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APPLE: Adjusted earnings better than expected Q4 – Swedish Dagbladet

Analysts’ expectations were a result at 1:30 dollars per share, according to Bloomberg News forecast average.

Sales were $ 42.1 billion (37.5). This was expected, sales of $ 39.9 billion, according to Bloomberg forecast summary.


Samsung Gear S – LetsGoDigital

Samsung Gear S
Ilse Jurriën: October 18, 2014 – 21:30 CET

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S
The curved Super AMOLED screen is two inches high and sits thanks to its curved shape perfectly on the arm. The background image on the screen is easy to adapt to your own preferences, in combination with the interchangeable bracelets, you get a great opportunity to express your individual taste and style. Gear S is also equipped with WiFi.
Gear S

GPS and navigation directly on the arm
Samsung Gear S gives you quick access to important information via widgets. For example, you can navigate through the Service HERE, get news from the Financial Times via fastFT, read quickly using Spritz and keep track of your Facebook. Overall Gear S the perfect companion for those who are always on the go. Samsung Gear S also works perfect for the health conscious. With GPS and heart rate monitors built in, you can easily keep track of your run without having to pick up with your phone. Music lets you stream directly from the watch to your Bluetooth headset.
Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear Circle headset necklace
Along with Gear S features Samsung’s latest headset, Gear Circle, which is worn as a necklace. Pair it with your smartphone or Gear S via Bluetooth and hang it around your neck via a magnetic clasp. When it rings, vibrates the necklace and you respond by opening the lock and keep the earpiece to your ear. You can also listen to music and control your phone with your voice via Gear Circle.
Gear S

S price Samsung Gear & amp; availability
• Samsung Gear S will be available in stores in October. RRP 3600 crowns.
• Samsung Gear Circle will be available in stores in October. RRP 1,000.
Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S facts
Samsung Gear S is equipped with a 1GHz Dual Core processor, 2 “Super AMOLED (360 x 480) display. Tizen OS, Bluetooth: 4.1, USB 2.0, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, A-GPS / Glonass, RAM of 512MB and 4GB * internal memory, no slot for SD cards. Battery 300 mAh, IP67-rated, Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate Monitors, UV, Barometer.


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5 news from Google that will crush the iPhone 6 – Metro

Now, Google has demonstrated new super phone Nexus 6 Along with the updated operating system Android 5.0, it will be autumn’s big contenders for Iphone 6th

Google has demonstrated both mobile Nexus 6 and tablet Nexus 9, manufactured by Motorola and HTC. Sökjätten had a much more relaxed approach to product launch than what Apple usually have. Instead of a great presentation with thousands of journalists and U2 on site chose Google to launch news by writing a post on the company blog .

Meanwhile, tablet and mobile phone first with new Android operating system 5.0, the biggest update of the Android platform to date. Here is the news that Google hopes will challenge Apple.

first The screen even better than on the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s latest jättelur has a screen of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Nexus 6 takes it a step further with a screen of 5.96 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Throw your wall Apple.

2nd You save at least a few hundred dollars. Nexus 6 competes mainly with the iPhone 6 Plus and the price difference between the two handsets is at least 1 000. There is no Swedish price for Nexus 6 yet. But the American price is $ 649, the same as the entry model for the iPhone 6 And it costs just 1000 SEK less than the equivalent model of the iPhone 6 Plus.

third Big battery improvements. 8 in iOS for the iPhone, it is finally possible to see exactly which apps use the most battery. This possibility has existed on Android since long, also it has Android 5.0 optimized to provide mobiles even longer battery life. And early tests of the operating system shows that the new energy optimization works.

4th A much fresher interface. IOS received a cosmetic update when iOS 7 was released last year. It was welcome. Therefore, it is perhaps not very surprising that the IOS 8 basically looks the same. But it means that Android will feel fresher in the fall. There, namely design now a lift called the “Materials Design” .

