Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Super Mario fiasco for Nintendo – Göteborgs-Posten

Image: Nintendo

Fun Nintendo’s Super Mario games for mobiles has torn up a storm among the players. The reason: it draws massive amounts of mobile data.

the Game Super Mario Run was launched with the blatantly for Appleanvändare Thursday. It was hoped that the game would be a cash cow for Nintendo.

Now användarrecensionerna started to come in, and many are negative. In particular, the users are critical of the fact that the game requires constant internet connection and draws a lot of mobile data if you do not have access to a wifinätverk. It writes the british Telegraph.

the stock plummets

“All I have done is to go through the game’s tutorial and download the first data packet. [...] Super Mario Run have used 95MB of data.” writes a user on Twitter.

Nintendo’s share price has plummeted because of the concern that the game will not be the success you hoped for. Before the release was calculated to Super Mario Run to pull in 71 million dollars, according to research firm SensorTower.

No Pokemon Go

the Market for mobile games has exploded in recent years. Nintendo’s Pokémon Go pulled in $ 143 million in its first month. Super Mario Run, the thought of the sequel, was downloaded 38 million times in its first three days, according to the Telegraph, but investors are still not satisfied.

in Addition to dissatisfied users run the risk of the game’s constant connection to add a big load on Nintendo’s servers.


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