more supplies sales and greater access to the sauna. Above all, they want simple information on how beginners should do to get to the mountains and what to think about.

– The main effort needs to be made at home. Thus, to promote the mountains and see what actually exists, and help people to come and discover it, says Magnus Wahlberg.


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10 biggest breakthroughs in science in years – Daily News






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The spacecraft Rosetta’s close encounter with a comet comes in first place according to the journal Science. On the list are also cooperating mini robots, manipulated memories and 40,000 year old cave paintings.






The spacecraft Rosetta’s close encounter with a comet comes in first place according to the journal Science. On the list are also cooperating mini robots, manipulated memories and 40,000 year old cave paintings.

Meeting with a comet a breakthrough

The lander Philae survived only a few days on surface, but the mother ship Rosetta comet follow throughout the next år.Årets biggest scientific breakthrough was the European space probe Rosetta.


The Rosetta came to comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko in August after more than ten years in space, and is now the first probe ever in orbit around a comet. In November sent a lander Philae down to the very core.

The landing was not completely as planned, and Philae ended up in a place that was too shady for the solar panels could supply the instruments on board with current.

But during his first days on the comet, before the batteries discharged, it could collect valuable data for researchers.

Most of the investigations made by the mother ship Rosetta next year follow the comet as it approaches the sun and get a full-blown tail. 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko has brought many surprises already, and Rosetta will learn much more about comets, solar system and our own origins.

Robotar who collaborate without control

Simple little robots that follow simple rules can create things together without human intervention.

Several research groups during the year featured robots can cooperate and work together to create something collectively.

Some robots inspired by termites building a stack. Each one works independently of the others, but by following simple rules and interpret your surroundings, they can together construct walls, stairs and buildings. The robots will pick building blocks, climbing over what is already built and puts his block where it seems appropriate until construction is complete.

In another study, thousands of missiles on three legs, big crown coins, forming letters or stars , rectangles, and other shapes by knowing where the others are.

Researchers have also received small helicopters to fly in formation without colliding, and missile boats to make group maneuvers.

In the future, can build robots used during floods and other disasters, and also to build research stations on the seabed or outpost on Mars.

Fåglar are surviving dinosaurs

The birds’ family tree and how quickly they developed when other dinosaurs died out have been identified in a large international research cooperation.

For 65 million years ago, just after the other dinosaurs had died out, exploding birds’ evolution.

In a very short time they went from three to 30 lineages, corresponding to the 30 groups of birds we have today.

It shows a collaboration between researchers across the world, including at Uppsala University.

For four years, they have analyzed the genome of various contemporary bird species and fossils of dinosaurs and extinct birds and managed to create a family tree.

The project has been possible thanks to technological advances, which researchers now have machines analyzing DNA and additionally supercomputers and new computational algorithms that can compare and find the similarities and differences in the genome.

The results show that some properties, like being able to mimic other animal sounds, arose several times during evolution, and that external similarity does not necessarily mean close relationship.

Ett expanded genetic alphabet has been created

Researchers have for the first time created additional parts to the genetic code in living E. coli bacteria.

The genetic code of all living beings on earth is made up of the same four letters: the nucleotides A, G, C and T. A is always paired with T, and C always with G.

Now researchers have added a new pair of letters to the alphabet: X and Y, in living E. coli bacteria. The bacteria is found only in a culture at a lab in Southern California, and can not bring the new letters to future generations if they can hold from there.

X and Y do nothing for the bacteria, but in the future it may be possible to use them to create new proteins composed of amino acids other than the 20 item consists of.

Målningar in the cave rewrites history

40 000 years old paintings in an Indonesian cave shows that art did not occur in Europe.

Pictures on the wall of a cave on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia is four times older than scientists previously thought. The paintings were discovered decades ago, but this year the researchers were able to date radioactive uranium in small stalactites growing on the pictures and show that they were made for between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago.

They are thus at least as old as the oldest cave paintings found in Europe.

Most of the pictures in the cave imagine happening – people have held up his hand against the wall and blown out the color around it – but there is also a painting of a pig and an animal called pig deer.

The paintings are writing about our history. Previously, many researchers have argued that the figurative art first emerged in Europe.

One possible explanation for the ancient paintings in Indonesia is that the Asians and Europeans learned to paint at the same time.

But it is likely that our ancestors could already make art when they left Africa 60,000 years ago.

