Sunday, December 25, 2016

Supercomputer to manage hedge fund – Östgöta Correspondenten


A supercomputer that should be able to predict how meetings end before they are finished, determine what the employees should do and who is right in a conflict. It holds the world’s largest hedge fund managers, Bridgewater Associates, to develop, writes the Wall Street Journal.

Hedgefondförvaltarens founder, Ray Dalio hope that the supercomputer, which has received the name PriOS, to be able to stand for three-quarters of the ledningsbesluten within five years. Already now, ask the PriOS the employees at Bridgewater Associates to set up goals to your computer and then be able to determine if the objectives have been achieved.

Ray the Prudential documents, and that all employees should behave with regard to, repeated the mantra, “people work like machines” 84 times. But Ray Dalio hold that a man is held back by an emotional interface that prevents us from achieving the best results.


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