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49 percent of enabled handsets of Christmas were iPhones – Swedish Dagbladet

It sounds perhaps like a triumphant figure, but that 49.1 percent of the mobile devices were activated in the world during the Christmas holidays were iPhones is actually a reduction, even about 49.1 per cent of course implies a continued huge dominance of Apple.


Google removes Oracle’s Java code from Android N – Mobile

Mobile is the leading magazine and website in mobile communications.

The magazine and the Web site is intended for those who must buy new mobile gadgets or services and those who want to keep track of what is happening in the mobile world or working in the mobile industry.

More Mobil here.


Google wants to make it easier for developers – throw out the Oracle of Android –


Now an Oracle out of Android. Google has decided to replace the company’s Java APIs with open source.

When Android N is released next year, the operating system entirely relying on OpenJDK, the Google said to VentureBeat.

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 The expectation from the company’s move will make it easier for developers by creating an open common code base for Java. It also means a huge change in Android, with amendments in 8902 files.


 An underlying cause, such as Google are quiet about, the protracted litigation between the companies. Oracle claims that Java use in Android infringes the copyrights, and several verdicts and five years later the fighting parties still. The transition to open source can be a way for Google to protect itself from further conflict.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CDON was open to the hijackers – all it took was personal – (press release)

All CDON’s customers have risked getting their accounts taken over according to a security expert as Computer Sweden talked to.

CDON has been a part under fire lately. Recently, it was clear that e-retailers due to heavy orders pressures could change the final order date for Christmas. Additionally saw a number of customers out to be without delivery even though they ordered in good time.

And now His Jerry Illikainen, working with IT security, spotted a gap in CDON’s account system. To take over someone else’s account did indeed have been enough to know that person’s Social Security number.

With the help of the fraudsters have been able to open a new account in his name then all the data of CDON, including order history, invoices and receipts, have been transferred to the new account, according to the site Computer Sweden.

Would it easier for customers

According Qliro Group, CDON part, has above been a deliberate strategy of the company.

– For the convenience of its customers and enhance the customer experience has CDON merged accounts for customers who sign more than one account with the same data. CDON security reasons verified the entered data, either manually or automatically, before the merger takes place, writes Qliro groups press officer Erik Löfgren in an email to the news site.

No card details, however, has moved with the accounts, and now they Automatic transmissions have been turned off.

– CDON has stopped to merge accounts, and are currently investigating whether the company should continue to work in this way, writes Erik Löfgren.


99mac trying Gear VR – 99mac

99mac founded the first acquaintance with Samsung’s glasses for # virtual reality, Gear VR, in Barcelona at the exhibition MWC early this year. Now the electronics giant released Gear VR to consumers in the first version that fits together with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus and a probe has landed on the editorial board.

Virtual reality is an exciting area when it holds the promise of taking us to exciting places, but we physically need to travel somewhere. The technology is advancing rapidly, although so far we are constrained to have on us various forms of large glasses or headsets.

# Samsung has developed Gear VR along with Oculus, the company is also working on its own VR headset and now owned by Facebook. They resemble a pair of bulky goggles that you attach to your mobile front. For this you need to add a pair of headphones to really sink into the experience.

While you are looking for entertainment in your own little bubble, you will at the same time entertainment for any people around you that, at least initially, will laugh and take pictures or film you.

Will this become a common sight among travelers?

To use Gear VR, we need to get some content to experience. We have borrowed a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus along with the glasses, and it is to that which we can download material from Oculus E-Store. It is found 360-degree video, 3D movie trailers, movies, games, and educational apps.

How does it work then?

A real favorite here in the editorial are the IOS game Monument Valley of ustwo. They also stand behind the VR-titled Land’s End just Gear VR which obviously was my first stop in Oculus store.

Here the player experience the world as ustwo built up instead of seeing from above as in Monument Valley. I wander around in by looking at the different items and solve puzzles to take me on. With music in the ears, it is easy to disappear into Land’s End, and slightly nauseous I do not know of.

However, only the center of the visual field that is perceived as thoroughly sharp and screen pixels is visible, which means that it does not feel like I was really there. Another challenge for this type of experience is that it is the plot where my body should be if I look down.

In addition to game as Land’s End and Esper (another cozy crafting games from Coatsink) there are other experiences, among other things, you can check out fish under the water or experiencing photographs. Found a collection of beautiful pictures of sunsets I could look around. Again, it just pixligheten that makes everything still retains a degree of unreality.

Promising for the future of entertainment

Gear VR is currently sold by Samsung and Telia for about 1500 crowns. If I used a Samsung phone everyday, I had absolutely been considering a purchase, but instead I hope Gear VR is just the first of many similar products in the future and that iOS users also get an option next year. There is so much potential in virtual reality.

