Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Skype-founder invests in elflygplan – New Technology

Through his venture capital firm Atomico invests Niklas Zennström 100 million in a technology company, which develops a electric private jet you can land on a P-place.

German Lilium Aviation develop, in cooperation with the european space agency (ESA), a cheap electric aircraft can start and land vertically. It needs a free surface in just 15 times in 15 metres, which means that you can lift, for example, from a car park or private lawn.

The two-seater, 600 kg heavy plane is powered by 36 fan motors, which provide a cruising speed of 250 to 300 kilometres an hour. The range is estimated at 300 km.

Now, Niklas zennström’s small company Atomico has invested eur 10 million, just over sek 100 million, in the Lilium Aviation. At the same time takes Zennström place in Lilium Aviation’s board of directors.

– What we like about the company is their scalable design concept. It is easier to start small, and then grow, ” says Niklas Zennström to the site TechCrunch.

Lilium Aviation was founded in 2015 by four engineers and phd students from the technical university of Munich. They have built an unmanned prototype in half-scale, that have been tested and been tested. The first full-scale behavior is planned to take place during the next year.


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