Monday, December 19, 2016

Narrative: ”Snapchat was very versed in the us” – Today’s Industry

Narratives former ceo confirms uppköpssamtalen with Snapchat for Di Digital. "When you run a business, go not down without a battle," says Martin Källström.

Snapchats takeovers of Swedish Narrative (NTL) went bankrupt just weeks before Linköpingsbolaget applied for the reorganisation of the business.

Snapchat was very versed in the Narrative.

After having had conversations during several meetings in Los Angeles in the spring announced Snapchat that they were not interested in completing a deal.

"We did not reach the goal with Snapchat but it was obvious that they were very versed in the Narrative. Then told us they never us what plans they had with their kameraglasögon. But it was obvious when we talked with them that they had thought long on the wearable cameras", says Martin Källström.

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How close to a deal with Snapchat was, according to Martin Källström is difficult to determine. He says that Snapchat probably considering to either build their own hårdvaruteam or purchase an existing one.

at the same time brought the Narrative talks about the buying with several other non-Swedish actors.

"Snapchat was not the last resort. We worked with a few other tracks are also of various kinds,”‘ says Martin Källström.

Di Digital revealed in the spring that two of the Narratives, u.s. investors had left the company’s board of directors. In July, applied to the company if the company is in.

In september, applied to Narrative for bankruptcy because it could not afford to push the production of its relatively newly launched camera, the Clip 2 further.

“When you run a business, go not down without a battle”‘ says Martin Källström, who now is about to start a new business.

What the new company is involved with he does not want to go into detail, but he points out that the business falls within the fintechområdet.

the Narrative is now being continued by the former supervisor Björn Wesén, and a number of former employees.

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