Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Warning dubbeltrubbel – hybridtrojaner spreads on Android – IDG.see

Faketoken is one such trojan, which previously focused on stealing kontoinloggningsuppgifter, but who now also has started to act as ransomware by encrypting the content on the värdtelefonens sd card.

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Hybridfunktionen in the trojan was discovered back in July, and according to researchers at Kaspersky labs since received thousands of modifications.

Gisslanprogrammen has increased exponentially in 2016, but mainly to the computers, when many of the smartphones today offer cloud-based backup. Anything that reduces the victim’s inclination to pay lösensumman efterssom the files are saved in the cloud.

Mobile users who happen to Faktetoken need not, however, make use of a backup, according to Kaspersky, there are ways around the encryption.

"The symmetric AES encryption algorithm is used, which gives the user a chance to unlock the files without paying lösensumman," writes Kaspersky researcher Roman Unuchek in a blog post.

another frequent hybridtrojan is Tordow 2.0, which in addition to the ransomware also can manipulate the account data, call, text, and remove security software.

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Want to protect themselves, to the extent possible, from the new breed of trojans, there is a simple advice to follow: download only home applications from the official Google Play Store.


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