Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Larger battery and wireless charging shell gives the Iphone 7 everything it lacks – MacWorld

Yostand Istand 7

do you Think that Iphone 7 lacks something? Mayhap a headphone socket, a full day of battery life even if you play games, or perhaps wireless charging?

All of it can you get in one and the same shell, with the Indiegogo-funded Istand 7.

Istand 7 is connected most of the batteriskal and has a capacity of 3 000 milliamperetimmar. The framework that protects around the phone can be tilted backwards and instead be used as a tripod. On the bottom there is a headphone socket. It has also lightningkontakt to be loaded with the cord.

the Developers on the Yostand has also produced a cheaper model without the audio plug and micro-usb as the input, and a Pro model is also equipped with a Qi receiver for wireless charging. All models work equally well with the Iphone 6 and 6S.

Prices start at the equivalent of approximately sek 500 for the cheapest model of the 4.7-inch drives, and extends to about 850 dollars for the Pro model for phones with 5.5-inch display.


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