Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tesla supplies the entire island with solar energy – New Technologies

Tesla’s new solcellspark on the Tau in the Pacific Ocean makes the energy that the inhabitants of the island need to can be obtained entirely from the sun.

The 44 square kilometers of the island of Tau belongs to the Manuöarna in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The island’s around 1 400 inhabitants has been diselgeneratorer to meet its energy needs. The generators have claimed over a thousand liters of diesel a day, which means almost a half a million gallons a year.

Dieselgeneratorerna has now been replaced about 5 328 solar panels and 60 Powerpack lithium-ion batteries from Tesla. The plant can store 6 megawatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to cover up the entire island’s energy needs during the solfria days, writes Computer Sweden.

the Project on the island of Tau has been funded by the u.s. department of the interior, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the American Samoa Economic Development.

in Addition to the facility in the Tau have the Tesla and Solar City several similar projects in time. Among other things, has received a 20-year contract to produce and push a new system of solar cells and storage 52 mwh for a energikooperativ in Hawaii.


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