Thursday, February 2, 2017

Judgment in night – Oculus shall pay 4.3 billion sek for breach of contract against the Zenimax – FZ

In the night, a court sentenced in Dallas virtual reality-the creators Oculus VR to pay 500 million dollars (about 4.3 billion) in fines to Zenimax for breach of contract, reports Polygon.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and former CEO Brendan Iribe is deemed to have infringed a so-called NDA agreement (non-disclosure agreement, a legal document that stipulates what may be said and not about a specific product). However, given the benefit of the Facebook-owned Oculus from the charge of embezzling trade secrets from Zenimax, the company says.

Zenimax wanted to have 4 billion dollars, or 35 billion, in compensation from Oculus.

Shortly after the judgment said Zenimax that you can come to try to stop the sale of the Oculus VR headset Rift, at least temporarily. Zenimax CEO and director of the bank ef said to Polygon:

Technology is the core of our business and we take seriously the theft of our intellectual property rights. We appreciate the jury’s decision, and the reimbursement of half a billion dollars for the damage these serious infringements incurred.

Oculus said that it plans to appeal the ruling.

– the Kernel in this case is whether the Oculus stole the Zenimax trade secrets, and where the judge, the jury, to our advantage, ” said a company spokesperson writes the Polygon. Of course, we are disappointed with a couple of other aspects of today’s judgment, but we let us not be discouraged. Oculus products are built by Oculus technology. We have the same commitment to making VR a success and the whole team will continue to work as they have done from day one – developing VR technology that is changing how people interact and communicate.

Id Software-founder and coder John Carmack went to the Oculus in the summer of 2013. Zenimax claims that he took with him trade secrets.

U.s. Zenimax, which owns Id Software, the Fallout-studio, Bethesda, and Dishonored-the coders Arkane, says Oculus stole the technology and know-how for building the VR-headset Oculus Rift. They claim that the Oculus, with the young founder Palmer Luckey in the lead, do not have the resources to take forward the Rift. Furthermore, claims that John Carmack, kodargeniet behind Doom and the Quake, must have taken trade secrets when he left Zenimax-owned Id Software to become the technical director of Oculus in August 2013.


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