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To be more enticed to buy Oracle’s super jar – Computer Sweden

Those who bought Oracle Database Machine Exadata has been forced to use relatively new versions of Oracle database on it. This has meant that a large number of companies that use older versions of the Oracle database have not been able to replace older servers against Exadata without also upgrading the database. The need to conduct two such major changes at the same time naturally reduces the odds of a change to Exadata.

Now the Oracle remove an obstacle for users of older versions of the company’s database. The company has adapted to the Exadata Version 10gR2 of the database, according to a blog post by Oracle’s Robert Freeman.

Oracle 10gR2 launched originally as long ago as July 2005 Backward Compatibility is thus temporally abundant for Exadata.

To the should work with version 10gR2 database on Exadata requires that certain conditions are met. So here it is described in Freeman’s blog, translated into Swedish: “There is now support for AFCS on Exadata when running Grid Infrastructure Release or later.” AFC stands for Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System.

blog entry continues: “The advantage is that it is now possible to run Oracle Database 10gR2 on Exadata with AFCS storage . “

Robert Freeman continues to mention a few other terms for everything to work. There are also question marks for the way it looks with support for 10gR2 as Oracle itself has scaled back support. Support is available, from independent suppliers.

And the fact is, there are still companies that use Oracle 10gR2.

What does the here in practice

– Some applications must be modified to work well with a later version of database than 10gR2, says Stefan Toth, CEO of Sucaba Technologies, a consulting firm that specializes in business intelligence, whose consultants often come in contact with the Oracle database.

For companies need to modify your applications require support for 10gR2 thus migration to Exadata easier now. If the need is not there like Stefan Toth not that support for 10gR2 is equally important.

– Looking only to the database, I think the difference is marginal between going from a database version on a standard server to the same database version of Exadata, and to go from 10gR2 on a regular server to a later version of Exadata, says Stefan Toth.

In short, the requires some work to migrate to Exadata even if the database does not need to be upgraded. But there are still reasons to avoid a database upgrade:

– Basically is it much in the desire to avoid making two major changes at the same time, said Erik Wramner, developer at consulting Code Mint.

He does not to Exadatastödet for 10gR2 is important in all situations:

– Most of my customers running large applications have already upgraded them to version 11g of the database, says Erik Wramner.

In light of the observation, it is interesting to note that Oracle’s database machine Database Appliance is intended for less demanding applications than Exadata requires at least version 11g of the database, according to information on Oracle’s website. It seems that the support for 10gR2 would be more welcome for Database Appliance than for Exadata.

Read more Oracle beefs up the server CPU.


Graf Doped rubber band becomes sensor – Electronics Magazine (blog)

In an article in the journal ACS Nano explains the researchers how to charge the rubber bands with the graph – in a cheap process – and then use them as the ROV.

– The concept may sound simple, but our graph-filled rubber bands can actually help make a revolution in the care of distance, says one of the researchers.

The graph extensibility is key. The sensor will be lightweight and can thus perhaps be used on delicate creatures, as premature babies.

Source: IEEE


Uncertainty about new research reactor – Swedish Radio

Christer want to know how the parties agrees to a new research reactor in Oskarshamn.

The question was last updated in the mid- August when the Research Council was asked to look at an application to build a new reactor.

Janne Wallenius, professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), is behind the application of about $ 1.5 billion. It has been done in collaboration with researchers at Uppsala University and Chalmers University in Gothenburg.

The new research reactor will emit significantly less waste, require shorter repository and be able to run on spent nuclear fuel.

– Firstly, nuclear power is an important part of the global supply of electricity. Sweden has a long tradition of developing advanced nuclear power, we should seize. This project is exactly what could manifest that Sweden is a world leader in the development of modern nuclear power, says Janne Wallenius to echo.

The decision to grant money to the project or not will be taken by the government that comes to power after the fall election. Both among the red-green parties and the Alliance are parties that are opposed to a new reactor is built.

The Centre Party is against the proposal, as well as the Green Party and the Left Party. The Social Democrats would not comment.

– We’ll see if it ever ends up on the political table. If it does, says the Centre Party no. We want to focus on green, renewable energy and support the already started and existing research facilities, says Annie Loof (C) to the echo.