Ungt blood rejuvenates old mice

Injections of blood from younger animals counteracts multiple signs of aging in old mice.

Blood from young mice appears to act as a rejuvenation of older animals. The blood gives old mice at an age equivalent to 70 years in humans, stronger and muscular endurance, healthier hearts and growth of new neurons in the brain, according to several studies published during the year.

The mice also seems to get better spatial memory and greater ability to distinguish different odors. Young mice avoid the smell of mint, while older animals do not. But when the old mice treated with the young blood scientists saw that even they avoided minty smell.

Above all it is a factor in the blood, GDF11, which seems to be rejuvenating.

The factor GDF11 is Also with us. Now, clinical trials have been initiated in which patients with Alzheimer’s disease Injections of blood plasma from young.

If the good, rejuvenating effect also works in humans, this could be a step towards a medicine in combination with other treatments arrests or slow the disease.

Väldigt small satellites will emerge

Småsatelliter, which are cheap and easy to manufacture and launch, is now used for real research.

Universities around the world have long allowed students to build Cubesats, satellites no larger than one cubic decimeter.

Now it becomes clear how useful småsatelliterna can be even for researchers. This year, more than 75 Cubesats postponed.

They cost only a fraction of the price of regular satellites and are also easy to get into orbit – they can comply with onboard rockets shooting up larger vehicles or be discharged directly from the International Space Station. The technology will fit on them becomes increasingly sophisticated, and they can also make measurements along with other småsatelliter.

Nytt hope of cure for diabetics

The first attempts to transform stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells could open the way for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

The so-called beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin.

In diabetes type 1 attack the cells of the body own immune system and degrades or fails.

For more than ten years, scientists around the world attempted to obtain human stem cells to be transformed into beta cells to get an opportunity to treat and even cure the disease. In 2014, managed two groups for the first time, using different methods and from different types of stem cells.

The process takes time. It also requires more research to get the pancreas to receive the new beta cells without alienating them, and to protect cells against the attacks from the immune system that provided the patient is diabetic.

But even now gives the engineered beta cells, researchers unprecedented opportunities to study diabetes in the lab, and for example, see if there is a difference between beta cells made from stem cells from healthy individuals and from patients with diabetes.

Datachip as mimics the brain

The first data chip that works more like biological systems hit the market in years.

Once we understand the brain better, we can also build better computers. This year launched several computer companies so-called neuromorphic chip that try to mimic how biological systems work.

Computers have been constructed in the same way since the 1940s, with different parts: a memory, a controller and a processor. The architecture works well for logical calculations but is worse on tasks is to take care of large amounts of data, like being able to see or feel.

The neuromorphic chip works more like the brain, where each neuron can communicate with thousands of others, and many different types of information are processed simultaneously. Work becomes effective because different parts of the brain are specialized in different things.

A neuromorfiskt chip that came on the market this year includes 5.4 billion transistors paired with 256 million connections, which of course is much, much smaller than the brain’s one hundred billion nerve cells and many times more synapses.

Manipulera memories with laser light

Researchers use lasers to transform negative to positive memories in the brain of mice.

Last year, scientists managed to erase memories in mice and create new ones using the so-called optogenetics: laser light affects individual neurons in the brain.

This year, they came a step further by To replace the contents of a memory of something negative into something positive.

A male mouse who remembered that he had received an electric shock in the foot at a particular place in the cage learned to avoid it.

But when the researchers activated brain cells which were linked to the memory of the electric shock when the mouse got to meet two females became instead a pleasurable memory. After returning the mouse to place the cage as often as he could.

It also acted in the opposite direction.

A male mouse who remembered a meeting with a female could get it replaced with a memory which attracted equally unpleasant feelings that an electrical shock.

The results show that our memories may not be as reliable and moreover can be influenced. But above all they teach us much more about how the brain works.






Photovoltaic Park in research projects – Swedish Radio

A research project on solar energy Mälardalen University operates, is currently under way at the large solar park just outside Västerås, will contribute to a greater use of solar energy in Sweden. It hopes the project manager, guest researcher Bengt Stridh at MDH.

The interest in the research project is large, according to Bengt Stridh.

– Yes, that one can compare this many systems and that there will be an open report. There is nothing similar in Sweden today, so I think that very many will be interested in the results of this project.

