Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dropbox hacked 60 million users’ data – Daily News

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Ericsson kicks off hunting 5G-billion – Swedish Dagbladet

Ericsson plans to deliver the necessary G5 components already in 2017 – for the roll-out of the fifth-generation mobile networks. The Swedish telecom giant has signed contracts with 26 operators who are ready to launch the technology, said to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.


The Irish rejoices Apple skattesmäll – will allow its sovereign debt to plummet – Business Week

For once, there will be a positive financial news from ölandet.

According to a recommendation by EU finance ministers, Ireland should use Apple’s back taxes of 13 billion euros to pay off the national debt. It said EU sources said on Wednesday. Formally, however, the Irish Government is completely free to decide how the money will be used.

On Tuesday, the European Commission decided that Ireland’s tax arrangements for Apple constitute illegal state aid. Therefore, Apple is guilty Ireland 13 billion euros in unpaid taxes.

“Ireland can do what they want with the money. They go to the Treasury,” said Commission spokesman on competition matters Ricardo Cardoso at a briefing on Wednesday.

But EU sources pointed out that the EU finance ministers in the country specific recommendation in June called on Ireland to use all the unexpected extra revenues to accelerate the reduction of government debt.

However, the mentioned ECOFIN recommendation just extra income from higher growth, lower interest payments and sales of assets.

because of the financial crisis stage Ireland’s public debt from 42 percent of GDP in 2008 to 120 percent in 2012. the first quarter of this year, the debt of 80.4 percent, equivalent to 207 billion euros , according to Eurostat.

Thirteen billion would thus constitute 6.3 percent of the debt, a significant reduction of the country ..

Both Ireland and Apple said on Tuesday that they intend to appeal against the Commission decision to the European Court of Justice. But despite the lawsuit must Ireland require the money immediately.

One possibility is to put the money in an escrow account in the process, which, however, belong to the state. The amount can also be reduced if other EU countries want to tax profits arising in their countries but then moved to Ireland.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Apple releases new charge betas – 99mac

An eighth develop beta and a public version 7 of IOS 10 has been released, as well as a new beta version of the TV OS.

Apple has released an eighth beta version of # IOS 10 to developers, and a seventh public beta version. These were released only a week after the previous versions. The updates are now coming more frequently indicate that IOS 10 are increasingly ready to be released in sharp version.

Apple has also released a new beta version of # TV OS for the Apple TV. Beta is the seventh, and is limited to developers. TV OS 10 first appeared during Apple’s developer conference WWDC in June, and includes several new features. Among other things, there is a dark user interface, Siri in Swedish and improved sign-on services.

Also # Mac OS Sierra received a few days ago a new beta version. This is the seventh beta version for developers, and the sixth public beta. Just like other operating systems Mac OS Sierra expected to come in the fall.

Apple has not yet confirmed any media event in September, but according to rumors, this year’s iPhone launch will be held September 7. The new phones will according to 9to5Mac go on sale September 16, which means that the IOS 10 can be released already 14 September. The new versions of TV OS and Mac OS will probably also associated with this.


Apple releases new charge betas – 99mac

An eighth develop beta and a public version 7 of IOS 10 has been released, as well as a new beta version of the TV OS.

Apple has released an eighth beta version of # IOS 10 to developers, and a seventh public beta version. These were released only a week after the previous versions. The updates are now coming more frequently indicate that IOS 10 are increasingly ready to be released in sharp version.

Apple has also released a new beta version of # TV OS for the Apple TV. Beta is the seventh, and is limited to developers. TV OS 10 first appeared during Apple’s developer conference WWDC in June, and includes several new features. Among other things, there is a dark user interface, Siri in Swedish and improved sign-on services.

Also # Mac OS Sierra received a few days ago a new beta version. This is the seventh beta version for developers, and the sixth public beta. Just like other operating systems Mac OS Sierra expected to come in the fall.

Apple has not yet confirmed any media event in September, but according to rumors, this year’s iPhone launch will be held September 7. The new phones will according to 9to5Mac go on sale September 16, which means that the IOS 10 can be released already 14 September. The new versions of TV OS and Mac OS will probably also associated with this.


Spotify Penalty exclusive artists – 99mac

Spotify punish artists who write exclusive contracts with other services, including by not bring artists’ songs to playlists.

as previously reported 99mac is exclusive agreements with artists one of the methods that the music service Apple music made use of to attract subscribers. Last week wrote 99mac that even Spotify had to consider exclusive content, even though it is something that goes against the philosophy of the company.

Now the escalating war between Apple and Spotify up further as Bloomberg reports that Spotify punish artists who write contracts for exclusivity with the rival. Artists who release new material only at the Apple Music has been informed that their songs will be featured on Spotify playlists once they become available. Manually together picked playlists has become a popular way for listeners to discover new music.

Playlists are a popular way to discover new music.