Jan Björklund (Liberal) do positive and says that to proceed with the proposal for the Swedish Research Council is positive.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Microsoft’s answer to Chromebook – Computer Sweden

For the market’s cheapest computers, the price of the operating system to be crucial in the competition for customers. The Google realized a few years ago when developing Chrome OS which is free and now Microsoft’s countermove in the form of “Windows 8.1 with Bing.” The new free version of Windows is no different from the old one except that Bing is the default search engine, while Internet Explorer is the default that browser.

First out with This concept is Lenovo whose G40 now sold for $ 250 in the United States, or about 1,700 excluding VAT. Next up is the HP Stream 14, which will go on sale for just $ 200, about the same price that applies to the cheapest versions of the Chromebook.

Common to the Most computers to be sold with the free version of Windows is that they have screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels, but since it can vary in terms of other configuration. Lenovo G40 and G50 have screens of 14 and 15.6 inches and hard drives of 320 GB. Dell Inspiron 15 costs $ 250 and has 500 GB hard disk.

The cheapest is Lenovo Q190 small desktops that are sold for $ 225, compared with $ 285 for the same model running with the standard version of Windows. From this it can be concluded that PC manufacturers get $ 60 discount (about 500 Euros including VAT) if they choose Bing version of Windows.


Combitech cooperates with Savantic around image analysis – evertiq.se

A collaboration between Combitech and Savantic will now provide comprehensive solutions in image analysis.

Combi Tech has contracted with Savantic, a company that specializes in just analysis. The agreement will give Combitech opportunity together with Savantic conduct joint customer projects, marketing activities, exchange of expertise and customer development.

– Savantic has unique expertise in areas such as mono and stereo camera technology and image positioning and tracking algorithms have been developed in the world. With Savantic as partners, we deliver advanced and cost effective solutions in image analysis to customers in a market that is going to completely explode, says Anders Åström, business manager at Combi Tech.

Combitech work includes development of product-based demonstrators, for example for accurate positioning in industrial manufacturing applications, including video-based 3D reconstruction and relative positioning. The new collaboration with Savantic represents a major step forward in the effort to take responsibility for the entire PLM solution – from brainstorming, technology and market analysis, to design and implementation, and if desired also the maintenance and further development, writes Combtech.

– With his experience and focus on the Nordic market has Combitech a very good reputation and we are delighted to forge ties with the company as a partner. In this way we strengthen our position as an imaging company, says Claes Orsholm, president of Savantic.


University studies get going – Swedish YLE

This week begins approximately 17 000 new students studying at universities and colleges. Of those starting more than 3500 Swedish-language study at Åbo Akademi University, Swedish Business School and University of Helsinki.

More than 260 students starting their studies at the Swedish School of Economics. Nadia Väglund from Maalahti is one of the 69 who will begin their studies at the Swedish School of Economics in Vaasa.

– It feels good enough. I’m nervous, but it will be fun, says Väglund.

Nina Kallio Nina Kallio study advisor at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa Image: YLE / Anna Ruda

Nadia Väglund matriculated from high school in Petalax last spring, and she is looking forward to reading other subjects than the high school, although she believes that the studies in college will be more intense than what she is used to from high school. Getting to know new people is something she looks forward to.

Studies begin with an introduction week

801 new students have reported that they receive their study at Åbo Akademi. Of those 177 starts studying in Vaasa and 29 Jacobstad.

Nadja Väglund Nadia Väglund beginning their studies in Vaasa Image: YLE / Anna Ruda

The first week is the introduction week when the new students get to learn what academic study implies.

– We tell you, for example, also on student health and how the new get started with our computers and they need support if they, for example, reading and writing. Furthermore, are our tutors a very important part in their first contact with us, says Nina Kallio, advisers at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa.

Kallio said that the social context is important the first time at the Åbo Akademi University.

– Later, it is important that studies it is you want to do, says Kallio.

Nadia Väglund involves studies at the Swedish School of Economics that she leaves home to an apartment in Vaasa.

– University and everything else is a completely new environment, says Väglund.


