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Little Julie was affected by shortness of breath – had to wait hours in the emergency room – Aftonbladet

Three months old Julie coughed heavily and had difficulty breathing.

Mother Madeleine alerted the ambulance, and they were driven to the New Karolinska in Solna, sweden.

After six hours of waiting they gave up and left the hospital without having been able to meet with any doctor.

– It feels terrible, ” says Madeleine.

Julie had had a cold for a long time. On boxing day she got hard to breathe. The parents feared that Julie suffered from a so-called RS-virus, which can be serious for young children. They went to the barnakuten at the New Karolinska in Solna.

– Then we got an appointment with a doctor fairly quickly. It was taken some samples, but they could not see any characters on the RS-virus, ” says Julies mother Madeleine Esphagen.

the Family was sent home. In the evening the day after, however, Julie worse again.

– She started coughing so severely that she lost the spirit. She was violet in the face several times, ” says Madeleine, and continues:

– Then we decided to call an ambulance.

Waited six hours

the Family came again to the New Karolinska. They were received by a nurse, and then they were referred to a waiting room. The time was at 00:30 on tisdagsnatten.

– We had to sit for two hours before I asked to get into a bed. Where we lay until I gave up and decided that we would go home.

– Then was at around 06.30 in the morning. We had been waiting for over six hours without getting to see a doctor. It feels very strange to not even get to talk with someone when you come in with a child at three months who have difficult to breathe.

Received on behalf of

According to Madeleine, it was not possible to get contact with any staff at all during the night they spent in the hospital.

– I saw no one anywhere. There was no one who we could talk.

She continues:

– It feels terrible that such things can occur. Care must get a completely different focus on patient safety. It may not work, so that no one takes responsibility for the whole.

No explanation from the hospital, the family has not received. The only feedback consists of an invoice for a doctor’s appointment that never took place.

– yesterday, a bill of 120 dollars for that we met with the doctor, which we had not. I was so pissed when I saw it, and called to the hospital. They cancelled it right away, so it was a mistake. But this should not happen, ” says Madeleine.

Many problems

The highly specialised hospital, the New Karolinska in Solna opened in november. Since then, there have been several reports of serious problems in the business. Earlier in december, was critical patientlarm out of the function. This must have led to a patient death.

In a Wednesday, was sent seven-month-old Tag home from the hospital, despite the fact that she had a fever. A few hours afterwards died of the baby.

– the Doctor said: "this is not a hotel", said father Ashraf Kaakoush to Aftonbladet.

Thursday went to the hospital in stabsläge. The reason was, among other things, that a high pressure in the emergency department as a result of the flu. According to the task to Aftonbladet it was then over a day while waiting to get the care place for akutpatienter.

Many children have sought emergency care

Aftonbladet has been in contact with the Karolinska hospital’s press office about Julie not being able to meet any doctor.
Kommunikatören Annika Östman writes in an email that the hospital does not comment on individual cases. She confirms, however, that many children sought emergency care during the past week.
"Ask to come back next week when we have compiled the statistics and facts of how the situation was in the current days," writes Östman.


Teknikstrul at the New Karolinska – the alarm panel didn’t work


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