Artists who ended in Spotify’s favor should also be placed further down in search results according to anonymous sources, but this is something that the music service itself denied. This hard line is also said to be something like Spotify has applied ever since Apple Music was launched just over a year ago, but it should have escalated in recent months.

Even artists tied to the music service Tidal has been punished by Spotify, according to a source who did not want to mention specifically the musicians involved. Recently it was reported that the record company Universal prohibited its artists to sign exclusive agreements with streaming services.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Details: Next week presented Iphone 7 – Swedish Dagbladet

Stock Photography. Apple unveils its iPhone 6 models. Photo: Eric Risberg / AP

“See you on the 7th.” So let Apple’s invitation on Monday was broadcast to American media CBNC News, The Verve and BuzzFeed. According to the media, it’s about show of the new iPhone 7, but also an update of Apple Watch models.

It is also the fifth consecutive year that Apple chooses the month of September to introduce new products to the public.

There is other information that was leaked in July of technology reporter Evan Blass to the model’s launch will take place on 16 september.

Even now, rumors have been buzzing about the new model will have faster processors, better loading time and touch sensitive home button. One of the most controversial change is that the new model totally lacks a headphone jack.


Spacecraft record close to Jupiter – “can provide new perspectives” – Aftonbladet

Never before have we been so close to the planet Jupiter that now.

In the night beat Nasa record of 1975 – the spacecraft Juno is just 4200 kilometers from the gasjättens surface.

– this can give us a whole new perspective, says investigator Scott Bolton.

“Everything has worked as it should,” NASA writes in a message.

Five years after leaving earth, the space probe Juno records come close to Mars – just 4200 kilometers above the planet’s swirling clouds. Now hope NASA for answers about the solar system.

– This is our first chance to really get a close look at the king of our solar system and begin to find out how it works, said Scott Bolton, head of Juno project and researcher at the Southwest Research Instiute of San Antonio, in a press release from NASA.

Unique images of the gas giant

This is the first of 37 laps around the planet as the spacecraft will do to its mission will end in February 2018. the goal is to investigate whether there is a solid core of gasjättens center and the space probe will also measure the amount of water and ammonia in the atmosphere. NASA also plans to map the planet’s violent winds and magnetic fields.

In addition, the spacecraft delivered unique image, the highest resolution images ever on Jupiter, and tons of other data has been collected – now the material should only be downloaded to us on earth.

– It will take days to gather all the material and even longer to understand what Juno and Jupiter is trying to tell us, he says. READ ALSO Juno: “Ready to reveal all the secrets …”

Brought ten times closer

The record for how close you were previously Jupiter taken by NASA’s Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which in 1974 passed about 43,000 kilometers of gas giant.

This means that today we have come full ten times – or nearly four globe – closer.

– we have come much closer, but the planet’s huge so when the pictures released, we see very detailed images of small areas on the planet, says space expert Sven Grahn told Aftonbladet.

– Jupiter is a cool plane and now we will suddenly get ten times better visual acuity, he said.

the spacecraft also has three, something unexpected, passengers, three custom-made mercenary men in aluminum. The reason they are not made of plastic is for them to cope with the harsh space weather. The toys represent the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, the Roman god Jupiter and divinity wife Juno. READ ALSO Hear the mysterious sounds from Jupiter


Britney can not decide – Sveriges Radio

How does Britney Spears today?

– To me it sounds like she had a little difficult to decide. “Glory” is a mixture of both the music that made her so great around the turn of the millennium – happy mainstreampop with bulldozerrefränger- and partly a desire to innovate and do something more adult and more modern.

– The modern part the album is more reclined with low-key drumming, R & B influences, more soaring choruses and echo effects. Above all, she sings in a completely different way.

How does the song Britney’s voice is different, do you think?

– Britney is not exactly a best voice, but she has a voice that almost everyone recognizes. A little nasal, robot-like and under a thick layer of autotune. But in several of the songs on “Glory”, she sings actually in a completely new way, with personality and feel.

What is the songs on “Glory” about?

– all with a few exceptions, is about sex. Sometimes, as in the song “Make Me”, it works really well. It feels as if she might be inspired by Beyoncé’s self-titled album from 2014 was all about to be allowed to be sexy, strong, smart and adult. But suddenly she turns on the course, and so she’s back in that childish and a little revue sexy role that is difficult to understand when it comes from a 35 year old. The single “Clumsy” about being clumsy in bed is omöljlig to listen to without strong shame rinses.

What is the real Britney do you think, the former millennieprinsessan or she is behind the album’s more innovative parts ?

– It sounds as if Britney had fun when she experimented, but I have a feeling that she thrives at its best when she gets to go into the role of the artist with a big, empty smile that just will entertain the audience. Although many try to shape the Britney Spears to a symbol of the one or the other so is Britney herself a totally apolitical artist, which is almost difficult to deal with in 2016. Taylor Swift, Zara Larsson, Beyonce – all the great artists of today have a political message. But Britney is still much of a mystery.