I think Gear VR is an affordable purchase considering how much content is on offer and how comfortable it is to wear. This can hardly be compared with cheap Cardboard that I tested earlier.


Half of the Christmas phones from Apple – 99mac

Apple accounted for 49 percent of activated new phones during the holiday season, with Samsung as distant runner-up.

Apple also took the lead this year in terms of mobile phones under the Christmas tree. According to data from research firm Flurry, Apple accounted for 49.1 percent of activated mobiltelefonere between 19 and 25 December this year.

Second, Samsung accounted for 19.8 percent, and distant third Nokia 2 percent. LG and Xiaomi was in position four and five, with 1.7 and 1.5 percent. Xiaomis modest investments can be partially explained by the Christmas festival is not very large in China.

Data have been collected by reviewing the 780 000 different apps installed. Christmas is the time of year when the absolute most apps installed, and on Christmas Day noted Flurry more than twice as many installations as a typical day in December.

Mobile phone with extra large screen, so-called phablets, continues to be very popoulära and represents about half of all Android phones activated. At Apple are larger models Iphone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus, only 12 percent of the total amount of iPhone activations. Total constitute mobiles with displays larger than 5 inches 27 percent, which is a good increase over last year’s 13 percent.


Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 was a super year for hardware – here are eight great progress for the computers –

Mobile devices high performance, lightning-fast routers and razor-sharp graphics. When PC World concludes in 2015, one can easily conclude that it has been a fantastic hårdvaruår.

Here are eight of the biggest advances.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980


Yes, the GTX 980 was released for the desktop already last year. Now we’re talking about the graphics card for laptops.

What makes the GTX 980 immensely impressive is one little detail: there is no “M” indicating “mobile” in the name. Nvidia has managed the feat of building a graphics card that fits in a laptop, without sacrificing performance.

So far, the new Geforce chip only in the very sharpest portable game machines, those with price tags north 30 000. But it bodes well for the both want to sit on the train and play Crysis with the best settings.

Storage war


There is nothing as cheap and easy way to shake new life into an old computer to replace the mechanical disk to an SSD. But the new generation of flash storage, the SSD taught us love to feel the stone age.

PCI-E connectors and NAND disks with a vertical (rather than horizontal) stacked chip has taken the market by storm with their speeds. Since even looked slow when nvme disks hit everything and everyone on your fingers.

Intel’s monster counter DP P3608 that was shown at the end of the summer, for example, a read speed of matchless 5 GBps – ten times faster than a standard sata ssd,

The catch? 1.6 terabyte will cost just over 36 000.

Intel Skylake


Skylake was no huge progress in terms of performance, what attracts is instead added features.

Series have both support for DDR4 frame and has 16 pieces of the third generation of PCI-E lanes – or up to 20 pieces of additional paths if you use Skylake together with Asus motherboards Z170. In plain language: it is possible to run lightning fast SSDs without stealing bandwidth from the graphics card.

Addition, Skylake a broad catalog of extra features. From security and power saving graphics boost.

Xeon in portable


Another milestone: the world’s first laptop (or” mobile workstation “as Intel calls it) with Intel’s powerful Xeon chip under the skin . First up was a couple of Lenovo Thinkpad models and more will soon be able to try on the chip previously mainly been seen in supercomputers.

Little later in the fall, Intel announced that that they release a 72-core Xeon processor to a limited number of desktop PCs in 2016.

nice cords


Sure, we are tired of technology companies insist replace the power cord standard wholesale and retail but in 2015 we had two positive examples. USB Type-c does admittedly average user can discard an entire garbage bag old usb cords, but think of the benefits. It is faster, smaller, and can plug in to any direction. Additionally, it might as Apple demonstrated, cause enough current to recharge a laptop battery.

Next delighted surprise is Intel’s decision to adapt the Thunderbolt USB c. It means that the Thunderbolt 3.0 gives crazy fast transfer speeds without having to take up a full port of the computer.

Phones that are computers


A perfect example of what can be achieved with a usb c partnership is Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Lumia 950 and 950XL can, with the help of a USB dock, turning into fully usable mobile workstations.

Continuum function, as it is called, is not without teething problems, but it shows how quickly technology advances .

Graphics card capable 4k


For years, 4k resolution not only demanded one, but two powerful graphics cards. But that changed in 2015 with the Nvidia beefy Titanium X – the first graphics card alone is able to run games at 4k with high graphics settings.

Since then, a steady stream of 4K-capable graphics pytsats out at the market. From Geforce GTX 980 TI to AMD’s water-cooled Fury X, and air-cooled Fury.

G-sync and Freesync


But a snag with our hardware now living in the future is that all the parts do not always hang out with. Sure, it is possible to deliver 4k with a video card, but the rate may suffer – it takes some gunpowder to draw eight million pixels on the screen.

