Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Mario Run to crack the Pokemon Go – Expressen

Super Mario is the comeback for Nintendo’s gigantic 80-talssuccé Super mario bros. In the original game ran the little plumber Mario around with his younger brother Luigi around in a game world and defeated various monsters and jumped into the chamber.

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are Expected to go better than the Pokemon Go

Now do the Mario then debut on the smartphone in the game Super Mario run which was released on Thursday. The game is expected to be downloaded by 50 million users in the first month. Makes it it turns it it hajpade Pokemon Go, which received 32 million users to download the game and then throw the balls at the small animal-like creatures in the first month.

Super Mario Run go instead to the perfect combination plumber Mario running around among the green tubes extremely fast.

the Free-to-download – costs later

Super Mario Run should be released on Thursday but is not yet possible to download in Sweden. The game will be free to download but it will cost you to download the complete game.

Nintendo has in the past usually chosen to release their games on their own platforms but there is thus Super Mario Run is an exception. Nintendo’s US boss Reggie Fils–Aime has previously indicated that there is a possibility that the game might also be released on Apple TV.


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