Anyone going on the E18 just east of Västerås see the big solar plant with 91 large so-called trackers. The company Kraft boys have built the whole thing and municipal Mälarenergi has committed to purchase all electricity produced by the plant for 15 years.

But here there is also a research project at Mälardalen University, the Swedish Energy Agency are funding.

What you do in this project is to compare ten different solar systems, no moving facing the sun and some that are stuck on, for example a roof. The aim of the research is to find out which system is the most economical, how to get the most solar energy for the money.

What do you hope this research can lead to?

– In the end, we hope you it will be more solar power installed in Sweden and that this project should be able to make a contribution and be able to suggest how to do it as economically as possible, says Bengt Stridh .

In the autumn of 2015, the project will be completed.


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Did you get no activity bracelet? – Göteborgs-Posten

Today's tip about a good free app for the iPhone is Human.
With it, you will be psyched to exercise without having to keep track of any bracelet or other gadget to be charged and synced.
As long as you carry your mobile with you holding the Human find out how much you move.
It is a kind and human app that you can wear all the time and just watch when you have desire.


If you have iPhone gets this tip as consolation that there was something 12 days of gifts this year. In previous years, Apple has given away an app, a song, an e-book or a movie every day for twelve days after Christmas.
I saw 12 Days app on my iPad and thought it was new, but it was last year.
crestfallen, because I wrote in a note that it would be this year, but I'll tell you about a great free app every day for 12 days instead so you do not have to feel cheated.

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Swedish Yle: Helsinki Guggenheim is on the Google map – Hufvudstadsbladet

The Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki is still only drawings but there despite the already vulnerable on Google maps, writes Swedish Yle.

Still missing decision on whether an Guggenheim Museum to be built on the South Quay in Helsinki. Nevertheless, the museum is already exposed in Google’s mapping service, reports the Swedish Yle.

On the map there is a symbol of the Guggenheim Museum exposed with the text “Guggenheim location”.

According to Yle Helsinki, Google has not been able to answer the question why the Guggenheim’s utprickat on the map, but it is assumed that the architectural competition of the museum in progress.

What company or organization can upload information on the Google map.

The winner of architectural competition, which is still ongoing, appointed the summer of 2015.

‘); }); – & Gt;


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Most clicked Animals blade 2014 – Helsingborgs Dagblad

more Published December 24, 2014 kl. 12:00

The news that the great white shark soon available in the Sound tops the list of the most popular posts on Animal blade in 2014.

It’s only a matter of time before the great white shark shows up on the coast. It meant Danish marine scientists this summer and Animals blade wrote the course of the matter. Photo: TT

1. Scientists: “The great white shark soon in our waters”

2. Great white shark eaten – but of what?

3. Cat rescues children from biting dog

4th Street Dog went with Swedish adventure racing team

5. Humpback whale jumping in Danish waters

6. Mysterious animal sighted in the water off New väderö

7. Run farted – blasted barn

8. mutant spider dog scares the life out throughout the internet

9th Top 10 sleepy animals

10. The attack stingray – attacking back

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Stylish shell for the iPhone 6 – 99mac

Apple phones makes itself perhaps best with no skin at all, but when they are slippery as two and expensive to repair after a trip to the slopes still may be a good idea to invest in a protective shell. 99mac guide to some of the most stunning.

Opinions on whether to have a protected case for their iPhone or not is obviously divergent. It does not feel quite right to hide the stylish design as Apple’s team probably put a lot of effort into something else.

But at the same time, you can not escape the fact that the new phones are slippery as soap and glass could break if you drop them on the slopes. This guide offers tips 99mac about some different stylish case for those who want to avoid scratches and in any case try to dampen any case and in the comment thread for this article offers tips 99mac members of several other variants.

Apple own options

Apple makes a leather case for iPhone 6 which comes in five colors. It has a discrete Apple logo on the back and leaves open the camera back, buttons and connectors on the bottom.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6
399 SEK

Cases walnut

Coarse Made is an American company that makes incredibly stylish iPhone case made of wood. Right now you can pre-order the Rough Made Walnut iPhone cases, but a specific delivery date is not clear yet. They started production in November, and for those who do not want to pre-order it is possible to sign up to receive updates on how it goes.

Coarse Made Walnut Iphone Case
$ 99 + $ 35 shipping becomes equivalent to 1 000

Thin and out of the way

Power Support Air Jacket.