Lucky then that 2015 is also the year when the screens and graphics cards learned sync refresh rate.

Nvidia directory called function G-sync, while AMD refers to it as Freesync. Colloquially referred the most of an opportunity to avoid having to shed a tear every time the frame rate drops below 60. The only drawback is that in the current situation must purchase a screen that fits either the company’s graphics cards.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Umeå researchers behind the year’s biggest discovery – Vasterbotten Courier

Umeå Gens Axen crispr, discovered by Umeå researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier, is the year’s most significant scientific breakthroughs according to the journal Science.

Gens Axen, which allows researchers to an inexpensive, simple and accurate way to cut up the DNA and replace genes exactly where they want, have revolutionized biochemistry.

The discovery has previously received several prices and tipped as a Nobel Prize winner, and now, therefore, also the Science appointed’s ears crispr the biggest scientific breakthrough 2016 DN writes about having summarized list of the journal.

Emamanuelle Charpentier at Umeå University made the discovery along with the American, Jennifer Doudna at Berkeley in California.


Requirements for the free internet access to asylum accommodations – Swedish Radio

The Swedish Migration Board is planning to introduce a requirement for free Internet access to all asylum accommodations in the future.

Migration Board wants to introduce the requirement for free Internet to improve the situation for asylum seekers often have to wait there long to hear whether they will stay or not, the daily Dagens Nyheter.

– In the acute situation prevailing now we see that we can not be hard with the requirement. Therefore we do not put somebody limit on when it should be introduced, says Christer Zettergren, the Swedish Migration Board to the newspaper.

But he says it should be before 2017.

Internet requirement is a minor part of a broader initiative which also practice and language study is included. The project is expected to cost about 250 million per year.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Aggressive fish is spreading rapidly in the Baltic Sea – Expressen

It came from the sea in eastern Europe and western Asia.

Now, the round goby from the Black Sea up an aggressive and anti-social behavior, while it spreads quickly along the Gotland coast.

Now it turns out that the new fish threatens established species.

– It will probably have a negative impact on flounder, eelpout and others less, like fish, says Magnus Thorlacius, researchers at Umeå University, to P4 Gotland.

As late as in 1990 discovered the first round goby in the Baltic Sea, which in Polish waters.

Since then, it has multiplied rapidly and in 2010 appeared on the outside Visby, where it is now part of the common stock.

But the specimens of fish that has spread so far the north is now showing a slightly different behavior. A behavior that can be summarized as antisocial.

– When they think it’s getting crowded they go on. They are more risk averse, more active and they stay happy for themselves, rather than in a group. They are anti-social, so to speak, says Magnus Thorlacius to P4 Gotland.

“Required measures within a few years”

He announced in December his thesis on how the fish are now spreading in Baltic Sea.

The rapid proliferation should, in his view be an effect of the new behavior. When it becomes more round gobies in one place, they move on, everything to be by themselves.

Marcus Thorlacius says it only will take 3-5 years before it starts to spread in large quantities . If you want to prevent the further proliferation measures must be taken within a few years, writes P4 Gotland.

For the spread in question affects the other fish stocks in the Baltic Sea.

outcompete other fish

While larger fish serve to round goby is spreading further, because there will be more food for them, the risk smaller fish to disappear altogether.

According P4 Gotland is an aggressive fish you are dealing with, and it lives in the same place and eat the same food as several other fish.

– It will probably have a negative impact on flounder, eelpout and others less, like fish. But by fishing them intensively in the beginning you could slow down the spread, says Magnus Thorlacius.


Aggressive fish is spreading rapidly in the Baltic Sea – Swedish Radio

An aggressive and anti-social behavior is one reason why the round goby rapidly now spreading along the coast of Gotland.

The round goby has taken to the Baltic Sea from the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, with the help of ships’ ballast water. The alien fish may include out-compete the flounder.

– The individuals who spreads first has a different behavior than those who stay. When it thinks it’s getting crowded when they go on. And they are more risk averse, more active and stays rather for themselves than in a group. They are anti-social, so to say.

Magnus Thorlacius, Umeå University, added in December presented her thesis on how the fish is spreading in the Baltic Sea. He has studied the round goby in Visby harbor. And it is therefore up to individuals who do not like when it gets too many fish in the same place, which spreads first, shows his research. It is therefore urgent, once discovered the fish in a new location – in all if you want to try to prevent it from spreading further.

– It takes as little as three to five years before they begin to spread in large quantities. So action must be taken any time within three years.

Another factor that may contribute to the spread are fish behavior winter. Then pull it up out in deeper water, and at night the larvae swim up to the surface, feeding on plankton.