Renaissance paintings just got funnier – Metro

Fight Pisces playing Street Fighter is not the only aquatic animals which are now fully up in nostalgia on Twitch.tv. This fish control themselves by fishing and forth, through classic games Pokemon Red and Blue. And how weird it may sound, it’s actually exciting. Follow the fish here.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Equality begins with technology – Smålandsposten

today 00:31 | Updated 2014-08-23

A hundred years ago, the first Swedish engineer their education. Her name was Vera Sandberg, was born on Hångers farm in Ljungby, and were recorded in the fall of 1914 Chalmers Three years later she graduated as an engineer specializing in chemistry.

the first female engineer in Sweden would be Småland one might have imagined. But it was actually the last winter before Sandberg got a street named after him in Ljungby. At Chalmers University in Gothenburg, she has been kept in better memory. In addition to a street, an auditorium, and a farce is also a hot air balloon named after her.

Sandberg had a passion for engineering and chemistry with them from home and wanted to work as an engineer. That she was the only woman working in extant poems from time occasionally have troubled her. But she wanted above all be verified as a professional person. “Someone rödstrumpa was never mother”, has one of her sons commented.

Vera Sandberg died in 1979 after having had time to work on several industries, has held various management positions, served on the board and also found time to raising five children. When she died, about ten percent of the country’s engineering students are women.

Today, there are more than 120,000 civil engineers in Sweden, and of these, 19 percent are women. The rise of women has been greatest in architecture and engineering design. Industry-important lines of machine engineering, electronics still only around ten percent of female students.

Special efforts to get girls interested in math and technology has given temporary peaks in the proportion of women is examined. In the late 90s, for example, the proportion of women among newly graduated students coming to Chalmers 30 percent. Chalmers had then a few years worked actively to recruit women. But it has been difficult to get a long-term change. In the mid 00′s was the number of women back in under 20 percent. If you want to increase the proportion of female engineers must work actively for a long time.

There are reasons to do. Fewer women than men choose engineering course may eventually other consequences. Swedish industry is traditionally heavy engineering, and nowhere else in Europe are engineers so well represented in management positions and on boards. When we complain that the business does not have equal boards, it’s easy to forget that it is a symptom of an imbalance that begins much earlier. If the proportion of female engineers is only 20 percent, it is difficult to claim that the percentage of female chief engineers, professors and directors of industrial enterprises should be 50 percent.

The politicians often choose to propose quotas for boards when they want to affect men and women in industry . It’s a method that worked in elected assemblies. Perhaps we should choose a different path in the industry, and instead focus on more female students are becoming interested in mathematics and engineering in school.

Mathias Wide

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Terrified octopus inspires camouflage skins – Metro

Fight Pisces playing Street Fighter is not the only aquatic animals which are now fully up in nostalgia on Twitch.tv. This fish control themselves by fishing and forth, through classic games Pokemon Red and Blue. And how weird it may sound, it’s actually exciting. Follow the fish here.


Is your iPhone 5 battery shitty? If you are lucky you can get a new one free of charge – Lukasz Lindell

The iPhone 5 has a couple of years old now, and the result of it is that the battery life is drastically reduced. My own battery is down below 50% before noon today. On the whole, it is a perfectly normal deterioration process, but some phones have been improperly manufactured and can get a new battery free of charge.

If the iPhone 5 is sold between September 2012 and January 2013, it may be the target for a free replacement. Apple has set up a special page to check if your phone is part of the exchange program. Enter your phone’s serial number on the side and hope for the best.

The serial number can most easily like this:

Settings & gt; General & gt; If

then scroll down to Serial . If you hold your finger on the serial number, you can copy it, so you do not have to enter it manually.

Check your serial number here: https://ssl.apple.com/support/iphone5-battery/

Are your phone approved for a replacement, please tell us in the comments


“Nightmare add in Marstrand” – Gothenburg Post

steamer Bohuslän ends add in Marstrand is not surprising according to skipper Kim Forssblad.

Kristian Wedel has drawn attention to the steamer Bohuslän teaches make his last Marstrandstur on Sunday after over a hundred years in the route. A fate that led many people to react and write angry posts and great memories.

Kim Forssblad, president of the Society of the steamboat and the skipper of Bohuslän can testify it is not agreeable to dock at the new protruding bridge in Marstrand.

– Honestly feels the risks so great that there is no justification that we are entering in Marstrand. It’s incredibly crowded and hard to see. The nightmare would be to accidentally backed over a rowboat.

Read more on the blog Gothenburg now and then.


