Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sony captures 1000 frames per second – 99mac

Sony shows a new image sensor that can shoot video in up to 1000 frames per second, which allows for stunning slow-motion sequences.

#Sony can hardly be said to dominate the market with their own mobile phones, but on the other hand, excellent camera sensors that are used by other manufacturers, including Google and Apple.

Now, the company has shown off its latest image sensor adapted for mobile phones. The sensor can shoot video resolution 1080p at 1000 frames per second. According to Sony, this is about eight times faster than the competition.

Video with as high a frame rate makes it possible to film in slow motion with very smooth movements. As a comparison, Apple’s Iphone 7 to film slow motion with 120 frames per second in resolution of 1080p or 240 frames per second at 720p.

Sony’s new sensor can also capture still images at 1/120 of a second — four times faster than other manufacturers. All of this is made possible by a new CMOS image sensor consisting of three layers which are the first in the industry. The sensor also has an unusual fast DRAM memory to process the large amount of image data.


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