Saturday, December 3, 2016

First picture: This is the Rolls Royce lyxbygge – Aftonbladet

A creation that will set a new standard for luxury.

Now showing Rolls-Royce official images of "Project Cullinan".

But despite its appearance – refuses lyxmärket to call it an suv.


So good is Maseratis "main" model

The hottest biltrenden right now is suvs and crossovers.

They are so popular that even brands that previously fnyst to and dismissed them – now forced to crawl to the cross to secure his survival.

Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Bentley have all launched a "märkesvidrigt" högbygge. And soon will "adelsmärket" Rolls-Royce to join them.

despite the fact that the british will surrender to the trend, they refuse to join the manufacturers of suvs. No, their "Project Cullinan" will culminate in an "all-terrängs, high-sided vehicles".

Now they have officially released the first image of the car in question and even if it is camouflaged, it is not possible to mistake the model for anything other than an suv. The car is described as a utvecklingsfordon, who is now out on a world tour to be tested in all possible and impossible situations. Among other things, after the christmas run-up the car north of the arctic circle – something that most likely means that it will vintertestas in the north of Sweden (so keep your eyes open).

Over the 2015 Rolls Royce then go down to the Middle east to test the car in the challenging desert climate, and high temperatures.

"To put together the new fyrhjulsdriftssystemet and the new "luxury architecture" for the first time is a step on the way to a new authentic Rolls-Royce. It will, like its predecessors, setting a new standard for luxury," said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, ceo for the brand.


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