Saturday, December 10, 2016

Less sleep doubles the risk of accident – Camper & Caravan

Christmas is approaching and many are in the middle of the christmas preparations, with all the late nights, it can mean. But it comes to see the up – to sleep less at night increases the risk to be in an accident when you get behind the wheel the day after. American motororganisationen AAA has done a study that shows that if you get 1-2 hours less sleep than the recommended 7-8 hours per day double the risk of being involved in a car accident.

– You can’t miss sleep and still expect to function safely behind the wheel. Our survey shows that drivers who slept fewer than five hours has an equally high kraschrisk as someone who is alcohol, ” says David Yang, executive director of the AAA’s trafiksäkerhetsavdelning.

the Study also showed that with the 4-5 hours of sleep quadrupled the risk of an accident and those who slept less than four hours, ran more than eleven times as likely to crash as those who sleep the normal 7-8 hours.

AAA’s survey is based on data from 7234 drivers involved in 4571 accidents between the years 2005-2007, from 6 o’clock in the morning until midnight.

Article originally published on the Side website.


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