There are a few skins for iPhone 6 which are transparent and very thin. They protect against scratches, of course, more than hard cases in the ground, but is still the one to have the phone looking new for as long as possible.

An example is the Power Support Air Jacket sold Apple Store for 299 crowns. The shell is less than 1.2 millimeters thick. Puro UltraSlim Case is another variation that is only 0.3 millimeters thick. It costs from 99 dollars when we check on PriceSpy.

Built wallet

Twelve South has produced a leather case that is pasted on the back of the iPhone with a front page protects the screen. Inside, there is also room for some cards. The case named Surfacepad.

Twelve South Surfacepad for Iphone 6

Protective frame

There are also so-called bumper Sleeve is a frame around the iPhone 6, which is open to the front and back. Rhino Shield Crash Guard is a graceful one from Evolutive Labs. There are several colors to choose from and it comes to your home to around 233 SEK including shipping.

Rhino Shield Crash Guard
$ 24.99 + $ 6 shipping, corresponding to 233 crowns

Hang around the neck

Sometimes you need your hands free for other things and then fit a case that can be hung around the neck. Swedish PAP manufactures the Rock of leather, and in the little pocket you can fit eg debit card. The strap is removable if you want to stop down the case and the phone in a bag or pocket instead. Do you not like leather, they also make a variation of the blanket.

PAP Rock Iphone 6 Leather Tan

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Large research grant to VTI – Mynewsdesk (press release)

What does a bicycle accident and why occurs bicycle accidents? Often with serious injuries and sometimes death. VTI will now have twelve million dollars to create a strong research in the field of wheeled vulnerable road users.

Länsförsäkringsbolagens Research finances for the first time an entire research program on the theme of vulnerable road users. The research program aims to improve the safety of wheeled vulnerable road users, especially cyclists, but also MC drivers and moped riders.

– I’m happy for this venture because we have so much more to explore and do research on. And this is very much an interdisciplinary research program that many researchers at VTI will participate in. There is also a project that can be completed with other research to build an even bigger and broader expertise and research in an area of ​​high need says Henriette Wallen Warner, a researcher at VTI.

– For us at Länsförsäkringar is important to prevent injuries. To be at the forefront requires a deeper and broader understanding of how and why accidents happen. Vulnerable road users are the most vulnerable and young road users often travel on bicycles or other two-wheeled vehicles. We know that bicycle accidents increases considerably, fatalities have more than doubled from 2013 to November 2014, says Maria Wedin, traffic expert at Länsförsäkringar.

– To work in a three-year research program together with VTI which is an independent research institute in transport, feels just right., says Maria Wedin.

The research has focused on the bike and contains a total of nine different sub-projects that involve everything from crash tests to behavioral studies. Projects at VTI will include a closer look at the following areas:

  • Security Properties of the vehicle. Cycle design is likely to affect the meaning of the claims experience during a fall.
  • How to behave wheeled vulnerable road users, cyclists, moped riders and motorcycle drivers in traffic? How well after liver cyclists traffic rules? How do roads, pedestrian crossings, tunnels out? Is the traffic environment adapted to vulnerable road users who often rely on the hard shoulder?
  • Non försäkringspliktiga wheeled vulnerable road users. Cyclists are increasing in number, the needs of infrastructure and insurance coverage causes this?
  • VTI will develop a model for sure “transportation” for unprotected road users as a basis for targeted activities: information campaigns, equipment, improved operational and maintenance and development of insurance coverage.

For more information, please contact:
Henriette Wallen Warner, a researcher at VTI, telephone 0243-44 68 62
Maria Wedin; engine and traffic manager at Länsförsäkringar, telephone 073-964 13:45

Image: VTI / Katja Kircher

VTI, Swedish National Road – and Transport Research Institute, is an independent and internationally prominent research institute within the transport sector. The main task is to conduct research and development on infrastructure, traffic and transport. The quality system and environmental management system is ISO certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. Some test methods are additionally accredited by Swedac. VTI has about 200 employees and is located in Linköping (head office), Stockholm, Gothenburg, Borlänge and Lund.


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Here are tips on what you as a motorist can make for a safer trip. – Östgötaleden Correspondent

The magazine Östgötaleden Correspondent Founded in 1838 by Henry Bernhard Palmaer. Since then much has happened. The magazine, which is now given out both paper and digital, has been joined by a number of channels and has developed into a media house. Including Östgötaleden Correspondent,, 24Corren,, Corren eSöndag and Mera Linköping is Mediehuset Corren Östergötland’s largest news aggregators. The company is part of the group NTM AB.

