Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why must the cabin to be extinguished before landing”

the Maneuver seems contradictory. If you want to have dark in the cabin, shouldn’t the shutters be closed? To the dark want you well have because the seem to be doing should be switched off at landing (and take-off)?

See there, a flygundring as many feel ashamed to ask for the answer.

Safety at emergency landing

But both rules have with the safety of a possible emergency landing to make. In the event of such, the rule is that the plane should be able to be evacuated in just 90 seconds.

Then there shall be an unobstructed view through the windows for occupants to be able to orient themselves in the terrain where the plane ended up.

They extinguished the lights are a part of this.

– Imagine yourself to be in an unfamiliar and brightly lit space filled with various obstacles when somebody suddenly switches off the light, and asks you to take you there immediately, ” says pilot Chris Cooke to Travel + Leisure.

Must be accustomed to the dark

If the strong light had been on and suddenly turned off in case of an accident, it takes valuable seconds for the affected travellers to adjust the sight to night-vision.

So there. Now only 999 000 questions on aviation and the strange world.

Source: indy100.com

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