Thursday, December 8, 2016

The truth about Apple’s missing batteries – New Technology

Several Iphone 6S owners report that their phones suddenly can be turned off, despite the fact that the batteries are not loaded. Now, Apple has gone out with an explanation as to what is causing the problems.

Over the past few months, there have been reported several cases in which the Iphone 6S handsets have put off quite spontaneously – despite the fact that the system demonstrated that there is energy left in the battery, the seconds before the headphones turned off.

In november, launched the Apple of an international compensation program, which means that everyone who bought an Iphone 6S between september and October month have the right to get a replacement battery installed.

It has been speculated what is the source of batteriproblemen of Apple’s phones. Now, the u.s. teknikjätten gone out with a press release in which it writes that the cause of the problems is that one of the components that are in the batteries has been exposed to air for too long before assembly.

the Result of this is that these components are degraded faster than the usually do – which is get the battery in these phones to be switched off prematurely.

Apple said that a small number of Iphone 6S devices that have been affected, but according to the chinese konsumentskyddsorganisationen the China Consumers Association, there are signs that both suggest that Apple’s problems are greater than they have wanted to suggest – and that even the phones of the model Iphone 6 may suffer from the defect, reports CNBC.


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