Thursday, February 9, 2017

Apple’s build gives perfektionismen a face – Law & Contracts

Apple’s new headquarters Campus II is being built in Cupertino, California with space for 12,000 employees. The roof is covered with solar panels. Photo: Imago stock / Alloverpress

the Job design should always be of great importance. But the question is whether Apple has gone over the border with its talked-about new headquarters in Cupertino, California?

The now-deceased founder Steve Jobs demands on perfection are said to be reflected in all details: for example, hissknapparna similar to the Iphones “home” and toalettsitsarna have the same rounded corners as the cell phone.

the Construction of the new Apple Campus II in Cupertino, California and was published in 2011 and would have been clear four years later. But it is now expected to be completed in the spring of 2017, writes Reuters.

One of the many reasons for the delays should have been that it took a year and a half only to determine how the door handles would look like. Another detail that has been discussed in depth is trösklarnas to be or not to be. The company requested, after months of discussions, to the staff of engineers will not have to adapt their step when they walk into or out of the building, as they are likely to be distracted and hindered in their work.

It was, according to Reuters, Steve Jobs last effort to plan the futuristic building which resembles a round spaceship in the glass. On 7 June 2011, he presented the plans for the city council in Cupertino.

” It’s not about maximizing productivity at the property’s office space but to create a symbolic centre for the global company. They create an icon, ” says Louise Mozingo, a professor at the insititionen for landscaping at the Berkeleyuniversitet, to the news agency.


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