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He broke Salander encryption enigma – New Technology


Millennium trilogy creators Stieg Larsson was well versed in computer technology and hacker art. David Lagercrantz picks in his subsequent new novel up the baton and let the hacker Lisbeth Salander to favor with the powerful US intelligence agency NSA.

Lagercrantz depicts vulnerabilities in IT systems, spy viruses, industrial espionage, artificial intelligence, primes calculations – and dwells also on encryption technology.

After the book if the British crypto analyst Alan Turing, he is familiar with how including RSA ciphers works. (Read about RSA as a concept in the dictionary to the right.) They are based on the key pair, a secret and a public key. To crack them must find the two prime numbers as very large number of the public key based.

The book is a file encrypted with extra secure RSA, which Salander trying to crack. To get help with possible technical / mathematical solutions turned to David Lacercrantz Andreas Strömbergsson, award-winning math professor at Uppsala University.

– No Today existing method to work in order to crack the cipher, if one does not first get some crucial improvements in a factorization, says Andreas Strömbergsson.

He and the author met in the confectionery Birdsong, near the city park in Uppsala.

– We sat and talked. Then I went home and wrote some new computer program that counted until two equations, which are examples of elliptic curves and used in the book, says Andreas Strömbergsson.

The method he chose the name Lenstra elliptic curve factorization – it is used to decompose numerical quantities in prime numbers.

How the go in fiction like New Technology does not reveal here. But the method works to crack ciphers in reality?

– There are a number of ways to do primtalsfaktoriseringen (find prime numbers) on. Lenstras method is not used for day-long RSA keys for practical reasons, because it is slow and not as quick as another method, KIWA, GNFS. But I’ve been through research and finds no evidence that the method will always remain slow.

It says crypto specialist Joachim Power Bergson, who have not contributed to the new Millennium book. (He is distantly related to the mathematics professor, but they do not know one another.)

But David Lagercrantz has also clearly inspired by Edward Snowden. Novel proposal was the author of Norstedts after the summer of 2013. At that time the NSA revelations already started to drizzle tight in the media.

hacker Lisbeth Salander takes the similar Snowden into the NSA’s innermost crannies – NSA Net – and gaining permission to reach everywhere in the spy organization’s intranet, known as super user status. Something that even Snowden said to have done in reality when he secretly provided himself with thousands of NSA documents.

Like him sweep She carefully back their digital tracks. She knows, of course, like Snowden, also to the anonymity service Tor, which hides the addresses of computers on the Internet is not secure. NSA program Egotistical Giraffe, which can strip away the protective layers, mentioned in the New Millennium Book.

David Lagercrantz said initially also have had contact with another person who would help him understand how hackers work. The former so-called Uppsala hacker broke into systems at Swedish universities and colleges, and was also claimed to have hacked Cisco and NASA.

However, the partnership was broken.

The person then the hour came to discuss with David Lagercrantz about how to commit hacking of an organization in the best way , instead became David Jacoby, security expert at IT security company Kaspersky.

He reveals details that resembled a manual for how to committing such advanced hacking, was deleted.

He was also part of the script read on the phone.

– For reasons of security Lagercrantz not mail anything, explains David Jacoby.

“That which does not kill us,” said to have been written on a computer without internet, which also increases the secrecy surrounding the hyped novel. n

Footnote: Other technology experts who contributed to the Millennium book is Michael Lagström on IT security company Outpost24 and the authors and journalists Da niel Goldberg and Linus Larsson.


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