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MinEcon skipping 2014, back in 2015 in London – Metro

Published: Today 18:18

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Laptop Replacement for the daring – Computer Sweden

Sure, your trekilos laptop with Windows 7 works pretty safe. But you feel like a change. You want to test a different type of client device. Fortunately, there are a number of more or less odd models to choose from.

Laptop with Android
 Maybe you have an Android phone? Why not test a laptop with Android, so you can keep using your favorite apps? Sure, the supply bit thin in terms of productivity applications, but it gets better. And there are actually word processor and spreadsheet programs. In Cnet is Lenovo A10 with Flex tiotums screen for 1790 crowns.

8-inch Android tablet
About you still should switch to something new so maybe it is time to abandon the traditional laptop and invest in a tablet. With some external accessories like keyboard, you can recreate most of the functionality of a computer. Anyone who has good eyesight or good glasses, and wants to get out cheaply can bet on an eight-incher. If it works with Android starting prices at time of writing at around 600 kronor. Siba, for example, several models.

8-inch Windows-plate
Say to an eight inch plate will do, but not Android. If so, are there alternatives to Windows. If you want to do a Chapter Alina has a demo deal at Toshibamodell with Windows 8.1. for 1599 crowns. Expect to pay a little more for a completely fresh copy.

A new category that is establishing itself seriously, Chromebook, laptop computers with Google’s browser-based operating system, Chrome OS. They come in different price ranges, with different-sized displays. One example is HP’s 14-inch Chromebook 14 as Cnet takes 3,495 kronor.

Surface RT, first version
 Microsoft Armbaserade tiotums tablet Surface RT really has not acclaimed the market. Now reassign it out. Cnet takes 2,490 crowns. If you really want to be different, this is a good option. You have to live with a special version of Windows, but can at least use some programs that are included, such as Word and Excel.

Built by with Raspberry Pi
 Anyone who thinks it’s lame to use pre-built computers can of course create your own client device based on hobbyisternas darling, short computer Raspberry Pi. It will be cheap anyway and Linux works. On the plus side is a wide range of tips on how to do to take part of.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Star Wars: Commander launched on iOS Devices – Metro

Published: Today 02:42

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More people should get broadband in rural areas – Aftonbladet

Stockholm. The government wants to take advantage of state companies’ existing fiber network to more people access to heavily broadband in rural areas.

On Thursday, a commission was appointed, led by former Minister for Communications Åsa Torstensson (C) to explore possibilities for coordination.

Transport Administration, Swedish Kraftnät, Waterfall and Teracom owns along 23,000 kilometers of fiber throughout Sweden that is only used for the companies’ own needs.

– These networks are underutilized, said Information Technology and Energy Anna-Karin Hatt (C) during a press conference.


The characteristics that make you open your wallet – forskning.se

– What is particularly interesting in this project is that we have identified important characteristics of food products and have been able to measure the effects of the surrounding associations on consumer payment and buying intentions says Johan Anselmsson, associate professor of marketing.

Together with Dr Niklas Bond’s son, and Professor Ulf Johansson at the School of Economics at Lund University, he has charted what influences consumers’ choice of favorite products and willingness to pay more for some than for others. The results were recently published in the Journal of Product & amp; Brand Management, a leading international journal for brand research.

This study deals with consumer packaged food and shows that the perception of the product’s qualities as only a minor part may explain why we are willing to pay more for a product than for another.

– We consumers are not as rational as we think. As consumers, we often say one thing and do another. Image and branding is more important than the product itself when we buy food, says Johan Anselmsson.

The results can be used in many ways. For example, the study shows that the customer’s perception of corporate social responsibility is quite small effect on WTP. However, we are ready to pay more for the products feels unique, has a Swedishness sense and a bit of status character.

– The problem is that sustainably produced sells poorly, that these products are more expensive to produce and require a higher price. According to our results, one should instead argue on the basis of status, uniqueness and origin because such arguments run willingness to pay, he says.

To get around the problem that we say one thing and does another has researchers have developed a new method that is based on Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s theories about how we make decisions. In the study, researchers asked consumers why not straight out of what they prioritize as these responses usually becomes rational motives as low price, high quality, and that advertising is unimportant.