5th A more advanced TV than what Apple has delivered. Although media solution Apple TV gets a real contender in Nexus Player . The media player from Google is the first to run the Android operating system TV. In addition to a voice-activated remote control, there is also a game controller for the Nexus Player, which makes it possible to play Android games directly on your TV. Of course it is fine to send film, apps and music directly from your phone to your TV.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Disturbed sexual development of mink are thought to be due to environmental toxins – New Technology


researchers have examined wild mink to evaluate the effects of endocrine disruptors in the environment. The aim is to see which environmental toxins found in an area and determine how they affect fertility in mammals, including humans.

– Reproduction is controlled largely by hormones and they know that many environmental toxins can interfere with this hormone system. But just as we humans are wild animals exposed to a mixture of chemicals, and it’s just the cumulative effect of this “cocktail” of environmental toxins that we want to study, says Sara Persson at SLU’s department for reproduction.

The wild mink is suitable as sentinels because it is at the top of the food chain and enriches many pollutants in different tissues. Furthermore, it is stationary and thus characterized by the local environmental impact.

In the study, a variety of pollutants, including PCBs, DDE, brominated flame retardants and perfluorinated substances analyzed in tissue from 101 wild mink from different parts of the country.

When the genitals were compared with various animal poison profiles synthesis several links. Among other things, some males had a shorter distance between the anus and genitals. These males had accumulated much DDE, a breakdown product of DDT, and some perfluorinated substances such as PFOS, which among other things has been on fire foam and shell jackets.

The distance between the anus and genitals are abbreviated is not a problem in itself, according to the researchers, but can be a sign that the sex hormones have been affected during fetal development.

- There are many experimental studies on mice and rats indicate that a shortened distance between the anus and genitals are related to other effects, such as reduced size of the sexual organs and increased risk of malformations, says Sara Persson .

In the study, there was also a tendency for minks with high levels of DDE also had shorter penis. It is a result that the researchers want to follow up with larger studies.

– We are currently gathering more minks and seek funding for to do a larger study, says Sara Persson.

To get a good comparison material in the study researchers tried to get hold of mink from areas with high and low levels of toxins in the environment. Low exposure generally had mink from western North.

– PFOS we found in high concentrations in mink little everywhere, both from Märsta Koster Islands and Gävle. However, the highest concentrations of PFOS were Marsta, says Sara Persson.

She hopes that the study will provide clues about what may be important to investigate in terms of how people are affected by environmental toxins.

– The mixture of chemicals is a concern that is important to do research on . What we see is that mink can give us an early warning that something is about to happen in nature, she says.

Results have been published in the scientific journal Chemosphere.


Nobel Prize for blue LEDs questioned – New Technology


After almost every Nobel Prize discussion pops up: scientists won right? So even this year. Three Japanese were notoriously share this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of blue LEDs: Isamu Akasaki Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura.

But An article in the American news website Semiconductor Engineering describes how two Americans developed a blue LED two decades before the Japanese.

The duo Wally Rhines and Herbert Maruska was in the early 1970s, researchers at Stanford. Together, they have sat down with a periodic table to test new material combinations. After some experimentation tested the magnesium-doped gallium nitride.

– We turned up the voltage and it was blue, said Wally Rhines to Semiconductor Engineering.

The two researchers have also previously reported on his discovery. Here is an interview with Wally Rhines of the Computer History Museum in 2012.

This describes Herbert Maruska discovery – and how a project on the blue LED was closed down.


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Alleged attempted murder in Aby – Swedish Radio

A man in his 60s has been taken to hospital after being exposed to a suspected assassination attempt on Monday night.

The man himself alerted police shortly before 21 o’clock The suspects attempted murder must have taken place in anlslutning to his residence in Aby north of Norrköping.

When police arrived at the scene the man was talbar. He was taken by ambulance but it is currently unclear what injuries the man received.

– He has damage after severe violence, says Thomas Agnevik, presstaleman on police in Östergötland.

police want currently unable to elaborate on whether some type of weapon was used. There are yet no suspected offender, and no motive for the assassination attempt.

