Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rumor: Apple to complement the Mac with ARM-processor – 99mac

A separate ARM-based processor in the Mac would be able to relieve the pressure on the Intel-processor and save power. According to the data, this can become a reality already this year.

since #Apple began designing its own ARM-based processors for the Iphone and Ipad, there have been various rumors that the company plans to build Mac computers with ARM architecture. Since 2006, Mac has been using the processors of the X86-based processors from Intel.

Now, the data that the ARM architecture may be on its way to the Mac, but as a complement to the central processor rather than as a replacement. According to Bloomberg develops Apple a chip that should be able to relieve the pressure on the Intel processor at the simpler tasks.

Through the function Power Nap enables Mac computers today perform certain tasks when the computer is at rest, such as downloading emails, updating apps and sync data. This would be a more power efficient ARM processor to be able to do which would save the battery.

Already with the autumn updated Macbook Pro, Apple had a separate processor in the computer to manage the new Touch Bar-the strip. This had the ARM-architecture and built on the T1 chip in the Apple Watch. According to the report, would the new processor be able to do even more things, so as to manage the storage and wireless components.

The new chip can make an entrance already in the next version of Mac computers later this year. Apple is reported to despite the fact this does not have any plans to abandon the Intel as the main supplier of processors in the Mac.


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