Acting Editor: Christer Kustvik
News Chief: Nils Olauson

TV chef : Frederick Lagerqvist


Will Nokia Apple’s next big threat? – Business Week

Rumors say that Nokia may be about to launch a new smartphone.

Nokia may be about to launch a new smartphone under its brand. The data are based on unconfirmed images that have been leaked on a smartphone named Nokia C1. It writes technology site Gizmondo India.

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Gizmondo out, however, that the images may come from an internal presentation of Nokia and can be from an already scrapped the project that Nokia had before Microsoft deal was completed.

The images will reveal an Android smartphone with a simple design. According to the data, the model including a 5 inches large screen and an 8 megapixel camera on the back.

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Oxygen-rich water flows into the Baltic Sea – Swedish Radio

Large amounts of oxygen-rich seawater flowing right now into the Baltic Sea. It is autumn calm weather with very low water levels which provided good conditions for new water can get in.

That it now flows into large amounts of salt water into in the southern Baltic can benefit the oxygen-poor and dead bottoms to the Gotland Deep.

But then requires that the heavy salt water do not mix with the southern Baltic brackish surface water without running into the Baltic Sea along the bottom and retains its high oxygen content and cooling .

When the oxygen-rich water then reaches the Gotland Deep penetrating it eliminates the anoxic bottom waters and then increases the oxygen content at the bottom, which favors the benthic oragnismerana.

But unfortunately decreases the oxygen content directly. There according to Jorgen Oberg, an oceanographer at SMHI.

– You can compare with hot water in the bathtub. As soon as you turned off the water begins to cool, he said.


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Karin Bojs: A Christmas Service in Goseck 7,000 years ago – Today’s News





Unfortunately, I came fourteen days too early. In addition, the sky was covered with clouds and I arrived at midday. So I missed a bit of the fun.






Sorry, I came fourteen days too early. In addition, the sky was covered with clouds and I arrived at midday. So I missed a bit of the fun.

Still, I felt a strong sense of how Europe’s first farmers 7000 years ago celebrated the winter solstice, when I was the other day visited the world’s oldest reconstructed solobservatorium – Goseck in eastern Germany.

The ceremony at the winter solstice was the early peasants version of “Potpurri”. They proceeded via the northern opening: through the gap in the embankment, over the deep ditch and through two parallel ports in the palisades of high ekstolpar. It was still night, and they carried torches to light his way. Contemporary scholars believe that only a select few were allowed to go into the big circle, while the village’s other residents got to stay on the outside. But such details are of course highly uncertain.


When they had come to the center of the circle they stopped. The sacrificial animal – a big ox – stood ready. Their eyes were directed towards the southeast opening. Although there was a narrow opening, right through the two-tight ekpalissaderna and the high embankment that was ultimately. Then came the moment when the horizon was colored pink, and a ray of the rising sun shone straight into the center of the circle. Then sacrificed an ox.

Personally, I did not see any oxen die, but I saw the pictures that cartoonists have drawn by researchers instructions. I also saw photos as a skilled photographer has taken just at sunrise the only day of the year when the first morning sun glimmers through the southeast door – the winter solstice.

Later that day could the people inside at the center of the circle also watch the sunset. A narrow opening in the southwest is positioned so that the sun goes down right there, this one day of the year. When solceremonin was ready knew that time farmers that year had turned, that the days would be longer, that spring was coming and that soon it was time to sow.

In a few weeks, I will visit Stonehenge in England who have had a similar function of solobservatorium, but as far as scientists can see today was more focused on the summer solstice. Before the visit to Stonehenge, I have had to make an appointment several weeks in advance and I have exchanged lots of emails with the people responsible for that at all come in.

To get to Goseck was just to trudge past some fields and strolling right into the large circle of upright ekstolpar. No guards or fences prevented me. On a castle a few kilometers away is an information center. I paid a few euros to get to watch the show, and the lady who sold tickets seemed almost surprised to receive any visitors at all.

So unknown is Goseck, even though the facility is more than a thousand years older than Stonehenge.