– We now knocking the door and trying to make contact with witnesses, says Thomas Agnevik.

The police have launched a criminal investigation concerning attempted murder.


New method makes the smoker’s lungs possible to transplant – Swedish Radio

A Swedish-built machine can heal and keep lungs alive outside the body, which makes the lungs previously discarded can now be used.

The custom-built machine has been donated lungs that previously was rejected for various reasons, for example, that the donor was too old or were long-term smokers, can now be used – with the same chance of survival for the patient as the recipient of the “normal” lungs.

, reveals a study conducted at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where they compared 22 patients who received the maskien “normalized” lungs with 115 recipients to healthy lungs. The study showed that the 22 patients had as good lung function, the frequency of complications and equal chance of survival.

that the new method works just as well as when using healthy lungs means more patients are given the opportunity to transplant. Something that will mean a lot to those who are waiting for surgery, up to one in ten patients in the queue have time to die while waiting for a new lung.


Swedish researchers: why has the zebra stripes – Daily News







Why does the zebra black and white stripes? The question has baffled scientists worldwide. Now, it may have been resolved by a Swedish scientist – they reduce the risk of brake grip, writes Vetenskapsradion.






Why has the zebra black and white stripes? The question has baffled scientists worldwide. Now, it may have been resolved by a Swedish scientist – they reduce the risk of brake grip, writes Vetenskapsradion.

The theories of the African animal striped fur have been many, the proposals would include that the stripes would work as camouflage in high grass, help with heat regulation, disturb the visual impression of hunting predators or have a social function. The Swedish zoo-ecologist Susanne Åkesson’s theory is that the stripes have a deterrent effect against mainly brakes, but also tse-tse flies. Brakes prefer dark spaces in front of bright and definitely not like stripes, writes Vetenskapsradion.

 Now it seems the Swedish theory have prevailed.


 - An American scientist, Tim Caro, has devoted seven years of his life to go through all these hypotheses and the remaining is just the theory that we proposed. And it was exciting to see that there was an unsolved problem since the 1800s, says Susanne Åkesson, Professor of zoo-ecology in Lund to Vetenskapsradion.

 According to Åkesson, it may be more important for the zebras to have protection against insects than the lion as a brake bite can cause deadly diseases.

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“Blanche and Marie” by Mats Larsson Gothe on Norrlandsoperan – Swedish Radio

Västerbotten Son PO Enquist aged 80 years and Capital of Culture year in Umeå is investing in an opera in his novel The Story of Blanche and Marie. It has already been said and written a lot about Mats Larsson Gothe’s opera, but now it’s time for the review. Per Feltzin was the first performance at the Norrland Opera in Umeå this weekend.

I’ve really been looking forward to this show. How can be able to transform Enquist remarkable troublesome and messy and stringy, contradictory lyrical novel into a full-evening opera for large orchestra, chorus and soloists? So nothing poetic chamber play without a tangible narrative. How?

The story is about so much. Paris at the turn of the century.

Scientific takes up the dangerous and beneficial radioactive radiation. Marie Curie’s two Nobel Prizes.

social policy – the male gaze and the male determination of the women – hysteria cows. The women who wanted to be free subjugated by medical means.

Love-wise – lust, bondage, prohibited acts, hypocrisy, lust.

The story is so real, here are amputated limbs and a box instead of a wheelchair. Here are ovariepressen, ie a device with an extremely heavy pressure on the ovaries would cure hysteria. What’s in the book and on the stage.

Mats Larsson Gothe’s music roots a bit in tonsättarlådan from this time , it’s a really delicious sound pattern that flashes by Puccini and Offenbach and yet contemporary Swedish art music. The conductor Niklas Willén can thus allow the Norrland Opera Orchestra dazzle us with a musical picture of Paris and still show the harsh, calm, gentle Swedish.

The main roles are unreservedly by Charlotta Larsson and Susanna Levonen. We also see, among others, Gabriel Souvanen that Professor Charcot, who led the experiments with the hysterical women. Everything goes up – text, tone, spectacle.

