Monday, December 19, 2016

Skattebråket between Apple and Ireland continues – bbc Radio

It was in the late summer as the three-year-long inquiry by the EU commission against Apple was finished. The results of the investigation was to Ireland, according to the EUROPEAN commission practically failed to collect tax from the Apple for decades, then in the early 90s. For 2014, it should have been about 0.005 per cent of the paid tax for the Apple to the irish state skattekassa.

Thus, Apple would be – favoured by the irish government, which is contrary to the EU competition rules on state aid.

During the autumn ordkriget rolled back and forth and now it has, therefore, gone so far that neither Ireland nor Apple accept the EUROPEAN commission’s decision on Ireland need to claim back the equivalent of 123 billion Swedish kronor from Apple.

Therefore, appealed it here. The actual investigation at the court of justice is expected to take several years, there is talk of perhaps two, three or four years.

But the EU competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager has several similar investigations for tax reasons if the suspected breach of EU state aid rules, where the rules of competition law are considered to be set aside, at the time.

Nothing is public, but furniture giant Ikea has been mentioned as one of the companies examined, but none has thus been officially confirmed by either the Ikea or the EUROPEAN commission that any such investigation is underway.


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