Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kanex Multisync: Can the plastiga “copy”, beating Apple’s keyboard? – MacWorld

It is easy to see where this wireless keyboard has found its inspiration. The white, kortslagiga keys, the stripped-down form, and the silvery aluminium. But – when we look closer, we see that it is only plastic. Plastic everywhere. The silver material like aluminium on a little hold, this is actually the best imitation of aluminium we’ve seen in a long time. But don’t be fooled. The plastic feels a little glättig and shiny when we take it on, but the quality feeling is still totally okay.

Kanex in a Bit of a big log maybe…

Kanex Multisync lacks the sweet, cool aluminum construction, but offers, instead, on a couple of other nice features that Apple’s keyboard does not have. Kanex is both wireless (bluetooth 3.0) and endowed with a nummersats to the right. The apple wireless keyboard Magic Keyboard lacks nummersats.

we Want to have nummersats to an Apple keyboard, we must instead choose the corded model, while the Kanex thus combines the two. It should be added, however, that nummersatsen do that the keyboard becomes very wide, 44 centimeters wide to be exact.

A keyboard – four gadgets

Even more important than choice of material, however, is the smart way we can switch between the different devices by a simple push of a button on the keyboard. Once we paired the keyboard with, say, our Mac, we can press a button, hold on the pairing button on the underside, and then connect another device. With a simple press on the keyboard, we can then quickly switch between the paired devices. So we can do this with up to four units, and it works just as well to Mac, IOS, Apple TV, Windows and Android devices.


We tested to connect a Mac, Iphone, Ipad, and an Android handset to the same keyboard, and to switch between the devices works almost painlessly. Once we managed to lose the pairing to our Mac entirely so that we were forced to redo the entire parkopplings process from the beginning – but overall it works very well.

switching between units occurs so quickly that if we are working with a Mac and Ipad next to each other, it is no problem to use the same keyboard to both devices. We just press the bluetooth button we have set for the Ipad, waiting a couple of seconds at most, and then we can begin to control the Ipad from the keyboard.

the Ipad and IOS 10 works really good with the keyboard now. We can use many of the keyboard shortcuts we are familiar with from the Mac, and in many places, we can even move up and down and scroll web pages with the arrow keys instead of reaching out for the screen.

It also helps that the keyboard has IOS-specific keys, home key and search key. IOS also supports the adjustment of volume and brightness via an external keyboard.

Kanex At the left we find a home


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