Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Touch Bar is prohibited during the tests in several states – 99mac

Computers with Touch Bar-strip banned in tentasalar in several us states because they are considered to be able to help people cheat on tests.

Most states in the US have banned students from writing exams on the #Macbook Pro computers with Touch Bar, reports Engadget. Examsoft, which is a software platform for the teaching and implementation of the exams, has gone out and warned for pcs with #Touch Bar-strip are not safe. When writing, be entered on the computer proposes the strip words that should follow the word just entered. This feature can be an advantage for the people who write the exam and will be classified as cheating.

In states like California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the model has been banned completely from the salstentor and schools in North Carolina have been ordered to keep an eye out for models with Touch Bar-strip and unplug the strip during the time the exam is conducted.

In the provinces where the Macbook Pro-the model is prohibited to require the students to write the exam by hand if they are trying to bring a computer with Touch Bar-strip to the exam.


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