Friday, December 30, 2016

Experts are warning gisslanmasken – can be one of the greatest CYBER-threats to 2017 – IDG.see

According to a report from security firm Symantec, it has only in 2016, the daily occurred more than 4 000 ransomwareattacker, and if you can believe the FBI has gisslanprogrammen whether u.s. companies at 209 million dollars this year alone.

But even though more and more will open their eyes to the real security threat from the ransomware, it will according to the experts, become increasingly difficult to protect themselves.

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– Simplified, one can say that the bad guys come to the ransomware gives the money, and you can expect that they will be doubling the business by 2017, ” says Corey Nachreiner, CTO at Watchguard technologies, IDG News.

Like Nostradamus has also Corey Nachreiner a bleak framtidsprofetia and it is the advent of a completely new kind of ransomware, as it takes the worst with the ransomware and puts it together with spridningsmöjligheten from traditional computer worms.

– Imagine the ransomware, that is attached to a network mask. After a victim has become infected, it would tirelessly copy itself to every computer it can reach on the local network, ” says Corey Nachreiner, and continues:

– whether you can imagine such a scenario or not, I promise you that the cyber criminals have already thought of it.

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One that keeps with Corey Nachreiners about the future of ransomware is Nir Polak, ceo of analyticsföretaget Exabeam, which even he believes gisslanmasken be the next big cyber threats.

– Ransomware is already a big business for hackers, but ransommaskar ensures continued business. They encrypt your files until you pay, and even worse, it leaves behind gifts, ” says Nir Polak.

Ransommaskar, however, is not solely a future problem, but the viruses are already in the day. Earlier in the year, such as Microsoft out and warned the worm Zcryptor that can reproduce themselves from computer to external disks.

Säkerhetsveteranen Alex Vaystikh, chief technology officer at Secbi, is he also convinced that gisslanprogrammen is going to be worse next year.

He predicts smarter ransomware that first steal the precious information and then unlocks the files on the offerdatorn, which, in a way, hacking the victim’s data twice.

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– In this scenario, perhaps the victim says: you know what, I have a backup and refuses to pay for the encryption. But then the hacker threatening to leak. We have heard about the ransomware used in sensitive environments such as hospitals, but as yet no great damage is done where. But if the virus was only stealing patient information, and then encrypts it, then it can be extremely harmful, ” says Alex Vaystikh to IDG News.


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