Maria Sundqvist’s libretto is also a cleverly crafted version of the novel. It is not easy to engage the scientific litanies of chemical or achievements of mental patients’ medical needs, but the lines have to be there, to contexts should be done. It is this love then flowers. The sullen, the impossible, the grief-lined.

The director Elizabeth Ljungar has also made it easy for us to keep up with all the abrupt shifts in time. Once we are in 1913, sometimes in 1898, then 1903 … But in the center there are these people’s fates.

And it affects subconsciously. During urpremiärens first act there were two people in the audience who collapsed and got medical help at the break of paramedics.

So – Larsson Gothe’s opera is … how was it now I said about the novel … tedious and messy, lyrical and contradictory. But it lives on in me.

Additional Info:
Swedish Radio P2 Live sends the opera on Saturday 18 October 2014
Culture documentary on Monday 6 October by Kerstin Berggren was about Blanche and Marie.
P2s opera program benched with Ella Saturday, October 11 also raised the opera.
Follow the links below.

ARTISTIC TEAM: Composers Mats Larsson Gothe, Libretto Maria Sundqvist, Conductor Niklas Willén, Director Elizabeth Ljungar, Costume Design Annsofie Östbergh Nyberg, Lighting Design Thorsten Dahn, Set Design Jan Lundberg, Choreographer Ambra Succi, Mask Design Gunilla Pettersson.
soloists: Marie Curie Susanna Levonen, Blanche Wittman Charlotta Larsson, Jean Martin Charcot Gabriel Suovanen, Jane Avril Miriam Treichl, Paul Langevin Kosma Ranuer, Pierre Curie Karl Rombo, Eusapia Palladino / Jeanne Langevin Maria Streijffert, Gilles de la Tourette / Svante Arrhenius Ulrik Qvale, Joseph Babinski Jacob Hogstrom.
NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra NorrlandsOperans Run


Her piniga posturing was caught on film – Metro

She was shot in the head by the Taliban, miraculously survived and is now fighting for women’s rights. Here spoke Malala Yousafzai for the UN after the shooting. On 12 July last year spoke Malala Yousafzai, who on Friday received the Nobel Peace Prize, officially for the first time since she was shot in the head. Ahead of the United Nations, she thanked, among other things, for all the support she received and told me that …


Here, police unexpected visit – Metro

An unusual visitor has been stuck on the surveillance cameras at a police station.

on a police station in Cheshire in the United Kingdom came suddenly a horse ingnäggandes through the entrance, reports the Sky News.

Surveillance video shows a man standing at the entrance trying to get the four-legged visitor to reverse – without success.

In the end they managed to lead out the animal, and he came home safely to his stall. It is unclear what the horse had the matter to the police.


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She is only 15 years – but this one beats her to a senseless dream destination – Metro

Marco van Basten and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in all its glory. But here you move on you and make room on the stage for a truly super talent. This mere 15 years young attacker’s dream destination is pure football candy.

Mariam Abdulai Toloba has just turned 15. Yet the striker has already established itself as the Belgian F17-national teams. Yesterday she hit with two goals in her national team drove over Wales by 0-5. And one case is so beautiful to Marco Van Basten, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo and the other which is known for their dream destination just as well be lacing their shoes and sit on the team bench area directly.

The Belgian super talent allows a long pass bounce once and then with superb technique to beat that with a fine volley lift the ball over the defending Welsh, who immediately tricked up in the stands. In the next movement, she cuts to the ball, with the same right foot as she had done with lifting, and is proud to see the ball shot in an arc over the goalkeeper no chance and drill hard into the far side netting. Make of it what may.


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Microsoft boss forced to backtrack on women’s wages – Swedish Dagbladet

Microsoft Boss controversial statement was convicted at a conference on women in the IT industry, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Nadella was asked if he had any advice for women who are not comfortable with asking for a wage increase.