– In one of the songs she sings “If I’m dancing in the know the music is good.” So as long as I dance, I think the music is good. And perhaps it is her message, that it should be allowed to be as it was before, that pop should be allowed to just be fun. I think Britney’s fans will love Glory, but I do not think it will win over some new ones.


Get Swedish ekoäpplen in stores – Göteborgs-Posten

For the äppelsugne with environmental thinking, the choice is often between a conventionally grown Swedish apple and organically grown fruit imports. Stock Photography. Photo: DRAGO Prvulovic, TT

Sweden Fancy a ekoäpple? Then you usually have to make do with the import of fruit. Around 98 percent of ekoäpplena of some of the largest supermarket chains are imported.

What speaks for the Swedish ekoäpplet is the great demand, but so far the market share is minimal. At ICA, Coop and Axfood is only between nine and 14 percent of all sold apples organically grown and about 98 percent of ekoäpplena is imported.

But the number of Swedish organic apple growers grow.

I think it’s really exciting, it’s a super challenge. You have to be one step ahead all the time, says Martha Johansson, who along with her husband Donald grow organically in Ramdala in eastern Blekinge.

Long takeoff

The delivery time for new tree seedlings two years and then it will take another five years before the trees gives full harvest. The long-off distance can be one of the reasons that so far there are so few organic apple growers in Sweden.

Joacim Holgersson, who grow ekoäpplen outside Lidköping, points to more reasons: It is more expensive to hire in Sweden than in competitor countries, and in ekoodlingen is the hands of a man who shall instead of spraying.

soap and baking soda

the permitting process for the innocuous preparations ekoodlarna use is another area where Swedish growers work uphill battle. Although it is about, for example, detergents, organic canola oil and baking soda requires the same procedure as for conventional growers. It is expensive and takes time.

Here are disadvantaged Swedish growers of the EU’s zoning – organic preparations are approved in other parts of Europe, where the large ekokonkurrenterna available, require separate approval in the northern zone, where Sweden is included.

politicians must help ekoodlarna, so that we can compete with our foreign competitors on equal terms, says Joacim Holgersson.

“Important to echo”

But what is the best for the environment, a conventionally grown apple from Sweden or ekoäpple from Italy or Chile?

Organic is best, regardless of origin, believes Emelie Hansson, expert of Nature Conservation. The transport distance is not decisive for the food’s climate impact. And it is an important signal to the Swedish growers of customers prioritize ecologically, she reasons.

But right now, in the autumn, we must take care of the apples in Swedish trägårdar, which unfortunately often rot away.

The Facts: Swedish Ekofrukt on the rise

Organic orchard is on the march in Sweden. The cultivated area has increased from 115 hectares 2009-185 hectares, 2015.

The most widely grown apple, but even small amounts of organic pears, plums and cherries.

Most organic orchards are small and sell primarily for the local market.

According to the Agriculture Department is a large demand for Swedish organic fruit, but there are several problems that must be solved to prepare the ground for ekoodlare. We need better methods to manage weeds and pests and to get higher and more consistent yield and quality.

Source: Agriculture

Background: High price and difficult handling

High price and difficult handling are some of the problems for the Swedish ekoäpplen, according to supermarket chains.

Coop believes demand for Swedish ekoäpplen which clearly exceeds the supply. Coop responds ekoäpplen for nine percent of total apple sales, of which two percent is from Sweden. Coop believes that the management of the Swedish range is difficult: “The availability varies greatly from week to week and from variety to variety. There are also requirements for the labeling of ekoäpplen, which can be a challenge for small producers to manage,” writes Coop in a responses to TT.

Ica, however, considers that there is no shortage: “the volume of Swedish ekoäpplen we get is spent. in the current situation corresponds to the supply to the demand, so there is no shortage.” In Ica was 14 percent of the apple sales last year, ecological and just 1.5 percent of the sold ekoäpplena was Swedish cultivated.

Axfood believes that the high price of Swedish ekoäpplen holding back sales. In addition, customers have a good eye for conventionally grown apples Swedish, points Axfood. At Axfood was ten percent of the apple organic sales last year and two percent of ekoäpplena was Swedish.


Dumps Apple shares – Business World

Apple CEO Tim Cook received on Friday, 1.26 million shares of Apple, valued at a total of $ 135 million. The allocation of shares was in line with the share option programs as CEO of the Silicon Valley giant has been with the company and that could see him receive a total of seven million shares until 2021, writes the Wall Street Journal.

of the allocated entry chose Tim Cook to sell part of the shares, worth a total of $ 36 million, according to the submitted documents.

Additional shares at a value of 71 million were dumped to cover the taxes.

Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple in 2011. In connection with the takeover, he was given a million RSU shares, the ie shares that one gets after having met certain requirements, such as earnings or to stay on his post for some time. The figure is now at seven million because of a previous stock split.

According to the initial agreement, half of the shares have been awarded to Tim Cook during the current year. Of the 1.36 million shares he received was 280.000 pieces related to the company’s performance on the stock market. Apple has struck more than two-thirds of the companies in the S & amp; P 500 index over the past three years. The share is, however, a full 20 percent lower from its peak in May 2015.


In a close encounter with Jupiter – New Technology

TECHNOLOGY sweep. Jupiter images, self-propelled buses and Zika-fight. Here is a selection of the latest technology news.

Now, NASA managed to get closer to Jupiter than ever . The spacecraft Juno including photographed the planet. Read more on Gizmodo.

Russian equivalent of Google, Yandex has entered the automotive industry. The company concentrates on developing self-driving buses , writes Techchrunch.

In China invests search engine company Baidu in the same thing and presents a self-propelled electric car read more Techchrunch.

Wired closer look at a future where not only cars, but Also rooms are self-propelled.

In the fight against the mosquitoes that spread Zika virus are now attempts by spreading mosquitoes, infected with wolbachiabakterier . The bacteria do not mosquitoes sick, but prevents the virus from reproducing. It reports Swedish Radio.


Estonia has run about Sweden in digitization – New Technology

While Sweden is losing momentum is accelerating at a short distance from us. Our neighboring country has in recent years become world famous for its advances in the digitization of government services.

Before the summer told Digital Technology to Sweden drops rapidly digitizing according to a number of international surveys. Many Swedish experts now point to Estonia as a model. New Technology took them at their word and took the hour-long flight from Stockholm to Tallinn.

– Various studies ranks slightly different. But if you look at the use cases when it comes to digital signatures, we are clearly in top says Taavi Kotka, Estonia CIO official at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The land belongs to those in Europe who are most digitized and while growing fastest, such as under the EU Desi index of digitization, from last spring. Estonia leads here on government services for citizens.

According to some surveys, the country’s top five in the world and Estonia are included along with Great Britain, Israel, South Korea and New Zealand in the so-called D5 Group, a network of digitally most advanced governments in the world, where 99 percent of government services available online.

Read more So I became virtual Estonians

a great deal has happened since shaky early days as an independent state in the 1990s. Many tell me about how easy it is to digitally tax declaration, start a business or to renew the license.

– A friend of mine got an email when she was at Heathrow Airport in London – her driver’s license was to go out. She just came, chose a picture and renewed license, says Indrek Õnnik, project manager at E-Estonia Showroom, which showcases the digital Estonia for foreign visitors. There were 10 000 from all over the world last year, an average of two missions per day.

The tourists crowded in the very picturesque and lovingly restored old town. A small piece next door have Margus Uudam his office. He is Estonia’s most powerful venture capitalist. Some say he’s the only one. Obviously he is close friends with Taavi Kotka.

– Tallinn is a small city. Everyone knows everyone here. And the community of startup businesses are they really helpful to each other.

Estonia has more startups per capita than any other country (in close competition with Israel). Then it is true that Estonia a very small country with only 1.3 million inhabitants. Yet. All explains it by the Estonian success story of Skype. Estonian? That’s a Swedish creation, Niklas Zennstrom behind?

The fact is that you ask a Dane is the Skype Danish (due Janus Friis). It might as well go to argue that it is a Luxembourg company because Skype is registered in Luxembourg and has its headquarters there. But the head of three developers were Estonian. The main developments took place in Tallinn and still do.

Read more Estonia CIO: “I want to predict the future”

The importance can not be overstated. As the first Estonian unicorn, companies valued at least a billion dollars, it has inspired a generation of Estonian engineers and contractors.

– A variety defectors have in turn started their own businesses, says Margus Uudam.

the same goes for Estonia’s second unicorn – Transfer Wise. It is also possible to discuss the nationality as the company has its headquarters in London, while development takes place in Tallinn. The two founders are anyway tests. One of them, Taavet Hinrikus, are in fact Skype’s first employee. The company provides a low-cost global money transfer service. After the latest round of funding in May estimated TechCrunch value of the company, founded in 2010, to $ 1.1 billion.

The three chief developers of Skype – legends in their country – are jointly involved in the venture capital company Ambient Sound Investments, Estonia first. Margus Uudam was the expert who helped them with the investment, but the old Skype developers have subsequently become more involved in their own respective projects and Margus Uudams private equity company Karma VC has increasingly taken over.

Right now Karma on gathering together a new investment fund, the target is 60 million to the year-end. Karma thinking of investing in 3-4 startups anywhere in Europe. The focus is particularly northern Europe.

