Sunday, December 18, 2016

80 percent faster downloads with the Xbox One-update – M3

Xbox One

If you buy a new console game today, you can’t go home, ploppa it in your Playstation or Xbox and is off and running. First, you need to update. Sometimes it feels like the disc is just there to tease while the entire game on the tens of gigabytes to be downloaded.

Microsoft seems to understand how annoying this can be, and have been working on making video files more quickly. A new update for the Xbox One that are out there now to increase the speed by around 40 per cent for those with slower broadband (over 100 megabits per second), but with the entire 80 per cent for those with faster connections – which is a large percentage of Swedish users.

the Update should also make bakgrundsuppdateringar more stable so that they will automatically resume if the connection would be broken temporarily. Also included are fixes for the controller and streaming music.


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