– It’s not really about asking for pay rise, but to rely on the system will give you the right increases , he said.

– It’s good karma. It will pay for itself because no one will know it’s the kind of person I want to trust, proceeded Nadella.

But the questioner at the conference disagreed but said that women should prepare themselves by taking track of salary levels and then practice how to ask for better pay.

on Twitter got Microsoft boss quickly criticism and Nadella has apologized both via Twitter and in an email to employees.

“I answered the question completely wrong. [...] I believe that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work, “he wrote, adding:

” If you think that you deserve a raise, just ask for one. “


Gtat can not tell you why they filed for bankruptcy protection – 99mac

It is becoming more and more questions about the sapphire glass maker GT Advanced Technologies, which earlier this week filed for bankruptcy protection. The Company has now informed the American courts that they can not explain why they file for bankruptcy protection because of a confidentiality agreement, reports Recode.

GT Advanced Technologies has asked the court to review the bankruptcy to keep some important documents secret, that relates to a third party. According Gtat would protect the company from having to pay damages for breach of a confidentiality agreement. They did not disclose the name of the third party, or what the confidential agreement expires on.

Apple previously announced that they are surprised Gtat’s application, although a contributing factor to the situation seems to be a non-payment of $ 139 million (about one billion dollars) as Gtat waiting for from Apple. The reason is that the sapphire crystal manufacturer has not lived up to its commitments in terms of production targets.

Iphone plans unknown

When the factory in Arizona was opened it was rumored that production would consist of screens for new iPhone models. The capacity is estimated at over 100 million screens per year of sapphire crystal. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus unveiled in September, they had not displays of sapphire crystal, without ion-doped glass.

This announcement led to speculation that Apple shortly before launch decided not to use sapphire crystal, due to GT Advanced failed to produce sufficient quantities of good quality. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal (requires login), it was precisely these production problems that made Apple not to use sapphire crystal, and also retain the payment to Gtat.

Would it be sapphire crystal

Much is unclear regarding safirglasens be or not to be, and will probably remain so. Apple is usually notoriously not disclose their plans, and whether the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the beginning would have had displays of sapphire crystal or not will hardly be revealed. Several arguments for pure sapphire crystal is a bad option for a mobile phone screen has been put forward, including a Time.

However, stated the reason why Apple chose to work with just GT Advanced be that these had a better method of producing sapphire crystal which among other things made the material more shock-resistant, reports 9to5mac. Tasks before the iPhone launch, it was alleged that the screens would not consist of pure sapphire crystal, but a laminate that would be more suitable, and that Apple patented.

Damages of $ 50 million

GT Advanced Technologies also stated to the Court that they are aware of the request to keep certain documents secret is unusual. However, they are still forced to make the request to avoid the risk of paying up to $ 50 million in damages, representing 361 million. The company has also requested the closed deliberations of the Court.

The future of Gtat is thus uncertain, and so also how this may affect any future products with sapphire crystal. If not this year’s iPhone models had been planned with sapphire glass, the question remains what such large amounts of glass in that case would be used for. It seems unlikely that the components Touch ID and camera lens on the iPhone and the upcoming iPad models would correspond to a production capacity equivalent to 100 million monitors.

Another product which Apple has said will be protected by sapphire crystal are some models of the future at Apple Watch. How Gtat’s bankruptcy proceedings will affect this production is, like much else in terms of sapphire crystal, unknown.


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UV-marked glass against bird deaths – New Technology


Billions of birds die each year by collisions with windows. One proven method is the sticker in the form of birds of prey, but the effect of these is small.

But birds can unlike humans see ultraviolet light. By providing the glazing with patterns that reflect or absorb UV light windows are made visible to the birds. Such glass is available today on the market.

Now, the Uppsala researchers Olle Håstad and Anders Ödeen the issue is more complicated. All species not perceive UV light in the same way. They have calculated the visible ultraviolet crash protection pattern is using a physiological model of avian perception.