– We recently visited Malmö and Lund. It is indeed sad when companies like Ericsson and Sony Ericsson gets rid of a lot of people, but at the same time it gives rise to many new businesses, says Margus Uudam.

Read more Block Chain based stock exchange for start-ups

Further explanations to the digital Estonian miracle is that Estonia lacks a legacy of the old system. The country has even introduced a law which says that the central government system can not be older than 30 years. Crossed the border must be rewritten from scratch.

– A great Swedish innovation that we have truly benefited from taking for a unique digital identity, your social security number, which you introduced in 1947. It is a linchpin of all data exchange, says Taavi Kotki.

Other advantages are a small country with a young, progressive government, where even the prime minister and the president actively pushing for digitization. The country is also rapidly changing laws and adapt the regulatory framework and processes so that they can adapt to digital changes.

– But I must say that Denmark is ahead, at least with regard to the mandatory use of e- bills. I want that we also face says Taavi Kotki.

It will become a reality next year.

All tests I meet has an international focus, not least in neighboring countries in Northern Europe. But the big powerful neighbor in the East, no one even mentions. Taavi Kotki describes it as the country was at a standstill during the 50 years under Soviet rule. And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine frighten him.

– Russia is like the bully in school. We want to have zero tolerance for such things. There is nothing we have to learn from them.


– They are very far ahead of cyber warfare. If I would like to access another country’s sources of information, it would be something, but I’m not interested, says Taavi Kotki.

Estonia today has 12,000 digital e-citizens around the world

Estonia is one of the world’s most advanced countries in terms of digital government services. The country has some 12 000 e-citizens. That means you can start an Estonian registered company from anywhere in the world and it can be done with a few clicks. The tax you pay in your own country, but you are utilizing various online assistance from the Estonian authorities and such audit firms.

Every citizen has its own portal where all information about you, such as marital status, tax data and license data are collected. All access to your data is logged so that you can accurately see who took some of your information, and when.

E-services are not directly linked, for safety reasons, no exchange occurs in a peer-to- peer network with specific APIs.

the country is investing heavily in cyber security and services are monitored around the clock all year round. Technically uses technology KSI, Keyless Signature Infrastructure, which uses cryptography hash functions in block chains in bitcoin.

Virtually the only thing you can not do online is to marry, divorce, or to sell house. It is for safety reasons, so as to ensure that no one has forced you. However, Estonia has since 2005 had e-voting in general elections. In parliamentary elections in 2015 voted 30.5 per cent of the population over the internet.

To use e-services must Esten have a digital ID cards. There is a physical and a mobile variant, where the latter requires a special SIM card. 94 percent of Estonians have today such identity cards.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Princess Sofia for baptism: “Do just fine” – Expressen

With just days left to Prince Alexander’s baptism, now confirms Princess Sofia that preparations are going according to plan.

– It is just fine, she said during a visit to Skansen Saturday .

9 september is the time for the baptism of Prince Alexander, the first born child of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sophia.

Preparations have been intense for the baptism will take place in Drottningholm Palace church.

in the last fine-tuning the details of the festival will be as successful as possible, and now tells the Princess Sofia that everything goes according to plan.

READ MORE: Alexander rays on new images for baptism

Prince Alexander was born on 19 april. The royal label says that baptism should take place within three months – that it should have been done by 19 July. Then it would have been appropriate to have the baptism of Oland in conjunction with Crown Princess Victoria’s 39 anniversary this summer.

But the summer was so fully booked with other data and also holiday for the royal family members that do not languished with a baptism right then. Therefore got it postponed to September.

Princess Sofia reassurance about baptism came during a visit to Skansen Saturday, where she and Prince Carl Philip attended the 100th anniversary of the Swedish local history movement and the Swedish Local Heritage Federation.

21 of the country’s 26 regional hembygdsförbund attended the celebration, and Prince Carl Philip made a speech to those present.

– You represent one of the largest social movements with almost half a million members in over 2000 local history societies, he said during his speech in which he thanked all for their dedication.

– You are the narrator of the history of Sweden, he said.

READ MORE: that means no baptism Öland

the event was framed by the folk music and dance show.

Princess Sofia looked very happy, and affirmed his own commitment to homeland issues.

– It is extremely important, it’s what keeps our home towns. Since I’m from myself so I see it as very important, she said.


Apple’s admonition: Update Your Iphone – Expressen

“Your iPhone is super sensitive to being hacked to update immediately,” urges the site Buzz Feed.

The reason for the call – and warning – is that an Israeli company to have sold the software that allows your mobile phone can be hacked.

According to the data, the information can be used to read messages, emails, take part in contact lists and even phone calls.

READ aLSO: Apple: Update your iPhone and iPad today

the company, which will have changed its name several times to avoid being discovered, under the data sold software to the authorities.

activist became suspicious

It all should have been detected by the human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor who had some strange messages and sounded the alarm to the Citizen Lab.

