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So to the Media Markt to get away hästhandlar-stamp – ”the credibility of the us is … – Computer Sweden

The German owned hemelektronikjätten rated long as the e-commerce as an important part of the chain’s strategy was that they wanted to have independent store managers that would check the prices and range on their own, and not as part of any group decisions.

in 2012, they gave up, however, its webbvägran and launched to the end of the e-commerce. And since then it has become an increasingly important element in Sweden. E-handelschef Magnus Pettersson says that it is e-commerce, which accounts for the small growth chain shows. And he has no problem to admit that the chain was a little too late out on the net.

– a Little too late is just the beginning. To keep on in this industry that we are in, and start with the e-commerce 2012. It is at least 15 years too late, but now it will be damn cool, ” he said about the omnikanalkoncept that is being built up, both at the corporate level and in Sweden.

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What is new is that the focus for the first time seriously moved to the web, so that is not the site just is a connected variant of the shops.

” so Far has the building blocks consisted of the old varuhussystemen, where we have had an enterprise from the 70s that it has not been possible to communicate with. Now we have both updated our front end, but the big work is in the back end. We can’t build on that we always have everything in stock, but the key is to get the customers on the site where we will have a wide and relevant range.

In Sweden, the site of the Enfernos e-commerce platform Storm, where you always want to be connected to a dozen distributors. Also Shipwallet, a leveransmjukvara that feel of where you live and looking up the best delivery point, being tested in Sweden.

The Swedish part will serve as a pilot project in the group. Magnus Pettersson says that there is a constant struggle to have the widest range, but at the same time be able to highlight the right gadgets.

– We have about 5000-8000 articles that it is important that we constantly focus on, and with them, we will work more actively. Article number 8 000 and over it is good and important that we have, but it is more luxury and it can be with the distributor, and handled more automatically. The trick then is to always be able to deliver directly from the distributor to the customer.

And it is not only in Sweden Media-Saturn has realized that the customers feel free to e-shopping. At the group level, is it full. Orderhanteringssystemet IBM Sterling Commerce shall be rolled out in all countries, which is one of the prerequisites to be able to run Storm in Sweden. In addition, if you want to have a service that lifts up the customer reviews about the products. Right now running Bazaarvoice on the test in Saturnbutikerna in Germany. This should also be supplemented with Alatest collects reviews from magazines and forums.

Bazaarvoice is likely to be also our choice in the future. If all goes well we will go live in June. Just now being rolled out in Austria, then we will be in Sweden as number two in June. Then we will be able to handle ten times more products than it is today, ” says Magnus Pettersson, who also highlights the betalningssamarbete the Swedish Media Markt recently launched with Klarna as an important part.

It is clear that there is a self-criticism under the chain’s e-handelsbygge. And Magnus Pettersson does not deny that all bet on the transparency towards the customers is extremely important from trovärdighetssynpunkt.

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” We in the consumer electronics industry often become branded as hästhandlare. All know that the industry keeps on with the loss leaders that are advertised, but to be in the store. The credibility of the us today is zero. We can’t have different prices for longer. Today, it is important for us that we have the same price on the same product, regardless of whether it is in the Mall, on the web or in Barkarby. That is why we have invested in to buy electronic prisskyltar and now control pricing centrally from the head office, ” he says and continues:

– Now we can actually seriously say that we have the same price, and link it to, for example, Prisjakt, where customers can follow how the price has developed. Customers will also be able to see the stores ‘ inventory on the web, so you know that the product actually exists. There is not much left to be fooled with, and that is our trick to get out of it where the stamp of trickery.

are you able to Manage to deliver it then?
– in Order to do that, we must complete the operation, where we have a proposed central range in the foundation. And there should not be any fake for – and efterpriser, and the customer shall obtain the same information and the same conditions everywhere. Stormplattformen gives an incredible difference in how it is able to handle the number of products and this means that we are omnichannel real, and that customers can rely on us.

Almost the greatest focus when it comes to e-commerce adds Media Markt on the cell phone. Magnus Pettersson says that the key is that everything should be handled from your mobile phone. And he is remarkably pleased with the effect the new Klarnasamarbetet gave when it was released during Black Friday week.

” We want it to be supremely easy to trade with your mobile phone, and now when we launched Klarna Checkout before Black Friday, we saw that we had a 480 per cent growth in mobile commerce.


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