Saturday, December 24, 2016

JO criticises the posturing of the police, Aftonbladet

Work. the parliamentary Ombudsman (JO) criticises a police officer during an emergency response and posed for a picture with a person who has been named for the assault. Poliskollegan who took the picture also gets criticism, writes Svenska Dagbladet.

In October last year, alerted the two police officers to a residence in Jönköping, where a person has been identified to have threatened his former girlfriend. It turned out that one of the police played in the same football team as the designated man and the police colleague took a picture of the two together.

According to the police, that the man was suspected of a crime only after the picture was taken. But JO finds that photography was not “consistent with the requirements that must be imposed on a police officer”, and that it could call into question their impartiality.

Police set up a notification on misconduct, but the prosecutor chose not to open an investigation.



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