A report shows that even journalists have been subject to attacks.

Apple is said to have been unaware of the threat to the iPhone that will “provide total access” to mobiles .

Messages are designed in a way that makes them click-friendly for the user; for example, by getting them to click on links that are provided to come from Facebook or even Pokémon.

Once the user has clicked will the hackers have gained access to the phone.

Asked update your phone

– We have become aware of this sensitivity and fixed it right away with iOS 9.3.5, Apple announced to BuzzFeed.

users will be prompted to always download the latest version of iOS to protect against possible security risks.

the company responds to accusations

Lookout’s Mike Murray, managing director of the research department told Motherboard that this type of “viruses” never seen before.

the NSO Group, which is said to be behind it all wrote in an email to the New York Times that the company sells only to legitimate authorities under strict rules.


8 Honor coming to Sweden – 99mac

Honor 8 launched in Sweden as a “flagship killer”. The phone comes with similar design and performance that rivals top models, but at a lower price.

China # Huawei uses the trademark # Honor to a series of products that place in low- and middle class segments. Introducing the mobile phone Honor 8 in Sweden presented as the “flagship killer” with phrases like “technology that impresses” and “design inspiration”.

99mac have had a closer look on a sapphire blue copies of the phone, and may well quite quickly conclude that when it comes to design the piece, there is just nothing that stands out, just as it applies to many other phones on the market reminds Honor 8:01 a.m. lot about both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The phone feels like an alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy handsets, and also meet probably right stiff competition from the acclaimed phone OnePlus third

  • iPhone 6S left and Honor 8 to the right. Almost the same physical dimensions, but Honor 8 offers a screen of 5.2 inches.

  • Honor 8 reminiscent of both the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy handsets.

  • Honor 8 offers USB Type-C.

If the design does not feel like the phone’s highlight delivers better in terms of performance and specifications to a consumer-friendly price. For a model with 32 gigabytes get put out 4500 crowns, which is a little less than an Iphone SE with only 16 GB of storage costs.

Not easy to capture the image, but the fingerprints are clearly visible against Honor 8′s glossy back.

back of the phone consists of several layers of ground glass that reflects light like what we’ve seen before on Samsung handsets and just as quickly collect it on clear fingerprint. The screen is 5.2 inches high, but has less than ridges around the iPhone making the phone physically not much greater than a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or 6S.

The back features dual camera lenses with 12 megapixels. With an RGB and a monochrome sensor captures the camera as Huawei more light, color and details for a sharper image quality. The front camera has 8 megapixels.

Another technical finesse Honor 8 offers the fingerprint reader on the back that, among other things can be used to unlock the phone, or quickly open a certain app.

the phone comes with a 3000 mAh battery that can be charged rapidly. Ten minute charge will last two hours of phone calls or six hours of music playback. Early battery tests from reviewers say that a full charge will last for approximately 15 hours of use.

Standard Model of Honor 8 comes with 32 gigabytes of storage in white, black or blue, and goes on sale 26 August, while Premium model with 64 gigabytes of storage, dual SIM card and the color gold comes at the end of September. See specifications below.

Technical Specifications




H: 145.5 mm
B: 71 mm
D: 7.45 mm


153 g


blue, black, white (32 GB model) and gold (only the 64 GB model)


Android 6.0 Marshmallow


5.2-inch Retina HD
1920 x 1080 pixel
423 ppi


Haisi Kirin 950
Eight-core (4 x 2.3GHz Cortex-A72 & amp; 4 x 1.8 GHz Cortex A53)


Mali-T880 MP4


32 64 GB

Main Memory

4 GB


Rear: 2 x 12 megapixels (RGB + monochrome), f / 2.2
1080p video (30 fps)
dual LED flash
front: 8 megapixels, f / 2.4


USB Type C, headphone port, SD card slot (up to 128GB), location for dual SIM cards (Premium model)

Fingerprint Reader



Wifi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac
Bluetooth 4.2


Honor 8 Standard 32 GB: 4 490 SEK
Honor 8 Premium 64 GB: 4 990 SEK


Saturday, August 27, 2016

High pressure at subcontractors – Dagens Industri

Swedish Industry Association, SINF, continuously measures the mood among its members who manufacture, about 550 pieces.

Provider survey

66 percent has increased its revenue second quarter, compared with 52 percent the previous quarter.

51 percent estimates order intake increased in the third quarter, compared with 54 percent for the others.

26 percent is planning to increase its workforce in the third quarter, down from 31 percent.

11 percent is planning to lay off staff, which is an increase of 8 percent for the last quarter.

42 percent by companies sees the availability of skilled labor as a problem. That compares with 49 percent who saw skills as a problem in the previous poll.

Source: Swedish Industry

the latest survey shows how it went second quarter and how expectations appear for the third quarter.