– And then they can be spread by currents in the water or end up in ballast water on ships, says Magnus Thorlacius.

1990 found round goby for the first time in the Baltic Sea, then in Poland. 2010 appeared it up in Visby, and since then it has been found in several ports on the island. The Visby harbor is the now numerous and 2014 found Magnus Thorlacius plenty of round goby along the beaches outside the harbor, north and south.

While some predatory fish could serve to round goby establishes itself – by goby becomes food for them – so see others like it will be the losers. The blenny and especially flounder risk being driven out by the aggressive fish who like staying in the same places and live on the same feed as the flounder.

– It will probably have a negative impact on flounder and eelpout and others less, like fish.

Magnus Thorlacius considers it unlikely that it is possible to stop the round goby from spreading in the Baltic Sea.

– But by fishing them intensively, in the beginning, so you could slow down the spread.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rumor: Google to merge with car giant – Aftonbladet

An alliance that makes competitors tremble.

Recent rumors that Google and Ford teamed up – and together develop a new self-propelled armada cars. The state sources to Yahoo Autos.

– We hold these discussions private, says Ford’s spokesperson.

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A leading car manufacturer hand in hand with technology giant Google.
Clearly a combination that will surely get the other car industry to screw the little uncomfortably.

The site Yahoo! Autos writes that through three different sources with detailed knowledge learned of the new alliance agreement. A collaboration that apparently will be presented at the technology fair Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.

Win-Win situation

The benefits are obvious. Google for its part will not have to throw out billions on development of cars, and invest more in order to get a functional and quality production.

When it comes to Ford as they get access to the search engine giant’s immense data, as well as the software to designed for self-propelled vehicles.

Although it may seem sudden, so are the data fully in line with what Google founder Sergey Brin said, namely that Google has been looking for a production partner.

do not comment on speculation

Yahoo Autos writes that they have not received any concrete details about the cooperation, but that it will probably be in a separate company – to create a “legal wall” to the parent companies. In addition, it should be non-exclusive.

Google declined to comment, but the Ford spokesman Alan Hall says that it is working “with many different companies.”

– We hold these discussions private for obvious competitive reasons and we do not comment on speculation.

Do you have any news tips to Aftonbladet Bil? Email your tips here.

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Bank problems in the middle of the Christmas rush – Vasterbotten Courier

Domestic , SEB, with millions of private customers in Sweden, has major technical problems. It is not currently logging into whether the internet bank or via mobile phone.

“We have problems with the technology right now, so unfortunately you can not log in,” is announced for those who try to log in the internet bank.

According to SEB’s Facebook page is also currently problems with card payments and ATMs.

– In conclusion, it is very difficult to get into the internet bank , mobile app and Swish. Some card transactions currently works, but many have also had problems with this. Pressure is high on our customer right now, says press officer Anna Helsén to

UPDATE 14:15: Now the technical problems to be solved.

– It must have been due to a technical fault, says press officer Anna Helsén to


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SEB’s internet was down – in the middle of the Christmas rush – Aftonbladet

The middle of the Christmas rush hit SEB’s internet and mobile app of a major accident.

The customers who tried to log in were greeted by an error message – and many also had problems pay by card.

– bug has been fixed since 13:30, says SEB’s press officer Anna Helsén.

Just before 12 o’clock heard several of the Aftonbladet and told me that they had problems with SEB’s Internet.

“We have problems with the technology right now, so unfortunately you can not log on to the Internet bank.” writes the bank in a error message.

The problems are confirmed by SEB’s press officer Anna Helsén.

– It is true that we have problems with the internet bank and also the mobile app, she says.

Currently there are no forecast of when the problem can be remedied. Troubleshooting is underway.

– We’re working as fast as possible to find fault, says Anna Helsén.

Problems with credit card payments

On his Facebook page, type the Bank to the is interference even with card payments and ATMs.

– Some transactions are going through and others do not, says Anna Helsén.

SEB has four million customers in Sweden and the Baltic countries. How many are affected by the fault is unclear.

At 13:30 did the internet bank again. According to Anna Helsén was no attack behind the problems.

– There was a technical fault and not something that came from outside, she says.

Jan, 59, did not get Christmas gifts

One of those affected is Jan Uddgren, 59. This morning he rode the six kilometers between home and Ica in Svenljunga. The plan was to pick up the presents that he ordered online, and to buy food and drink at Christmas.

But that did not happen.

– When I arrived at the checkout worked not the card. I had enough money to get some food, but the presents were left in the deal.

Now it is uncertain about Jan Uddgren get the presents in time. Although tomorrow’s menu is in danger.

– I’m going to potluck and had planned to do some special Christmas food. Something dessert, I could not buy either. It will be the usual meatballs and jam instead.

How do you feel?

– You become irritable. The timing is so wrong.