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Here is snålaste and safest cars in 2017 – financial times

hyundai’s multitalang, VW’s best-seller and Tesla.

When the insurance company Folksam sums up this year’s safest and snålaste cars, it is the trio that is highlighted.


So good is Maseratis "main" model

Forget dieselskandaler and siffertricksande. On The list of the snålaste and safest cars is the VW group dominates.

15 "kategorivinster" adds VW, Skoda and Audi get their hands on the seven.

It is 20 th year the insurance company audits the manufacturers ‘ new models, and before 2017, the 49 models in 584 versions that can "manage" the Folksam safety requirements.

– It is gratifying to see that more and more electric cars come on the market. But unfortunately, it is six out of ten do not meet Folksam’s safety requirements. It is not positive, given that the government is preparing a bonus-malus system, which will provide even greater subsidies for electric cars from 2018. It is therefore important that car manufacturers give priority to the highest safety standards in these vehicles, ” says Anders Ydenius, trafiksäkerhetsforskare at Folksam.

Harder requirements

One of the security mitigation technologies that car manufacturers "skimp" on – and that means that cars do not measure up according to the insurance company is autobroms. It is not the default (new this year) they do not meet safety requirement.

– over 300, 000 new cars, which is estimated to be purchased in 2017 will roll on our roads for many years. If nybilsköparna select models that meet our exacting safety and environmental standards, they can help to save lives and protect the environment. Therefore, it is important to influence the largest buyers of new cars. It is also a question which engages many of our customers, ” says Anders Ydenius.

How remains to be seen. The car we get to watch the 3 January when the Consumer Electronics Show beats up its gates.


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Safest and snålaste cars 2017

Snålaste cars – alternative fuel

Little small car: Volkswagen Up (E-Up)

Larger small car: Volkswagen Golf (E-Golf)

Larger small car: Hyundai Ionic (El)

Between: Skoda Octavia (1,4 TSI G-Tec)

Large: Tesla Model S

Large: Volvo V60 (2,0 T5 245 Bi-fuel Auto)

Snålaste cars – fossil fuel and hybrids

Little small car: Toyota Yaris (the 1.5 VVT-I Hybrid)

Larger small car: Volkswagen Golf 1,4 TSI DSG GTE)

Between: Volkswagen Passat (1,4 TSI DSG GTE)

Large: Volvo V60 (2,4 D6 4WD Twin Engine Summum)

Small MPV: Volkswagen Touran (1,6 TDI DSG BMT)

Large MPV: the Renault Espace (1,6 DCI FAP 130 Zen)

Small Suv: Mitsubishi Putlander (the 2.0 PHEV 4WD Business Nav Safety)

Large suv: Audi Q7 (3,0 TDI E-Tron quattro Tiptronic)

Source: Folksam, see the full list here.


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