Even more unknown is that archaeologists have found at least a dozen similar facilities – from Hungary and up to the outskirts of Berlin. All these solobservatorier was built in conjunction with the first farmers arrived in Central Europe for more than 7,000 years ago. They looked pretty much the same with circular palisades of logs, ditches and embankments. In the berms were buried dead people.

As far as I know is Goseck the only one of those plants that have been rebuilt. I highly recommend a visit. It is a reminder that the feast we now call December was thousands of years old roots. First on 300s decided early Christians that Jesus’ birth was celebrated at the winter solstice. The Bible says nothing about when during the year Jesus would be born.

Each generation fills their festivals with their own content. Our time has, for example, Christmas trees, presents and Donald Duck on TV – all fairly new phenomena.

But the sun has run its course, regardless of religions and köphets. When the first rays glisten in the morning, the year has turned. The days are getting longer again and soon spring.






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Shared opinion about new stroke research – Västerbotten Courier

The difficulty balancing on one leg?

In this case, you may be at risk for a stroke, according to new Japanese research.

From the Swedish side is questioned, however, the study strongly.

Difficulty standing on one leg may be an indication that the person already suffering from so-called “silent” brain infarcts, ie, less cerebral infarcts and micro-hemorrhages. This in turn would be evidence of an increased risk of more serious forms of stroke, according to research published in the prestigious American journal Stroke.

– Individuals who show instability when standing on one leg and has problems walking should receive increased attention as it can be a symptom of an abnormality in the brain, says researcher Yasuharu Tabara.

The study enrolled 841 women and 546 men, average 67 years old. With eyes open, subjects received standing on one leg for 60 seconds.

One of three participants with a history of two or more silent brain infarcts had problems with balance.

Michael Elam, Professor and consultant in clinical neurophysiology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, has reviewed the research but is, however, deeply dubious.

– It is not very exciting. To measure someone’s ability to stand on one leg’s a general test. That old people can not stand on one leg might as well have a peripheral cause, ie that it is not related to the brain, says he said.


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Research from the women’s registry an ethical gray area – Sveriges Radio

Swedish Radio disclosure shows that the Stockholm police for ten years has registered thousands of women who reported that they had been beaten and threatened. The registry contains sensitive data and offensive reviews for the women. It has also been used for research unlicensed and ethics approval. The reports have been presented in scientific journals.

Science Radio Ulrika Björkstén comment.

Henrik Belfrage, Professor of Criminology, co-authored scientific articles that has been using the registry. He believes that it is more about quality assurance, and that no ethical evaluation is needed.

Ulrika Björkstén, what to think about this? Quality assurance, says researcher Henrik Belfrage – no need for ethics review then?

– Yes it is true that other rules apply quality assurance than for research, but it feels to say the least as an ethical gray area that argue that this is not research. Researchers have evaluated various checklists that are used to make risk assessments for women, and the results have thus been published in scientific journals. When I’ve talked with ethicists and lawyers about how as a researcher and institution should handle this type of research records so it’s really about three steps to go through before starting a research project, says Ulrika Björkstén.

What steps is it?

– First, you should have permission from them to graduate that their data is used in research. That’s not the case here, the women did not know they were included in a study.

– Since the research shall be approved by an ethics committee. In this case there is such an authorization from 2012, but there are thus several years of research begun and even published and ethical consent is not retroactive, so it thus does not cover up the research done in the past.

– And even if you get an approval of the ethical review is required, it is also legal to Data Inspectorate approved the use of register data. It is the institution’s responsibility to seek authorization from the Data Inspectorate. And this holds even if the registry to use, from the start state, the Swedish Radio’s examination has shown that this police file moreover do not have.

How common is research on the register, it is a big issue in the scientific community?

– The interesting is that this issue has been discussed a lot lately. Swedish authorities are good at having records and there are great opportunities for research, especially in medicine. However, because the rules say that you can only use the registry to research those included in the register given their specific consent to be included in a particular research project, you can not use the data in hindsight, if they figure out new things you want to do research on.

– This was a lot of discussion about when a major medical register-based research project was stopped by the Data Inspection few years ago. It led to set up a commission of inquiry Bengt Westerberg led and which was completed last summer. It concluded, inter alia, that there should be enough of those included in the register has given general approval to their data and, for example, medical samples used in research. The idea is that you should not have to gokänna exactly what research it will be, but keep the door open for future research ideas. So far it has solved it by making exceptions for certain medical records, but in the future we might expect a change in the law.

