Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Inconsistent battery life in new Macbook Pro – 99mac

Organization Consumer Reports rejects the new Macbook Pro the battery life.

a few days ago was released the Consumer Reports opinion on the Macbook Pro. This is the first time ever as Apple’s portable computers not managed to get a rekommendationsutmärkelse of the organization.

Comsumer Reports an american organization that is working with consumers to put the customer’s needs in focus. Among other things, test themselves, and compiles consumers ‘ experiences of products.

The big problem with the Macbook Pro the mean Consumer Reports is the battery life which varies much in the different tests. Apple has said that the approximate battery life for the new #Macbook Pro-family is 10 hours. How long a battery lasts varies of course depending on how you use your computer. However, shouldn’t the battery life range from 16 to 3.5 hours as it did when Cosumer Reports tested 13-tmusmodellen with the Touch Bar. 13 inch Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar had a battery life between 19.5 to 4.5 hours and the Macbook Pro 15 inch had a battery life ranging from 18.5 to 8 hours. In the test, they write:

– Battery life is an important attribute of a portable computer, and it represents a large part of the final score. After having compiled the results from the tests can Consumer Reports state that none of the three Macbook Pro models live up to the recommended standard for laptops.

Apple’s product manager Phil Schiller has stated in a tweet that the #Apple has teamed up with Consumer Reports to understand the results of the test and try to fix it which may have made that the test results were so inconsistent.


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