“the industry goes for full, but the question is whether this is the tip . It has grown very quickly and is now beginning to get worried. For the future, there are several questions that cut expectations, “said Anders Ekdahl, president of SINF.

Many companies experience that they are in the midst of the economic boom, but there are also a awareness that the future contains many uncertain factors.

“What happens to krona, the trade agreement with the United States, brexit and the presidential elections in the US? In addition, large parts of southern Europe are still problems, “says Anders Ekdahl.

Still it more than half who believe in increased order intake during the third quarter, but there is a slight decrease compared with the previous quarter.

the proportion that are planning to hire has decreased, from 31 percent to 26 percent. It is also slightly more planning to lay off staff, even though it is a relatively small proportion, 11 percent.

“Compared with the first six months, optimism has been dampened,” said Anders Ekdahl.

In an open question about what factors are most important continues long payment times to be a hobbyhorse. Subcontractors suffer from major companies pulling out of the payments and want to be paid within 30 days.

There’s something Industry Ministry watching. Industry Minister Mikael Damberg (S) has ordered an evaluation of how the amendment in 2013, which forced the public sector to pay within 30 days, has affected the private sector. It should be ready in the fall.

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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia start blogging – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden As part of its foundation starts now Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia a blog. The blog will be pay attention to bullying, näthat and dyslexia. – to expose children to bullying is terrible, they write.

on Friday chose Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia to surreptitiously start their website of his foundation, which they started in 2015 when they married.

as part of the website will Royal couple also have a blog where you will write about various topics related to the Foundation. Prince couple has chosen to focus on näthat, bullying and dyslexia that they personally have had experience in the past.

in the blog post, type the pair: “Words hurt not only for the moment and kind of do not only hurt for a moment. Bullying gives wounds that for many lasts a lifetime. We can not understand what all go or have gone through, but we have both experienced näthat “.

According to the court will be a blog that is published every week. Because it is the Foundation’s blog, both the Royal couple, but also guest blogger , to post.

the most recent has become the parents of Prince Alexander has made it feel even more important to do something about the hatred that

are they write on the blog.

“Hatred feels like no matter who you are and that new parents feel it is more important than ever for us.”

and they continue:

“Every day, young kids around Sweden lot worse things than what we have experienced. Digs, beaten and exclusion becomes in time a backpack that can crack the strong back any time. “.


Schools Inspectorate approves gender segregated classes – the religious soul – Nyheter24

Al-Azhar school in Stockholm have gender-segregated physical education lessons. When the girls are sporting the boys mathematics, and vice versa. This is because the school is run by Muslim profile, which also means that there is a prayer room and served fläskfri food.

The school has been reported to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, then notifier mean that the school fails its mission to combat traditional gender patterns.

But the School Inspectorate has now given the green light and approves split PE lessons. This is because of the “Muslim cultural background”. “

– Some of our girls want to be able to take off her scarf and wear shorts and T-shirt in class. It would be difficult if there were male peers or male teacher there, says one of the teachers at the school to Mivida.

Håkan Larsson , a professor of sport, says that it is not a good solution and thinks schools should help students who experience discomfort in mixed gender sitautioner to socialize, not to divide the class.

– the extension means that students do not get the opportunity to learn to treat fellow humans as individuals, but primarily as sexual beings, he says to Mivida.

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Record release on the Apple Music angers record label –

A week ago, was released Frank Ocean’s new album Blonde exclusively at the Apple Music, which has received the record company Universal Music to see red.

According to Billboard thinking now Universal Music to pull Frank Ocean on trial for breach of contract. The reason is that the artist promised to launch its next album with the record company, a promise he evaded by the day before the launch of Blonde release a “visual album” called the Endless. The potential hit songs, however, ended on Blonde.

Apple Music

Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music, have as a result of the controversy decided that Apple Music and other music services should no longer be allowed to sign exclusive contracts with the company’s artists.

by signing a contract directly with Apple is said to Frank Ocean retain 70 percent of revenue from Blonde, compared with 14 percent for his previous album with Universal Music.


Tesla Model S P100D comes across magical limit – auto motor & sport

Tesla Model S P100D comes & # xF6; ver  magical gr & # XE4; NSE

the latest snack ice in the electric car world is Tesla’s launch the new P100D models. Both the Model S and Model X, an updated battery of 100 kWh.

What many to react was the acceleration time to 60 mph (96 km / h), namely 2,5 seconds for the Model S and 2, 9 seconds for the Model X.

Take a few seconds and think through these figures. So this is about family cars that can accelerate as fast, or far faster than real exotic supercars.

But the impressive acceleration figures also made an equally important innovation was somewhat overshadowed.


The new battery pack also makes Model S really manage to get far above the “magic” range limit of 300 US miles, at least when Tesla says the estimated range of the US EPA cycle. This corresponds to about 48 mil.

