Saturday, December 17, 2016

Beer-the startup will use algorithms to produce the perfect beer – IDG.see

the Digitization affects everything. Even the beer it turns out. For now, take a british startup, IntelligentX, to new methods to obtain precisely the beer that the customers want.

the Company has developed an algorithm for how much hops, water, yeast and malt included in the beer, with the appropriate name of the AI. Four different variants have been developed, but is changing as the algorithm can also be based on customer feedback, writes the news agency Bloomberg.

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On each flaskas label is the address to a site where people can go in and respond to what they liked and disliked with the brew. Then changed the levels of kolsyrehalt, bitterness and alcohol content depending on the responses. The algorithm takes on its own new recipe each month according to the customer’s feedback.

One of the founders, Hew Leith, think it is for many traditional beers that never changes.

–We use data to listen to our customers, get feedback, and then brew something that is more tailored to what they actually want and ask for, ” he says.


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