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Unclear the identity of the major problem in the asylum system – Aftonbladet

Asylum. the Police and the Swedish migration board want to see new measures in order to establish his identity.

today, a person can be convicted in an identity and seek asylum in another.

– the scope of the Problem is quite large, although it varies over time, ” says Per Löwenberg, acting section chief at the national border police.

In 2016, leaving approximately 60 per cent of asylum seekers in any type of the id at the beginning of the asylum process.

In a report to the government on measures to enhance the voluntary return and expulsion to the authorities that the new measures are being investigated, among other things, in order to determine the identity.


Some proposals are controversial. For example, the police search of asylum seekers throughout the asylum procedure and do a search on accommodation.

– All the aims that we shall be able to ensure the identity, ” says Per Löwenberg.

the Swedish migration board is proposed to also be able to search for information in social media about people not only when there are allegations of war crimes or security threats.

Can get asylum anyway

A fixed identity is important when it comes to the possibility to seek asylum and to expel persons who have been refused asylum. However, there is no absolute requirement to be able to prove their identity in order to obtain asylum.

Löwenberg out that it may be impossible for some to fully prove who they are, for example, it is not possible to obtain documents from their home country, or that it would involve risks to contact the authorities there.

Multiple identities

– It may be obvious that you have grounds such that you would be able to get a residence permit anyway. The consequence is that some of those who get permission not to have understood their identity fully, says Löwenberg.

legislative barriers and poor cooperation between the authorities allows a person who has no id can have multiple identities. The report states that a person can be convicted of a crime in a name and seek asylum in another.

To sharpen

the Police may not automatically out if the Swedish migration board to change a person’s name or birth date.

– I think that the systems could be strengthened, within the immigration services can often see people with several different identities, ” says Per Löwenberg.

He hopes that Sweden and the EU to speed on the systems for automated fingeravtrycksläsning and face detection.

this is not

Löwenberg state that a fixed identity is absolutely necessary in order to be able to deport people who have been refused their asylum application.

– No country receiving the someone you don’t know who it is, ” he says.

another proposal that the police would have investigated is a general disclosure obligation and specific place of residence for asylum seekers who do not cooperate with the to clarify the identity.


Authorities also want more opportunities to lock up people who should be denied entry into the country at border control because they are flagged in the EU common SIS-database. Usually, the person must still be allowed into the country because there are no legal opportunities to hold the person while waiting for the next departure. The flight or ferry the person came with has often had time to go during the time the verification was made.

the Police and the Swedish migration board would also have investigated if both authorities ‘ staff need to be in place at the airport border control.

Travellers say that they want to seek asylum, it disappears sometimes on the road between the police and the Swedish migration board because both of the opinion that it is the other’s responsibility to manage the registration, according to the report.



the Swedish migration board and the Police department want that the government is investigating a series of proposals to more asylum seekers with refused to be able to return to their home country.

General disclosure obligation and specific place of residence for asylum seekers who do not cooperate to clarify the identity

the Ability to strip search during the entire asylum process

Extended possibilities to search

Sekretesshinder that prevents the exchange of information between the authorities should, if possible, be removed or reduced.

the Cooperation between authorities must be improved, not least to avoid duplication.

a Greater focus on establishing the identity early in the asylum process.

Direct access of the police to the Migration board fingeravtrycksregister.

Persons who are refused entry must be placed in detention while waiting for the next utresemöjlighet.

Longer re-entry ban for those with a deportation order which does not go of its own accord.

Source: “Återvändandeuppdraget”, final report for the government in The 2015/01326/SIM m. fl.



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