Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Telia may violate EU law – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden Telia’s offers of free surf for to listen to music and to use social media in violation of the law, notify the Post and telecom agency in the proposal. The operator’s offers are not allowed under an EU regulation which says that providers should treat all internet traffic equally. – We stand by the offer and will discuss with the PTS what the consequences, ” said Jonas Hasselberg, head of Telia’s konsumentaffär.

in Order not to breach EU law need to Telia treat all internet traffic equally, even when the user maxtak for the surf has been reached. It announces the Post – and telecom agency in a new proposal Wednesday. Telia has deals that gives customers free surf despite the fact that the monthly data set is used, but only on social media or in selected online music services. The type of business practices contrary to the EU’s regulatory framework to preserve an open internet, mean PTS.

” We have reviewed these campaigns on the basis of the law that we must ensure are complied with. The assessment of whether they are negative for the consumer or not, it is the legislators who do, ” says Emma Närvä, manager, department of electronic communications services on the PTS

Break already against the law

the Operator of the Three has also had an offer of free surf, music streaming. They have notified PTS that they will change their offer so that it does not violate the rules. It has not, however, Telia made.

” No, and as we see it breaks the already against the law. But they have the opportunity to appeal to the court, ” says Emma Närvä.

we have until January 4 to comment on the PTS draft decisions.

Telia: “We will continue”

Telia believe that the Post – and telecom agency has interpreted the law wrong and intend to keep the offers, which the authority considers to be contrary to the law.

” We think that the PTS has interpreted this right narrowly and looked at a small technical part of the regulation. We stand by the offer and will discuss with the PTS what the consequences, ” said Jonas Hasselberg, head of Telia’s konsumentaffär.

do You intend to continue with their campaigns despite the fact that the according to the PTS are illegal?

” We will obviously follow all the laws that apply. But nätneutralitetslagen is open to some interpretation and that is what we want to look closer at together with the PTS.

More can be opened in the future

The new draft decision is the first of its kind in the mean PTS. And more similar decisions would be able to become current in the future. In this case, the authority has looked at some of the legislation, but it includes several areas that have not yet been reviewed.

– All the isps will need to be reviewed, not just the mobile operators. But we have not seen this type of business of the fixed internet access providers, ” says Emma Närvä on the PTS.


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