Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alarm: False Super Mario spreading viruses – New Technologies

the Unofficial Android versions of the mobile game Super Mario Run is spreading malware that can take over your phone, sound an alarm, a japanese security company.

Super Mario Run, the first mobile game of the world’s most famous Italian plumber, was released to Apple’s operating system Ios in mid-december. During the first day, loaded the game down 2.85 million times worldwide.

the Game is not yet released exclusive to Ios, which has got Android users turn to online forums to download unofficial versions of the Nintendo game.

Now warns the japanese security firm Trend Micro to these piratversioner of the Super Mario Run can contain malicious code in the form of malware, entering the site The Hacker News.

According to Trend Micro, you have seen cases where malware app taken control of the phone and then start to send text messages, take pictures, record videos, and the gps-postion – all without the user knowledge.

the Firm’s advice to Android users to avoid exposing themselves to danger is to not install the Super Mario Run, or other apps, from other sources than the official Google Play store, simply.


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