Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Watch OS 3.2 beta released to developers – 99mac

the Beta version of Watch OS 3.2 has now been made available for developers, among other things, the new bioläget.

Previously 99mac written about the new bioläget which will to the #the Apple Watch in the next version of the operating system #Watch OS 3. Now the first beta version of Watch OS 3.2 has been released to developers, and Macrumors has posted a video where they demonsterar bioläget.

Bioläget is activated by a button on the control panel, and turn off both the sound and the screen lights up when the wrist is raised. This will make the Apple Watch safe to use on the cinema, the theatre and other occasions when discretion is a virtue.

Watch OS 3.2 should be released in a live version sometime during the spring.


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