Instead, participants were given a statement on different associations linked to a number trademarked products. By then allowing a computer program to link these associations to actually purchase and payment behavior, the researchers could see what actually drives the purchase and willingness to pay.

– The method brings out the intuitive and unconscious in our choices and works not only on food but also on service, destinations, and public sectors. The results can help companies become better at matching their offerings to customer needs, says Johan Anselmsson.

And the research work in practice. A number of well-known companies have already successfully used the method in their work to bring out the nature of the information and features they should develop in order to create customer value and attractive offers.

article brand image and customers’ willingness to pay a price premium for food brands are published in the Journal of Product & amp; Brand Management.

Reference Link: Download the article here external link, opens in new window


Advanced video services to Swedish students – Computer Sweden

For the past few years back has Swedish universities the opportunity to join the e-meeting system Sunet Connect, which is based on Adobe Connect and now Sunet Play based on the American open-source platform Kaltura.

Sunet Plays system administrator Markus Schneider says that Adobe Connect has been something of a success story for the Swedish universities, but that you have seen a need for a service which is primarily focused on video and in addition supports multiple platforms.

– Video pops up in many places in higher education institutions and Kaltura have focused on just that there are a plethora of different formats and capture opportunities and sources that you would like to sort out.

– You do have a central place to manage, decide how open or closed it to be and then be able to offer a play where you want designed alternatives. It’s something different than having a web meeting tool where the primary purpose is real-time communication, said Markus Schneider.

Kalturas cloud-based video service has been around since 2007 and is used by a wide range of media companies and universities for newscasts and distance education. It has features of both to create and maintain media library, and integration with other systems for live streaming and also groupware as SharePoint.

– There is different integration possibilities and apps for Kaltura and to work on a simple integration with Adobe Connect is in their roadmap so that you can still use Connect for recording and send it out to a single place. Kaltura has shown that they can such as they already have a similar integration with Webbex said Markus Schneider.

The cooperation Sunet now initiated with Kaltura Sunet means that customers can order extras, such as consulting services, as well as different versions of Kalturas mobile app with their own branding.


Intel: everything should be wireless – Computer Sweden

During Intel’s big developer conference in September will be about whether the wireless office. As early as the summer’s Computex fair in Taiwan, Intel unveiled together with Alliance 4 Wireless Power frameworks for wireless charging of mobile phones not only but also tablets and laptops. Support for this is promised in Intel’s upcoming platform Skylake. Over the next few years, Intel also build in support for connecting the docking stations and other peripherals without wires.

The Intel reference model used standard WiGig supporting wireless transmissions of up to 7 Gbit / s.

On Intel’s blog where the new wireless future presented in the form of a video says Intel’s representatives that it no longer needs to have outputs for HDMI or display port on laptop computers, since they will have USB 3 speed in the wireless transmissions.

– When you comes into the office with your laptop automatically activates it together with a display or projector without having to worry about the display port or hdmi.

When technology since be linked to identification via facial recognition can automatically log on to the network without even touching the keyboard, promises Intel.
 To completely avoid having to concern themselves with cords requires that workplace fitted with a table that has a laddplatta supporting Alliance 4 Wireless Power (A4WP) technique called Rezence. It loads not only laptops, but also mobile phones, tablet computers, keyboards and mice.

The question is, however, when and if this can be more than just a vision, because industry hardly is united behind right A4WP. On the contrary, there are many manufacturers that have invested in the competing standard from Qi Wireless Power Consortium.


Barbour recruits ecommerce director from HP – Computer Sweden

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Implants communicate through body tissue – Electronics Magazine (blog)

The scientists tell us about their results in the journal Electronics Letters.

The tissue was simulated. The sensor has a side of 1 mm and sits on a circuit board.

before the end should have allowed the researchers fabricate an integrated circuit and planted it in a mouse brain.

Smaller sensors open new possibilities to implant in the body where there is so much space. Small size also makes the implant itself simple.

One electrode is attached to the human body near the implant to send data to and read data from it. Researchers are examining the modulation technique which they will use to broadcast. And they think the lead by more than 2 mm of tissue is possible if the receiver sensitivity adjustment.

Scientists hope it will be possible to plant into several pieces sensors in the human brain for the study of neural interaction.

In the longer term, they fantasize about the direct interface between the brain and the sensor, where the sensor is used unconsciously.