They concluded that UV markings can only be seen by birds that have a UV vision called UVS (ultraviolet sensitive)

This group includes small passerines (eg finches), gulls and parrots.

Species that have the other type of color vision (violet sensitive) should be according to the study is not able to see the uv markings.

These include raptors, geese, ducks, pigeons and crows.

Uppsalaforskarna have published their findings in an article in PeerJ.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

ABB popular among engineers – Swedish Radio

ABB retains a strong position among engineers and is in second place when over 12,000 professionals and civil engineers from the Swedish Engineers’ register of members rank their dream employers. The so-called Engineering Survey.

Google end up in first place and Ericsson on the third.

– We are very pleased and proud to retain such a strong second place when so many of Sweden’s engineers choose their dream employer, says Ms Jackson, human resources director for ABB Sweden, in a press release.


Swedish newcomer receives 430 million in venture capital – “we will become as big as … – Business Week

In the latest round of funding they received 430 million. One of the new owners is Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom who sees potential in the Swedish technology company.

One of Sweden’s hottest newcomer, technology company TrueCaller , now receives over 430 million in venture capital, writes Di One of the new owners is Skype founder Niklas Zennström.

Risk capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers is one of the companies that have invested in Truecallers latest financing round. For them, it took only an hour to decide. Founders of TrueCaller, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, were pleasantly surprised by the decision went so fast in Silicon Valley. “It is not just the experience you have of Swedish venture capital company,” said Mamedi to Di.

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That decision did not take long, however, is not unexpected. TrueCaller impress everyone. Every day loads of 200 000 people downloaded their app, which is described as the world’s largest telephone directory, but over a billion unique numbers. Growth has doubled in one year and the founders continue to see potentil grow. “We have 85 million users today, and the plan is to have half a billion users by the end of next year. With the growth we have now, I am confident that we will reach that goal, “said Mamedi.

Before: Swedish app gets 100,000 new customers – every day

The revenue side has not caught up yet. In 2013, sales increased by only 6.4 million, and the company showed a loss after financial items of 17.1 million. But this is nothing that makes the founders or investors worried. “Our focus is to continue to invest in product and technology needed to create the world’s largest search engine for paging. We have of course a well-developed long-term plan to become profitable, “said Mamedi to Di, pointing to the fact that today is 1.5 billion searches in the app per month. “The various forms of search, we have a good opportunity to build a sustainable business model.”

One of the new owners is Niklas Zennström’s venture capital firm Atomico. Zennström, who founded Skype, will also act as advisors to Truecallers Board of Directors. “It’s great to see a team from Sweden redefining how we communicate and the scales its technology globally,” said Zennstrom in a comment. Mamedi sees commonalities with Skype. “Skype is like TrueCaller though it’s a different type of product. Our construction will be as large as Skype but in our niche. goal is to TrueCaller to have an equal importance as Skype have today in telephony, “he said about the future.

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Truecallers old owner of Sequoia, business angel Jerry Murdock and company chairman Stefan Lennhammer have also chosen to invest further in the latest round of funding. Funding is vital. “We are a very heavy engineering company and we are doing right now investing heavily in our product, platform and talented people, “said Mamedi.

After the round may also TrueCaller three new board members. The owner and the business angel Jerry Murdock takes place on the board together with Mattias Ljungman from Atomico and John Doerr sits on Google’s board. The fact that Google might be interested in TrueCaller has talked about before, and now brought the issue back to life. To a question about the connection to Google responds Mamedi that “you can interpret it in a positive way that we have a good friend on the other side. But in this world occurs people extremely professionally and keep apart their mission.” Di then asks how TrueCaller would react to a bid from Google. “I have not even thought about it,” said Mamedi.


After DI’s review: Public computers shut down at every court – Today’s Legal

Data Inspectorate has recently examined the computers at a number of courts and concluded that the data is available and searchable in for extensively. Courts Administration has, because of this now decided to close down public computers at all courts in the country.