When Tesla unveiled the face lift version of the Model S P90D stated range to 294 miles in mixed driving according to the EPA. But on the motorway, the figure was 303 miles, and it was the first time an electric vehicle came across the border.

The new P100D-version Tesla Model S will then pass 315 miles (50 ; 7 mil) in mixed driving, about Tesla’s calculations are correct. Thus, it is well above the 300 limit.

Since it is a known fact that the reported range figures rarely match reality – there are many factors at play, including air resistance, surface, weather conditions and driving style.

But the 300-limit is now officially exploded, at least on paper, and it does indeed some pressure on the competition.

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Range of over 50 mil is important in an electric car.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Apple updates iOS after rogue states managed to intercept dissidents –

What happened?

A spyware snooping around in the iPhone and iPad has been discovered by security researchers at the Citizen Lab and Lookout.

It is believed to have been used for at least two years, but have been discovered until 10 August when a human rights activist noticed a strange text message to their phone. Shortly after tip was Apple, and the company has now released an update of iOS (9.3.5), which makes it impossible to use the Trojan.

Who is behind the spyware?

The program will according to Citizen Group have been developed by the Israeli company NSO Group, selling hacking tools to government intelligence agencies. They have great similarities with companies Hacking Team or VUPEN and are in a legal gray area which is of unknown vulnerabilities in software.

According to a statement to the New York Times sells just tools to “authorized bodies” who use them to “prevent and investigate crimes,” but it is obviously difficult to control.

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the program found on the iPhone called Pegasus, and is a kind of trojan that monitors virtually everything that happens on the phone. It can log phone calls, keystrokes, audio and video and everything else that a hacker might be interested to get your hands on. It is also capable of spying on the messaging software and social media such as iMessage, Gmail, Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype.

Pegasus uses three previously unknown security holes, so-called zero-days, for to unnoticed able to infect the target. The Trojan spreads via SMS messages from fake sender that contains links to malicious sites. It is enough to click on the link for the phone to be infected.

The trade in security is a lucrative industry, the price of one such bug can go up to a million dollars.

the tool also cost huge sums to buy into. According to Lookout, the authorities bought it paid about eight million, close to 70 million, for 300 licenses – that is, over 200 000 for each infected phone. Pegasus is believed to have been on the market in about two years.

Who suffered?

The Trojan was discovered when someone tried to infect a phone belonging to human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor. He showed off a strange text message with a suspicious link for Citizen Lab, which analyzed the content together with the security company Lookout and found the spyware.

According to the New York Times is affected mostly dissidents, human rights activists and journalists working in countries Yemen, Turkey, Mozambique, Mexico, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates.

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There are no indications that there should have been no mass surveillance with the help of the program. It is even less likely if the price tag is correct, it costs over SEK 200 000 to purchase a single installation of Pegasus, according to Lookout.

What should you do?

Take it easy, and update your phone. If you have not worked in the States that monitors human rights activists is the risk that you have suffered little.

“We recommend all customers to always download the latest version of IOS to guard against potential security threats,” says Apple spokesman Fred Sainz to the New York Times.

the latest version of IOS 9.3.5 and where Apple has removed the bugs in the code that NSO Group utilized to their spyware. Do you drive it, or a later version, your phone secured from this spyware.


70,000 expected to visit the Air Force’s 90-year celebration – New Technology

Thumbelina, the Spitfire and the JAS 39 Gripen. This weekend celebrates the Swedish Air Force 90 years with the grand air show in Linköping. Over 70 000 spectators are expected at the airport ore.

– The need for the Air Force today is greater than in years.

So said air force chief Mats Helgesson Thursday, when he spoke before his own staff and invited guests from Sweden and a further 20 countries in the ongoing Air Force fair in Linkoping.

his speech ranged from Karl Albert Beyron Amundssons tasked in 1926 to merge naval aviation and army aviation to their own defense branch – and until today, and the tense situation in the Baltic Sea, where Russia is flying with heavily armed fighter Mig35.

Mats Helgesson, head of the Air Force. Photo: Monica Kleja

– Many air bases have been closed. Today we have five left, including the Air Combat Center in Uppsala, he notes.

How tomorrow’s Air Force should look (2020-2025), planned by the Armed Forces, working with perspective studies for 2020 years on defense in parliament . The studies will be completed in December 2017.

Oscar Hull, director of capability development of the Armed Forces. Photo: Monica Kleja

The challenges expected to grow dramatically in future.

– The environment becomes more complex, the weapons get longer range, cyber warfare intensified and dependence on space systems increases, he says.

on Saturday and Sunday, visitors of ore behold everything from older plan Viggen, barrel and Dragon parallel with historical rarities fighter plane the Spitfire and the training aircraft Tiger Moth.

in addition, participates Switzerland and Finland Super-horn, and Belgium with F-16s (F-16 just Saturday.

See the whole program here