But this is still far from research on women in Södertörn police records?

– Yes, of course, where it has the apparently been no consent at all.


Single-vehicle accident on route 364 – Västerbotten Folkblad

News. A single vehicle accident occurred shortly before eight.

It was on the road 364 at Fällforsån. Right now there are no data on injuries.

Update: The driver had been helped to get out of the vehicle by a passerby who also arranged the driver came to the emergency room. It should be about minor injuries.


Science ranks the year’s scientific achievements – Swedish Radio

As usual, Science magazine ranked the year’s most significant scientific events. And it is perhaps not surprising to find a particular comet landing on the list.

It is Rosetta’s pursuit of the comet and Philaes amazing landing that has received the greatest scientific medially space this year, and the comet landing tops even the Science list of this year’s scientific achievements.

Another feat Science highlights are artificial DNA. Previously, researchers have created new wholly artificial base pairs of the DNA helix, but this year was the first time that artificial DNA came into a living organism.

Science also draws attention to the blood that leads to rejuvenation. Studies have shown that blood or blood components from a young mouse can rejuvenate muscles and brain of an old mouse.

The magazine also wants to emphasize that evolutionary biologists have described how it happened and how fast it went for dinosaurs to evolve to birds, and that robotic researchers have shown how robots can work to breast-fed in large groups without direct authority of any man.


Project manager: We’ll freeze Stockholm Bypass as wisely as possible – New Technology


The government froze in October, construction of the Stockholm Bypass to try to negotiate a redistribution of money from the congestion charge to public transport. Last Thursday the government announced that the freeze is lifted on January 1 because the bourgeois-controlled county council did not want to discuss such redistribution.

What the Government’s statement that the freeze is lifted?

– I’ll get in touch with suppliers to hear how fast you can återtstarta each part. Providers have their resources in other missions because we have frozen the job with reference to May 1, says Johan Brantmark, Transport Administration’s project manager at the Stockholm Bypass.

So all the parts may not be able to get under way on January 1?

– No, but as soon as possible.

What are the consequences of the Government’s statement on the restart for you?

– When the project was frozen, we estimated that there would be 10-12 months of delay and a cost of 170-260 million. Today’s (read: Thursday’s) announcement brings the burden will be reduced, but how much can we get back to said Johan Brantmark.

Is it both contractors and planners involved in the re-start?

– We have said that we shall freeze the entire project as wisely as possible. A lot of planning has been so close to completion that we have chosen to complete the work. It would cost so much more to cancel than to prepare something that was very close. So the effects will be greatest for our contractors.

What entrepreneur has been most affected by the freeze?

– Svevia probably. They have filled again some holes and asphalted again. They will have to start cutting again. They keep on with the leadership diversions.

Are you comment on the situation with these various bids from the government?

– Definitely not. I respect that when taking over big business after a change of government as may be necessary to analyze the situation. I respect the decisions the government makes. We cook by location, says Johan Brantmark.

Traffic Authority should also be instructed to look at ways to improve the accessibility of public transport in Stockholm Bypass. I assume that there will be a separate study conducted alongside the ongoing construction?

– So it must be. Incidentally, adaptations to public transport already. I presume that the mission will be a further study to see what you can do around to improve the facility further.

What opportunities do you see for such improvements?

– The community is constantly evolving and I can imagine it can be about how the new T-track route in Norrort be better paired with passing.

The ministers said during the press conference yesterday that they think that there are some shortcomings in terms of accessibility of public transport in the current design of the bypass, what is your comment on that?

– We have such lanes in Skärholmen for public transport and we have public transport lanes in Vinsta. I know that we can also look at various intelligent transport solutions in the event of a queue situation, so that we can prioritize public transport better. But there may be an area we look at, depending on what the government gives us the mission.

Are you happy after Thursday’s decision by the government?

– I respect all such decisions. I am focused on getting the job started, says Johan Brantmark.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Now, apps expensive – if you live in Sweden – Aftonbladet

Electronic services, ie various services sold via the Internet or other electronic networks, such as applications, access to websites, movies, books, magazines, software, and music provided online.

Telecommunication Services , which is mainly fixed and mobile telephony and internet access.

Broadcasting Services , ie various radio and television programs broadcast by radio or television networks. If the content is broadcast via the internet while they are broadcast via radio or television network it also counts as a broadcasting service.

Source: Tax Agency