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Lisa Holm-the murderer had to leave the prison – Expressen

Here, at Danderyd hospital, was Lisa Holms killer Nerijus Bilevicius, 36, during a secret tending to the sick.

During the four hours he had to leave sexbunkern at the prison in Norrtälje, sweden – in the company of batongbeväpnade prison officers.

“He was there with the staff at a secure hospital visits,” says Stefan Bengtsson, fängelsechef.

The infamous sexbrottsavdelningen Pavilion A at norrtälje prison has been livstidsdömde Nerijus Bilevicius home since July.

He keeps a low profile in the department, together with the other sexbrottslingarna – placed for themselves because of the threat against them from the other inmates.

” He does not make much noise, just like most of the department staff, said a person with transparency in the prison.

Got to visit the outside for four hours

And in early October, it was granted to the man who murdered Lisa Holm, in the village of Blomberg on June 7 last year, runs for a visit at Danderyd hospital outside Stockholm.

In the decision of the prison service, it transpires that Nerijus Bilevicius would carry the lockup during the four hours that he was granted sjukbesöket.

“Bilevicius are in need of health care, which cannot take place in the regi, why reasons exist to grant outdoor access,” writes the institute in the decision.

There is, however, not any kind of medical condition that 36-year-old would be dealt with.

Head: “He was there for the things that we can’t treat”

Stefan Bengtsson is the director of the prison in Norrtälje, sweden. He confirms that Nerijus Bilevicius have implemented sjukbesöket but can not give any details about the visit.

” No, I can’t because of confidentiality, of course. He was there for the things that we can’t treat the internal of the us. In a guarded hospital visits, with the staff, ” says Stefan Bengtsson.

Tend to be serious conditions when you are not able to treat it with you?

– It can be everything. Sometimes it can be so that any damage has been done in our workshop and need to go to plåstras or sys, which we can do on site or have the resources to. It may also be that we send clients to the orthopedist, for example.

at the same time safety was rigorous. Nerijus Bilevicius were escorted by prison officers armed with pepper sprays and expanderbatonger. In the decision, it also established that he is prohibited contact with victims of crime or drink alcohol during easily.

the Lawyer, unaware of the sjukhusbesöket

Was sjukbesöket without incident?

” Yes, oja. Staff go in the way with the inmates and conducting the visit. Then you go back, ” says Stefan Bengtsson.

Nerijus Bilevicius lawyer, Björn Hurtig, has not heard about the visit at the Danderyd hospital.

” No, it’s more than I know. We have contact now and then to see if there happened something new in the case.

During the murder investigation and trials, it was found that Nerijus Bilevicius suffering from the skin disease psoriasis, which could have some significance in the bevishänseende when it does he often drop off the DNA track. It is unclear whether it is the disease that Nerijus Bilevicius would be dealt with.

Want to move to Lithuania

During the time in custody has Nerijus Bilevicius granted to the telephone and a visitor permit from the close relatives.

He has also been placed in isolation on two occasions following the unrest in the department, as Expressen previously told you about.

Nerijus Bilevicius has applied to serve his life sentence in their home country Lithuania, in order to easier be able to receive visits by family members.

“It is for the preparation I guess,” says Björn Hurtig on the request for a transfer.


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