Monday, December 5, 2016

Vaasa is interested in energy projects in the billions – Vasabladet

Vaasa intend to apply for to build Tesla’s Gigafactory. The nordic region’s largest energikluster and Europe’s largest litiumfyndighet in Kaustby are the prerequisites.

the city is studying the possibility to apply for Tesla’s so-called Gigafactory.

Tesla’s first jättefabrik which manufactures lithium-ion batteries was opened in Nevada in the united states in July 2016. Later the factory produce also electric cars, and will when it is completed in 2020 will employ 6500 people.

three weeks ago told Tesla that the company intend to build a similar factory in Europe.

Last week, the Vaasa urban management to take part of the idea that four individuals, Toni and Panu Laturi, Jukka Hakala and Mark Linder presented.

“The good thing was that the mayor has not said that he is interested, he said: this is what we do,” says Toni Laturi.

According to mayor Tomas Häyry, Vaasa already a couple of years searched for the next opportunity, something that allows you to take a proper leap, “the big fish” have called it internally.

Now is the big fish here.

The trump card that the establishment of the factory is the Nordic region’s most significant energiteknologikluster and Europe’s largest litiumförekomst in Kaustby, which is located near. Lithium carbonate, which is converted from the lithium used in lithium-ion batteries.

this combination of energiteknologiskt expertise and raw materials needed for batteriproduktionen is unique in the world.

– Vasas energikluster and Tesla have a common goal; to get the world to move more rapidly towards sustainable energy. We have excellent opportunities to be Tesla’s partner and the establishment of the Gigafactory in Europe, ” says Häyry.

” We need visionary and worldwide deeds. This is a project that builds The future for several generations to come.

The prospective minister of economic affairs and member of parliament Mika Lintilä (C) supports the Vasa project. According to him, it indicates just such courage, and such an enterprise that now also needed in a larger scale in Finland.

” this is a great opportunity for the whole of Finland, I am very enthusiastic about the project. I will, for my part, supporting the project as much as possible, ” says Lintilä.

For the promotion of fabriksprojektet collects Vaasa in a broad coalition, which included both experts in technology, research, logistics, financial implications, project management and international communication, which is important in view of the project.

the Project’s first impact assessment and a detailed process description is completed during the first quarter of the year 2017. One possible location for the factory has not been mentioned yet in this stage.

Tesla’s first Gigafactory is among the largest buildings in the world, when it is finished include the nearly one million square feet. The factory’s annual capacity in batteriproduktionen is 35 gigawatt-hours (GWh) – one GWh is one million kWh. The costs of building the factory is five billion dollars and the benefits it brings for the state of Nevada has been estimated at 100 billion dollars. The corresponding plants are also planned by other companies.

the city has opened a site for its project,, and created a hashtag, #gigavaasa.


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