Data Inspection Board has examined the computers at Attunda District Court, District Court of Uppsala, Västmanland District Court and the Administrative Court in Uppsala and is critical to how much information can be accessed through them.

According to the Data Inspection treated more personal information public computers than is necessary having regard to the purpose for reading. It is also possible to access classified information, according to the authority.

Courts Administration has now decided to close down public computers at all courts.

– Courts Administration takes the issue very seriously. Our goal is that the Swedish courts to maintain a high degree of transparency, accessibility and service to the public, and there has been public PC filled an important function. Courts Administration will now analyze this question in detail, and then develop a technical solution where both the public perspective that privacy requirements of the individual are met, says Martin Holmgren, Director General of the National Courts Administration in a press release.

Closure of public computers takes place from today, Wednesday, and according to the SNCA can in the current situation is not to say when public computers can be opened again.

Photo: TT


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SKB does not want the environmental test copper canisters – New Technology


In the spring of 2011, the nuclear industry through the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, SKB, in its application for a final repository for spent nuclear fuel at Forsmark Swedish to the Land and Environment Court in Nacka.

According to the method, the nuclear waste should be placed in copper canisters, which are deposited in bentonite clay, deep in the bedrock near the Forsmark nuclear power plant.

What the court does is to review and assess the environmental impact.

In the days right would have determined whether the application is complete, according to the schedule from March 2014 But the new proposal on schedule means that the decision will be sometime in early 2015th

SKB considered as early as 2013 that the application was substantially complete. But several commentators, organizations and agencies, believes that the impact on the environment can not be considered to be sufficiently investigated. SKB has promised more additions but they have been delayed. A third round was submitted to the court in September. Next is expected to land at Court members at year-end.

– The application must be complete so that it can be tested, says John Smith, alderman in 1333-11 target.

A contentious issue is how closely the court shall examine the issues related to the risks of radiation and radioactive leaks.

According to Johan Swahn, Director of MKG, Environmental kärnavfallsgranskning hampers SKB processing:

- SKB want to keep away from strålsäkerhetsfrågorna court process. This is a tactic from the company, but the risk is that the behavior can become an obstacle to the trial, he said.

Rådmannen Johan Smith describes the behavior like this:

– SKB’s view is that we should not try some safety issues as thoroughly as SSM (editor’s note : Radiation Safety Authority) should do.

It is the court that determines when the application is complete. If the SKB line wins sympathy may issues around the copper canisters fall outside the environmental assessment.

One such contentious issue is whether copper can corrode in the anoxic groundwater in rock repository.

SKB’s latest progress report on the subject was sent last week to the SSM (concurrently reviewing the company’s application). SKB considers that where copper can not corrode in oxygen-free water. But copper is described not be “immune”.

MKG’s Johan Swahn:

– to the copper corrodes down can hardly be considered a smådetalj in context. After all, the barrier performance. Therefore, the court must take into it.

Location report describes how copper pieces, surface-treated in different ways, placed in oxygen-free water in a glass tube sealed with a rubber stopper. Then develop a relatively large amount of hydrogen gas after some days. The amount decreases when the gas seeps through the cork. SKB interpret the results as hydrogen evolution mainly from hydrogen in the metal, and that the reaction between water and cups quickly stops. If the reaction continues, it is considered to be proof that copper corrodes.

According to SKB’s expert Karsten Pedersen, Professor of geomikrobiologi – whose experiments SKB is based on the report – it is not clear to say about the evolution of hydrogen stops or if it continues. He says that crucial effort will be made later this fall.

– We will empty the glass tubes on hydrogen gas, seal and see if hydrogen gas is evolved again says Karsten Pedersen. Continuing development can be a sustainable process that produces hydrogen from copper in oxygen-free water. Has development ground to a halt, it is very likely that a sustainable, hydrogen evolving process does not exist.

To clarify the corrosion issue requires Johan Swahn Now that SSM starts its own research program.

– It is not an issue as it looks today, but I’m not close any doors answers Ansi Gerhard, Head of disposal unit at SSM.