Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Uber continues to bet on self-driven cars – buy AI-company – IDG.see

15 researchers in artificial intelligence – it is the result of the Ubers the purchase of the startup Geometric Intelligence. They will now instead work on a new unit within the Uber at the same time that they should keep their close ties with New York University, writes BBC News.

the Ubers rapid expansion means major losses, it is about over two billion dollars, around 18 billion last year, according to analysts. And the loss is expected to increase in years.

Yet the company continues oförväget to invest in the future and the next step is that the new AI-the unit shall ensure to improve the company’s ability to predict when and where it is needed in cars by analyzing different factors, such as weather data.

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In the longer term, it is about to go over to the self-driven cars. Already testing the Uber it on the roads in Pittsburgh and San Francisco with cars from Volvo but there is still one man in each car, ready to grab the wheel if necessary.

But the goal is to not need the people in the cars at all, which means that hundreds of thousands of Uberförare will get rid of their jobs.

the Ubers product manager Jeff Holden says it is a boring side effect of making the roads safer.

“Historically, we have seen that at the same time that technology has taken jobs away from humans has created new jobs,” he says.

And further away in the future, he believes that we will get to work in flying cars.

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– It will make that people can commute long at speeds of between 120 and 240 kilometers per hour where you would otherwise sit stuck in the queues. It is located in a not-too-distant future and will really be convenient, ” says Gary Marcus, one of the founders of Geometric Intelligence.


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